what is going on Sharer’s whoa what is
going on Sharers what is this is this a guy outside my
window what is going on whoa oh wow what is going on here
oh well what is going on outside okay something’s going on hello mom anybody
home hello huh Milli what is going on around here whoa
what is that Sharers look at that I don’t think that’s an airplane Oh looks like
I’m gonna be like a rocket ship going straight up into outer space
what is going on today there’s a lot going on
aughter Milly where’s mom where’s mom let’s go find mom where is everybody
sharafan where are you at I knew I shouldn’t have woken up late today hello
anybody home oh wow the house is worse than I thought what is going on first
off the grass is completely destroyed not to even mention the house what
Sharers the house is literally destroyed I don’t even know how the house got like
this I woke up early this morning I went to the end of the driveway because we
had a giant package getting delivered roll that clip
oh yeah Sharers we got another huge delivery coming to the house I actually
don’t know what to expected this thing all I know is gonna be huge it’s gonna
be ginormous it’s gonna be so much fun well the thing is huge that’s where it
was this morning boxes here by the way shoes you wanna see what’s in the box
stay tuned for tomorrow’s vlog it’s gonna be totally epic and then um after
I dropped the box off I went inside and I took a nap because I was really
tired and I’m gonna walk back up I saw some guy outside my window doing
something to the house and then I came over here and it’s clear that our house
is literally destroyed like it is in pieces oh and there’s my mom mom what is
going on over the house it yeah it’s pretty bad you know that
crack we have so much repair to do we have to get the professionals in yeah
sure so if you didn’t see last vlog I went exploring a Carter secret hidden
Closet in this room and I found this weird map note type of blueprint thing
and on the blueprints everything was on it except for this certain section in
the house it was they completely erased for some weird reason I don’t know why
and then my mom pointed out there were scraps in the house and mom I guess
those crafts got so bad the Sharers we’re thinking that cracks are there because
our house was actually built on top of an old farmhouse and they never actually
tore the farmhouse down so that’s why I think we have all these secret rooms at
our house I wish I would have known our house was built on a haunted house yes
we didn’t know any of this until that guy came knocking on our door that one
time and share with us those old pictures of what the house used to look
like of what the pond you so good we didn’t know any of this until after we
moved in well it certainly explains what we have the hidden rooms the cracking
and those very strange noises oh yeah sure I forgot there’s even more rooms
that I found in the basement mama you probably may know about this I found a
hole in the ceiling that leads to something
yeah Sharers come on come check this out oh by the way how are your fish doing they’re getting so much bigger Sharers
they used to be microscopic and now they’re a little just a little bit
bigger you can actually see them a little bit better this is so cool the
koi are growing so much bigger let’s get back to the house oh my goodness here’s
the sheriff in house doesn’t even look the same anymore oh this house is
cracking so bad they’re trying to fix it all I got to show you even more cracks
and leaks and so many secret rooms that I found let’s go to the basement this is
so crazy I can’t believe this is happening all that wants it’s happening
so fast Oh like look at all this this is all
from the house falling apart whoa it looks like styrofoam but this was
actually the outside of the house it looks like just styrofoam everywhere Wow
our house is like destroyed this is crazy
let’s get inside I’ll show you these new rooms that I found in the basement I
can’t believe they’re even here oh okay so Shares a lot has been going on who
not only have we fancy rooms but doesn’t noises of animals that I remember that
animal that I heard scratching on the roof of my bedroom we’re not exactly
sure where the animal got to but it started scratching and we thought it was
in the Attic didn’t seem like it was in the Attic didn’t seem like it was above
my room so we actually ended up tearing some sections of the wall off because it
sounded like it was coming from the wall over here so we cut out up there it
looked like it sounded like it was like one night it was like crying so it
sounded like it was in this section here and then I don’t know what happened but
then we ended up cutting down here so we had to cut this entire section away and
look it was like I think that’s that pink stuffing stuff that you’re not
supposed to touch with your hands but there was no animal in there it’s just
like gross stuff the weirdest thing is this bag of pink stuffing was like cut
like I definitely don’t think that’s supposed to be there so maybe somebody
scratched that I don’t know what happened there and there was like
spiderwebs there’s like a bunch of nails in there so there was definitely like
some stuff going on here to Sharers I think this is the only piece of wood
protecting us from the outside of the house in here but other than there’s
like being dirty stuff back in there there’s like no animal so there’s still
some noises going on then I realized this I was exploring more through the
house and actually came down here last night I was looking at all the epic fan
mail that you all send and then I look into this closet and look at this I
don’t know why but there’s a hole in the closet here so I’m wondering and someone
definitely like cut that hole out but how long is the whole bin here and what
is going on with that hole I’m thinking what we can do is we can get like one of
those like special cameras and stick it up there and see if there’s anything
that we can find in there I don’t know why someone want to cut a hole I don’t
even know where that goes so that probably goes straight upstairs like
right by the front door so I’m not sure why there would be a secret trapdoor up
there so that didn’t really make sense to me but then over here this is where
it was leaking the other day we had a major storm and there’s so much water
draining out of here sealing up the trash can it was so crazy the good news
is the rain stopped and the leaking stopped so it looks like everything’s
pretty good you can still see like the watermark remains but I think we’re good
for now think the hole is patched I don’t think
it’s gonna leak anymore deaf stormy how the other day was like some major flash
flood storm I think it was like a super rare occurrence oh my goodness this is
so strong remember, Carter went back here before he went into this secret
trapdoor a room that was originally actually we didn’t even know it was here
this was actually covered by a painting and then Carter was doing stuff back in
the room and he found this door so he opened it it every time you open it you
know there’s a lot of stuff that makes noises in this house so sometimes we
think is like an air conditioner or something like that but we’re not always
sure but there has been consistent weird noises coming from here there have been
animals stuck in here in the past but the noise that we have been hearing
recently are like more than an animal and like the weird suspicions we’ve been
hearing have just been so creepy so I’m gonna open this again and this room is
insane it goes so far back I got to show you how far back you go Sharer’s then
maybe we can explore this we also I also got to show you the outside of the house
is completely destroyed this is crazy I this day has just been insane so let’s
just open this it’s like so hard oh open okay here we go
please don’t have anything come out hello hello hello oh dear
hello okay well oh look how creepy this is
no way there’s a strand of light look at that a strand of light oh my goodness
there’s lights coming from back in there yeah not creepy at all I’m just gonna go
in there even though there’s a random light shining let’s hope this light up
here works please turn on here we go come on oh thank goodness okay so we got
some light back in here ooh I’m going in anyone’s in here please knock why are
there oh my goodness that is definitely new from last time sure is there is some
big and I mean big type of I don’t even know that’s like some like
electricity corridor some huge cable that was definitely not back here last
time that sled was definitely what is on that sled that was definitely not back
here last time oh wow and uh sure there’s been some major major movement
that for sure was not falling last time oh no there’s even a piece of paper are
you serious there’s a piece of paper hanging down
are you serious there’s a piece of paper back there Sharers this could be the
second part to the map that we found last fall no way I mean I really don’t
want to go down there it’s like this is really creepy somebody definitely has
had to been back here since last time card Explorer this and it has to be
somebody that knows what they’re doing because that is like some giant and I
mean giant electricity cable no button like no normal person can lay that
whoever laid that is trying to get electricity somewhere so I don’t know
what is going on I mean this cable look how big this cable is this is the
thickest cable I’ve ever seen is this electricity is this a hose I’m scared to
touch it is that a hose I don’t think that’s a hose that’s definitely not a
hose whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa that is definitely electricity cable okay
whoo let’s not touch that that could be live and active well hang on
do you hear something you’re like banging or something no way Cera’s check
this out check this out look at this look at this that goes
outside and there’s like a hole missing on that vent so whoever’s been in here
knows what they’re doing they purposely poked a hole in that vent so they could
do something I don’t know what their plan is but this is getting weird
okay so let’s recap here’s what we know so far last vlog I was exploring my
brother’s secret weird hidden room in his closet and I came upon this weird
map and on this map there was like this blueprint of our house and it was all
sketched and all perfectly aligned to all the specs in our house except one
giant section on this map was completely erased he was purposely hidden nobody
wanted us to find out what was supposed to be in that section of the house and
then show my mom these blueprint drawings and she said I think it’s still
there then we came to the realization that our house is actually built on top
of an old existing haunted farmhouse and that explains why we have all these
secret rooms in our house that we didn’t even know about because they’re not on
the blueprint drawings that explains all the cracking going on in our house no
house is supposed to be built on top of an old house let alone an old haunted
farmhouse and that explains why we have all these haunting noises going on so
that’s why my mom called some professionals to help tear down sections
into the house to get rid of the old foundation from the haunted farmhouse
get rid of all that haunted s and build our house back to normal so there’s none
of these weird stuff going on and to answer the question about the missing
section of the house it was supposed to be on those blueprints will Sharers I
think we found our answer I could be wrong but I think that’s another map
sitting back there but the question is that’s actually really far back there
and there’s a lot of weird stuff going on like we have an electricity cable
here we have random stuff there and we have weird black looking slime all over
the walls back there so I’m not sure I want to go back but we do need to figure
out what other rooms are in this house what if there’s like a room filled with
gold that we don’t even know about a room with the giant safe or something
huge I don’t know Sharer’s we’ve got to figure
this out so I think I’m gonna go back there who hang on speaking of Note check
this out what is this this is a note right here
it’s again an envelope and everything bow string bow string is there anything
in this thing let’s see I don’t think there’s anything in here empty note darn
it why would that even be here that’s so weird Sharer’s not only that but there’s
like droppings there there’s a spiderweb there so there’s definitely been some
creatures back in here okay before I go back to get that map way over there I’m
gonna need to get some shoes on I’m gonna need to get some gear because
there’s a lot to go through before I get there I got a conker going past all
these boxes who knows what’s hiding in those boxes
I got a conker through that pink foam which you’re not supposed to touch and
then I should end up at that secret map so let’s go grab some gear and let’s uh
let’s get back and grab this map just so nothing happens when I’m gone
I’ll be turning this light off and I will be locking this door from the
outside so nothing that’s in there comes in to
the house there we go now we can get the gear safely without worrying about
something coming out let’s go grab some gear go and pass all
the stuff again Wow Sharers the house like I said I got
to show you the rest of house but it looks absolutely absolutely absolutely
horrible Oh mom there you are mom you’ll never guess what I found
what’d you find so I literally found blueprints hanging inside that
crawlspace area really yeah I think it’s the answer to this missing section of
the old blueprints that we found that’s interesting but wait you see what I just
you’re not going to believe it look what no way I’m pulling it out what what Oh mom this is so gross
mom you probably shouldn’t touch that stuff yeah but you got to get this fixed
we got to close it up you have no idea what could be getting in there
critters monsters ghosts cheers this could be the answer to a lot
of things good we got a lot of work ahead of us we’ve got to figure out what
this whole from the outside leads into inside we also got to find what’s in
that piece of paper hanging up in that crawlspace and worst of all we got to
get our house B back together Sharers we’ve all a lot to do so if you haven’t
already hit that subscribe button stay up to date we’ve got to figure this
stuff out remember if you ever see anything at any of our blogs comment
down below because sometimes I do miss the stuff but if you see stuff comment
let me know what it is one by the way we got some special packages in the fan mail I
can’t wait to open and show you in the next vlog so until then you know what to
do stay awesome and share the love peace!

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