Outdoor Light Stands on the cheap! – Michael Feyrer Jr

hello YouTube Mike here I hope your
Saturday is going awesome I know my day went really well let me show you what I
did so I went into great detail on another video on how to build light
stands for indoor lighting for a studio now I’m gonna build some outdoor
lighting for the trip I’m taking and I’m gonna show you how to do it it’s pretty
simple we’re gonna use some flagpole holders some PVC pipe and some plywood
I’ll show you how to do everything so I’m gonna use a table saw to cut the
wood but you can use anything a circular saw or even hand so if you’re really
motivated safety first this is gonna be the base of our light
stand these were a little over ten dollars a piece at Lowe’s and the PVC
was less than three dollars so you’re gonna be able to create nice outdoor
light stands that are functional for less than twenty four dollars not back now as you can see it leaves these four
little nubs on the bottom of there and since these are gonna be just outdoor
you could probably leave them but since I’m gonna be putting these in my car to
travel I don’t want those ripping up the carpet
in my car so I want to cut those off gonna cut the PVC pipe down so it’s a
more manageable size so there you have it – easy light stands
that you can make for super cheap that costs about twenty four bucks not bad of
course I didn’t count the cost of the plywood in my thing because I already
have plywood but a sheet of plywood is not very expensive as long as you have
something to get it home with I’ve had lots of plugs for this promotion that
I’m doing and I think it’s almost finally time for you to find out what it
is so here’s what’s gonna happen tomorrow you’re gonna get two videos two
opportunities to watch me the first video is going to be about my process to
pack for my big trip in my promotion later in the day probably around noon
Eastern Standard Time I’m gonna do a live broadcast where I announce all the
details and tell you what you could win during this promotion you don’t want to
miss it and please this is my first live broadcast so anyone from my YT kin
discord buddies – Yankees Wolf Pack it would be really comforting to see
familiar faces in the chat it would make me feel a lot better I really appreciate
the support for anyone else who may be watching this if you’re not a subscriber
please subscribe that way you’ll know exactly when the live broadcast happens
invite everyone you know and please share this link as part of this
promotion I’m going to be doing a live broadcast every day for the foreseeable
future and I’m sure you want to find out what
the promotion is and what you can win so tune in well that’s it for today thanks
for sticking around and really appreciate it leave me a comment below
and let me know how I’m doing follow me on Instagram and Twitter so we can
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it’ll let you know when I’m going live but also it’ll make it a lot easier for
you to find me again later have a great day and I’ll see you tomorrow

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