Overlanding When a Flash Flood Destroyed the Highway

Good afternoon from just South of San
Felipe, Mexico on the Baja. We are finally feeling like this trip is getting
started! We spent a couple of nights in San Felipe… Just kind of getting our feet
under us. Ben edited three videos in about 30 hours….. Yeah?…. Yeah! We went grocery shopping and if you want to check out what grocery shopping on the Baja is
like… We did a video for his and hers moments. And ahh… You know, our video from
Barrow, where we went grocery shopping just did so well…. And people really loved
that! So we thought; Why not make this a tradition? And when we go to a new
country, we’ll go grocery shopping and take everybody with us! So head over to
the his-and-hers moments channel to check out that video, it’ll be up soon!
And…. Our friends, that we’re traveling with… Mark and Janelle. They have a
Youtube channel as well! They’re really getting it started now. It is called; Blue
moon explorers. So if you’re enjoying what we’re doing and want to see more of
it, go check out their channel because they’re going to be vlogging our trip as
well! And you’ll get to see a different angle of it but we’ll be in it too and
so will they! They’re a really awesome couple… Totally laid-back, which is the kind of
people we love to travel with and… I’m thinking this is gonna be a fantastic
road trip! So…. We’re on our way to port de casitas…We’re hoping that is where we end up this evening! We’re getting a little bit
of a late start today. But ahhh… And we’re a little unsure of what to
anticipate. We have driven this stretch of road before but…. Word on the street
is that they’ve had some really bad storms here this winter and…. It has wiped out some of these new freshly paved….. Freshly done stretches of highway. So
we’re just really not sure what to expect in terms of road conditions but
we’re really excited to get started! You know, we’ve spent a lot of time in San
Felipe. So we didn’t really feel the need to spend much time there. We wanted to
get headed south and get this party started! This is an amazing drive!.The five is
always rough but it is gorgeous… How’s it going guys? How do you like this drive?.. Not bad….Yeah. Exactly! We’re gonna find out what kind of fuel
mileage you get when you keep the below 40 This is the first time we’ve turned the
left here in port de casitas…Yeah… Look at all the flood damage right
there…Oh my goodness! wow!…. Must have been one heck of a storm! Obviously, it’s… It was! Because everything is green and blooming…Yeah! Well, good morning guys from the village
of port de casitas…. These are our campsites here. Really windy last night
but it’s… died down nicely here! So… Mark and Janelle are next to us. This is the
campground right in the center of the village. Not the best campground around…
You know, Baja has a lot better to offer! That’s for sure! But… The location is
great and we’re not here for the campground!…This is why we came here… We have been wanting to come
here for years but it just never worked out!….. First impressions are very good! This is a tidal dependent hot spring ahh so…. The idea is as the tide moves in and out you
can dial in the right temperature for you’re soaking experience!…. I gotta check this out!… Oh… Definitely smell the sulphur! Here we go! Oh… This is really nice!..I think one can get used to starting mornings out like this! Everybody feels better after soaking in hot springs… Okay! Now it’s time to get back on the road! Well, good afternoon guys from Papa
Fernandez campground here in the Gonzaga Bay Area….Ahh… $7.00 per night or 135 pesos….
But this is an amazing little location here! Some guys doing some shore fishing…. What do you think?… This will do! This will do? That’s it?…Yeah… What does Shelby
think?… She’s good! She’s sitting in my lap because there’s a doggie that keeps
wandering around but she was down smelling and happy!
Okay well, the audio is gonna be a little better on this side of that dune. Ahhh… What did you think of the drive today? It’s pretty devastating seeing that ahh… Stretch of road like that. I know the second half of the road in today’s video was ahh… Very, very new and just recently, like all those bridges… It’s just very sad. The
infrastructure of a good road system is pretty crucial to a country…. So we’re
gonna call it a night here from Gonzaga Bay. Thanks for riding along with us, our
little campground here is starting to fill up as the day goes on… Make sure you
hit that SUBSCRIBE button because tomorrow we’re gonna take the stretch of the 5
that leads over to the 1.So… Up and over I guess kinda you got the spine of
Baja! So thanks for riding along with us.We’ll see you later!

37 thoughts on “Overlanding When a Flash Flood Destroyed the Highway

  1. I think I’ve taken more bypasses around washed out bridges in Baja than driving over the bridge themselves. You have to have to keep your gringo expectations in check because you be in Mexico, the land of manaña. Love it down there.

  2. Looks nice, especially this time of year, just chilling in Fairbanks,AK

  3. I like the gadget you're using to hold your cell phone to the windshield. Do you happen to remember where you bought it? I don't want the kind that clip to the air vent. That drone footage was great

  4. OK, so what a great video. Would I take my RV there? Not freakin' likely but I can live vicariously through you! I can't help but mention that it appears you are running interference for your companions, as well you should be! ; ))

  5. Fascinating! You seem to be following the same route as The Motorhome Experiment. They are a few days ahead of you, I would guess. Thanks for sharing your travels!

  6. You are so warm! Alas, we've made our way north…not exciting me in the teens overnight 😉

  7. Beautiful. Simply beautiful. On our bucket list for sure. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  8. Wow it really makes you appreciate how well the roads are maintained in the USA! I mean we have some aging infrastructure and some states budget more money for roads etc than others but overall there is a pretty big difference between conditions here and there. Some spots you drove through look pretty unsafe and I am noticing the comparisons alot more since I am following over a half a dozen channels that are Vlogging from Mexico right now. At least you dont have to feel afraid of getting yourself stuck anywhere with that tank you are in… BTW, LOVE the drone shot of the waves hitting the shoreline directly above… pretty uniquely creative!

  9. Was the sulfur smell from the hot spring nauseating at all for ya's? How do your friends like their Lance truck camper ? WOW what a spectacular view from above looking down on the campground you stopped at for $7.00 per night . Did you get your Lithium batteries & the new inverter etc installed by Sean from Battle Born Batteries @ the Xscapers Bash if so how many? Hope they are working well for you . When do you plan on heading home to your home in Seward , Alaska ?

  10. What can ya catch off the beach? I'd be surprised if you weren't out there with those guys.

  11. Curious about numbers. Any idea of how many gallons of fuel used, mileage, miles per month, cost etc since acquiring the vehicle?

  12. Sounds like blue moon will be a great channel! Rough road but some amazing places!

  13. You guys are a couple of weeks behind The Motorhome Experiment. They also took the 5 and stopped at the hot springs. The flowers are beautiful but the devastation is great.?

  14. Can't tell you how many times we have driven through a river bottom to avoid a washed out bridge and the Mexicans have it all figured out within 20 minutes of the bridge washing out! Gonzaga looks amazing! We have always stayed on highway 1 as we were headed to BOLA or La Paz or Conception or somewhere. Fun to watch!

  15. the hurricane ROSA was crazy, lots of rain , thunder .. town got flooded , lots of water

  16. unfortunately, it will be awhile before its replaced.. it took forever to get it .. enjoy the trip

  17. Awesome you guys got the 5 on video. Just want to see your camper in action is all! Looking forward to the new ones coming up thanks!!

  18. Hi y'all thanks so much for sharing!! Really enjoyed it!! Awesome drone shots

  19. Hey guys, I'm from loreto and I saw you guys while walking my dogs, cool truck!

  20. Got to express how the quality of videos, & drone coverage has increased..love the drone footage & audio is awesome also..keep up the good footage..Just my $0.02 Ken

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