Oztent King Goanna Chair Review After 7 Years Of Camping Trips

nearly seven years have passed since I
purchased my oztent king goanna chair so it’s time for an updated review back
then I recommended it as an excellent chair so let’s see if I still feel that
way now I know it’s been around seven years since I purchased the chair as
back when I first got it most of my friends partners were pregnant and they
used to steal my chair because it was so comfortable with the lumbar support and
all those kids now just about finished grade one so this chairs seen a bit of action I had it on virtually every camping trip I’ve been on in those
several years which included a thirty thousand kilometer ten month solo trip
around Australia in 2015 and I’m now on my current trip in 2018 so if you remember
the specifications it came with a five-year warranty and was rated to one
hundred and fifty kilograms so on the warranty side of things it lasted over
those five years so I’m very happy with the build quality especially when you
think of all the cheap poor quality chairs that are made today if you ever
been camping at places like moreton island where they have the big dumpsters
right near the barge landing there’s nearly always several chairs right there
that just didn’t last a trip but for the time I’ve had this have been very happy
do I think it would last several years with 150 kilogram person I don’t believe
so I have had a few issues with it so let’s look at those now now before I do
show you these just remember this is like a 2011 2012 model and I know since
that time they have made a few changes so some of these will no longer be
relevant but here’s what I’ve had with this chair that have been problems these
arm wrists have come off many times so I’ve had to put new screws in each side
anywhere where they had a pole going through the fabric
they had a hole and these rubber grommets so they’ve gradually perished over time
and the fabric is torn especially the lower one which holds most the weight
that’s almost ripped all the way through so wouldn’t have lasted much longer I also had
screws in the base that would come loose so one of the poles would come out of
its footing and I had to keep looking around trying to find the
screw again and glue it back in place and right up until last night everything
is working fine until I tried to pack it up one last time and I broke both these plastic mounts
under here so it’s unfortunate that they made these out of plastic and not
cast aluminium maybe they’ve changed that for the updated model so finally
after several years and many many camping trips together it’s time for me
to put this in the dumpster as it’s not really worth my time trying to figure
out how to fix these brackets which is a shame because otherwise the chair is in
pretty good condition the fabric has lasted all those times is not
torn or ripped it’s held up really well so I’m very happy with it. comfort wise I
still love it it’s brilliant the headrest lets me lean my neck back and
relax unlike the chairs that typically have
only up to the shoulder height where you have to stay awake the whole time this I
can find a nice shady spot sit back and just relax and many times I’ve slept
on it like this just pulled in other times when I get a bit lazier I’ll swing
around to the side read a book like this it just gives me a few options so very
happy with the comfort factor and having two pouches here on the side as
well as the dual stubby holders that’s good for putting my head torch in or my
camera so very happy with that and just having that ability to adjust the straps
as well adjust the height of these in the back as well as the lumbar
support that pulls that spine in a bit so I don’t slump all the way through still love it so will I get another
oztent king goanna chair I think most likely I will I’ll have a look around at
some of the other models that are most likely now available but I’m very happy
with it it’s just a shame that I had to break but seven years I can’t complain
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18 thoughts on “Oztent King Goanna Chair Review After 7 Years Of Camping Trips

  1. RIP my King Goanna Chair. Seven years of memories together, a great camp chair.
    To prepare for your next Australian touring adventure, visit the Expedition Centre at https://www.expeditioncentre.com.au

  2. Oztent jet pilot chair had mine for 8 years now can not fault them excellent chair

  3. Thx for the video. I have the same chair and it is my favourite camping chair. We actually have 2 As one was for the wife. I have had it many years but the same thing happened to one. The plastic bracket that holds the poles together snapped on both sides. RIP chair which is a pity. Was my favourite and as soon as I have the $$ I will certainly get another

  4. Everywhere I go I take my IKEA Restaurant chair. It's basic but bulky as well as being hard to pack. It's probably the minimalist campers worst nightmare. It's one piece of rock solid indestructible UV resistant toughness. They are so good in fact that I made a video review of the chair.

    Want to know something funny ? People are always asking : "Why do you have a chair in the back of your truck?"  I reply "to sit on". You should see the look on their face when they realise what a dumb question they just asked.

    I can't stand those fold up chairs. First of all they cut off the blood flow to my legs at the thighs. I also get stuck in them (not everyone has this problem). The next issue I have with them is that I have to pick up the broken ones left behind by campers. And they're also made in China which I am dead-set against as I do not support communists.

    So, I really do go everywhere with my IKEA Restaurant chair. It's unbreakable and super comfortable. My chair really is a piece of valued kit. I never leave home without it.

    But this video is about your success and you've got many miles out of your chair. It was a good review and well done. Good luck with your next chair. I hope you can find a quality model. The hype around camp chairs shows no bounds……

  5. I'd be surprised if Oztent didn't come to the party after that.

    A good, honest review.

  6. G'day Brett,some twelve or so,maybe longer,I bought a tent from Oztent,and used it to death.
    I better revise that to probably fifteen,haha.
    Still love the tent as tents go,but it doesn't put up with a downpour any more,and the company has changed their practices a bit,and won't even accept a fee to take them back to waterproof them.Sad really?
    That aside,when they released these chairs,I raced in,excited about buying one.Came away without one though,because my body dimensions didn't suit this chair,and I reckon the headrest is way to full pushing my head forward.Now,I think the chair is probably a great chair,and I'm just probably the odd one out,haha,glad you've had a good run from yours??

  7. Good review Brett. Seven years is a good life and given how you’ve admitted to sitting in it (sideways) I am impressed that it even lasted that long so given that fact, I’d say it was a bloody good make of chair overall. The style doesn’t suit us and we have the more cumbersome style made by Coleman 5 position cushioned things and paired them with cheapish fold out stools that constitute our leg rests (no need to sit sideways as a result) so super comfy as a result. The stools sit inside the fold up chairs when stored so workable for us but credit where credit is due, seven years is a good life for a chair.

  8. Another great video Brett

    I have a couple that are a year old now and am also very happy with them.

    I got the model with the hard armrests

  9. Great chair. Got one for free at UK Peterborough Land Rover international show last year for subscribing to LR international magazine. Very sturdy and impressive chair, it's bit big and bulky even when folded. For family trips in my 90 it would take a lot of space if taking few of them(unless putting them on the roof rack), so I prefere to have something smaller. It's great if sitting for longer period of time like when fishing, so gave it to my dad as a Christmas gift and it was just a perfect present.

  10. Have two of these chairs – they are horrible in design if you use it anywhere with sand. Sand gets caught between the plastic grove/guide and the pole.

    Worse design but yes agree the fabric and comfort is good. However pointless to use anyway sand or dust!

  11. Yes, it´s a really nice chair. They improved some of the point in the new model.
    Lets see, if that will help…
    And the metall is now black 😉

  12. That's amazing. Btw what boots are you wearing in this video. Keep u the Great work!

  13. Great review mate. Just goes to show, you pay a bit more and get better quality… usually lol. . This is my first video of my binge watching :). Hooroo for now .

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