10 thoughts on “Pacific Northwest tribes call for removal of Columbia River dams

  1. In 1871, the House of Representatives ceased recognition of individual tribes within the U.S. as independent nations with whom the United States could contract by treaty, ending the nearly 100 year old practice of treaty-making between the U.S. and American Indian tribes.

  2. From where does King TV and the casinos think they’re going to get electricity? Solar power in the winter in Western WA? No wind today, either dimwits. Idiots…

  3. the over fishing by the indains is why i watch then net rivers and sell the fish on the side of the road they are the problem

  4. I'm willing to bet Democrats put those in to exterminate native Americans, Jay inslee, and patty murry need to stop killing native Americans

  5. How cares about the indians… I care about the salmon and aquatic life in the river

  6. only a white man would block the flow of a whole river for power. as is it was the only way.

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