Papa John’s NEW Jalapeño Popper Rolls Review!

Hello everyone, this is running on empty food review Well, hello, ladies and gentlemen and everyone watching. This is running on empty food review I am your host the report of the week and welcome to this newest newest review newest edition running on empty food review, a very serious opening for a very serious release Not really. I’m just saying that but that’s I guess I guess the intro is over lets us get into the The things and this is a fairly new item from Papa John’s and you know, it’s kind of funny how it is because You know you had Pizza Hut a little while ago, you know, it wasn’t it wasn’t ages ago, but it was a little while ago Pizza Hut released their mozzarella poppers pizza Papa John’s is Getting in on the action if you catch my drift This isn’t the pizza, you know if it is It’d be a either a small pizza where they really found a way to convince you there’s a pizza in a small box Which is possible, you know I’ve seen it done. I have I have it’s an experimental procedure, but it could still be done But instead this is like a side. This is like a It’s like an appetite be an appetizer could be a side If you’re feeling really daring you can make it a dessert not recommended, but you can if you want to I mean, you know It’s goods if you get it, it’s your item Do whatever you want with it, you know make it into an earring and wear it You know as like a decorative item or as a lapel pin or something if you really want to but you’re supposed to eat it jalapeno poppers rolls from Papa John’s the jalapeno Poppers rolls are they’re pretty simple, right? They’re like jalapeno poppers, but they’re done the Popper John’s way get it. The popper poppers joke what these come with is a Philadelphia Cream Cheese They also come with they’re made out of like their pizza dough their original dough They’re baked They come with a ranch dip and it’s got a jalapeno in it That’s supposed to be a little cheesy a little spicy and it’s like that. Well, I guess it’s a jalapeno popper or poppers roll for $5.99 for a box of them pretty simple pretty simple item, but jalapeno poppers I’ve always liked those items always like them, been a fan of them and we’ll see how good Papa John’s does on this time around so here they are again in the Little mini mini box right there. You can see what it’s a box a Papa John’s the pizza. Okay So this is like a mini version of the UM Okay crafted from California tomatoes that go from vine to cane in the same day They’re talking about Jalapenos are talking about tomatoes. All right, well good enough small little box. That’s open the box and let’s see. Yeah, there they are There they are right there Got you. Got that money shot here we go a Small know what they’re cute. I got ya. I gotta give him credit. Let’s get the autofocus on scene get it better look at them I don’t know isn’t their thing kind of cute. It’s so small. I think it’s a little It’s like it’s a little sis. This is where pizzas come from if you ever wanted to know where they come from This is it right here. These are like little mini You know, baby pizzas No, really, that’s a horrible analogy, but we’ll just go with it But you can see there is the close-up you can see the jalapeno kind of lurking out with the cheese inside And otherwise it’s wrapped in the dough sorry about any background noise, but you could say it adds to the ambience right because this um There’s a background noise – screams jalapeno poppers, right It does come with the ranch dipping sauce, so that’s what it usually comes with right there and let’s see How many come in a box sing really sing? Let’s do a head count. I guess a roll count, right? This would be the roll What do we have? One, two, three, four, five six? Seven eight. I think it’s eight two four six. Hm alright, so eight in a box right there eight little poppers Let’s give it a shot There it is. Once again, we’ll just try it out then I’ll try it out with the ranch dipping sauce, and we’ll see you how it tastes jalapeno poppers rolls from Papa John’s going in Take a little bit of a em Bite out of this one while we’re at it since they’re so they’re so small, you know, and it is Hmm Here’s an observation that I have on the jalapeno poppers and Number one the Spiciness of these Really is Jalapeno face It has as I meant to say, it’s very pronounced, right? and the spiciness of the jalapenos is very pronounced I I Couldn’t look I couldn’t resist making that joke right there But here’s the truth when it comes down to these though There’s there’s two observations one is good one isn’t the best Number one if you’re getting these for the jalapeno flavor, right? You are in luck But these are spicy. I mean actually I’ve been trying to fend off the urge to guzzle down some water, but I can’t like I got I got to Yeah, if you’re getting these for that spiciness For the jalapeno peppers. I mean you’re in luck because these are spicy These are much spicier than one I I anticipated you know because sometimes you get these items that are like right they say it’s the world’s hottest and deadliest pepper or something and You know when you actually try it, you’re not gonna keel over from it Right might be a little spicy but it’s nothing like what they say. It’s gonna be like These on the other hand. Yeah, they’re spicy. All right Much spicier than you think I mean, it’s a lingering spice too. I mean it’s gonna be there for a while. It’s still there Definitely not the hottest, but those those jalapeno peppers they come out swinging. I’ll tell you that So a number one. Yeah, very very intense some Intense heat from it which is a good thing or you want to get these to be spicy, right? That’s the whole reason you’re getting these My only complaint Maybe they’re a little a little more doughy. Yeah, you know the dough is a little You know, it’s iffy My biggest thing though isn’t even the dough . It’s that they say it’s the jalapeno poppers with that jalapeno pepper and then the philadelphia cream cheese and When you see the ads when you see the picture is right. It’s like you see the tons of jalapenos But it’s also like they’re oozing with cheese. Like it’s just pouring out like, um You know Niagara Falls, right? It’s just like it’s it’s it’s flowing out non-stop And you know by the time like you would have a mountain of the cheese that had had come out of this thing, right but as I as I ate these There really wasn’t a lot of cheese I Mean there was a little bit but not as much as I would have expected, but there were a lot more jalapeno peppers could be a bit more cheesy, you know the cream cheese, I mean It’s kind of there, but I really can’t taste the cheese. I wish there was more cheesiness It wasn’t even enough that I could really discern like an actual, you know flavor from it Really? I could just taste the dough and oh boy. Can I taste those jalapeno? But I wish they were a bit cheesier But I think for many a consumer it would be like you’re getting these for the spice and then the cheese is secondary, right? It’s not that’s not why you’re getting it. You’re not saying Yeah, I want the jalapeno poppers, but I want it really for that cream cheese, right since that’s what I’ve been dreaming about all night We’ll try it with the ranch dipping sauce. I think some sauce could help them a little bit, but we’ll find out Try this one out dip it in real quick Price for these $5.99 there it is with the dip Mmm See how I’ll show you right like you look in there you see a little bit of the cream cheese, but there’s not a lot just A little maybe a little smattering but nothing more than that Mm-hmm The ranch is a suitable companion, I would definitely say Because it it gives it some more moisture I do like that that little that little subtle Tang that it has that kind of offsets just dough and just that the overall spiciness The ranch is especially good though if you’re a little more sensitive to spice But you don’t really, you know, you want to get a little bit of that jalapeno flavor. You don’t want it to be overwhelming, right? Ranch kind of cools things down a little bit. So well, I mean with that said out of ten you know for $5.99. I really like the the punch side of packs in terms of the spice. I mean, I’m a big fan of that I just wish they were a little a little cheesier So we’re out of ten. I’ll give me a five point eight out of ten Which is above average the scale that I use now your five isn’t average of course the five point eight a little above average because I really do like the spice if they were a little Cheesier than would get a much higher rating. Um But if you’re just getting these exclusively for – spice, uh, you’re gonna like them you’ll be a big fan of them $5.99 jalapeno poppers rolls from Papa John’s. I think they’re good though. And um, yeah just uh, You know be be ready. They’ll be they’ll be spicy. Go pack a punch for sure With that, I’m your host to report of the week. Sorry for me a little bit about the delay between Getting the last video with the donut thing and then this one out Here we are. I just on a final note a little bit of a PSA I know you’ve probably heard about this so much and I’ve been talking about this a lot as well but the virus I Think it’s serious. You know, you just have to be you have to be careful Hygiene is very important and just make sure you exercise proper hygiene Take care of yourself, you know just be aware of your your surrounding the situation try not to touch your eyes, you know Maybe pretend like you just ate a bunch of these and you have the jalapeno remnants all over your fingers You don’t want to rub your eyes with that, right? So, you know, just just beware. You try not to touch your eyes your nose You know if you have a thing for licking doorknobs or something So I would I would break that habit if I were you but wash your hands 20 seconds at least Good soap and water maybe some hand sanitizer or two and just keep up to date with Reputable news information about this, but please be safe I really care about your well-being for each and every one of you and just stay safe out there I’m your host the report of the week. Thank you for watching today’s review and I’ll see you later with another video. Take care everyone

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