Kevin? Kevin! Da-Song, Happy birthday! Congratulations! Shit… Stop! Chung-Sook! Ki-Jung! Come out here, Chung-Sook! – Stop the blood!
– Push down on the wound! Da-Song! Honey! Let go, don’t! It hurts. The emergency room! Get the car! Mr. Kim! what are you doing? We can’t wait for an ambulance! Stop pushing, dad! Makes it hurts more Car Keys! the car keys! Throw them! throw me the key! Are you okay? Don’t touch it! Hello, Mr. Park You know me? Respect!


  1. Up until now, I still don't know who is at fault for this. It's like everyone did their flaws and combined into that scene.

  2. i’m sorry but i hated that the poor families mother was the only one that truly tried to defend her children in this scene. the father blew it

    edit: tbh, she was the only one to do ANYTHING. why was she literally fighting a knife wielding psychopath 1v1 while a CROWD of people including her husband just watched?

  3. In the beginning when he enters the yard, he pauses and covers his eyes because hes been in the darkness so long.

  4. 1. Parasites fight among themselves for survival. Not realizing they're slowing killing the Host
    2. When the Host finally learns about its Parasites and treats them like nothing more than a bug, Parasites kills the Host in Anger.
    3. When the Host dies, its Parasites die altogether. Leaving nothing but chaos.
    4. Even after the chaos we still don't know who to blame. The Rich who treats The Poor nothing more than trash or The Poor who slowly feeds off The Rich and killing them

    The ending is a sad realization and message to current society.
    Can The Poor actually climb up the stairs to the level of The Rich in the current system of society? Can The Rich and The Poor coexist in harmony?

  5. If only the poor father hadn’t been so melodramatic he could’ve saced his family by taking his daughter to the hospital with them. His split second reaction ruined both families.

  6. I love the shot of the flies on Guen-sae, Mr. Park was actually repulsed by his smell this time rather than Mr. Kims! The look on Mr. Kim’s face when he realizes this is tragic, so many details.

  7. It's strange to me how all those other guests could have taken the boy to the hospital to deal with his seizure? It would have been faster. Then again, this is a movie and in real life, that would have definitely happened.

  8. It will be the robbery of the century if this film doesn't win best picture at the oscars

  9. 난 그냥 의미부여안하고 대충봐서 재밌게도 안봤는데 이렇게 뜨다니 헐

  10. Really liked the film and I know it was setup that the dad would eventually snap but idk for some reason I felt like the way he did it and then ran away felt kind of out of place for me and just was very confusing and did not feel like something the character would do and especially not against his family. Maybe someone could help explain it?

  11. I was so sad when Park So Dam character got fatally stabbed. It almost emotionally drained me. That’s how good this movie is

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