Paris to the Swiss Alps River Cruise from Viking

(wistful piano music) – [Narrator] Join Viking
for this intriguing 12-day cruise tour through
four fascinating countries. In Paris, the City of Light,
enjoy a two-night hotel stay and a guided exploration of the city that includes a drive
along the Seine River past the city’s glorious landmarks, Notre Dame Cathedral, the
Louvre, Champs-Elysees, Arc de Triomphe, and others. And you’ll have plenty of
free time to experience more of this delightful city on your own. Then, it’s on to timeless Luxembourg and the American Cemetery to
pay homage to the brave souls who lost their lives in
the Battle of the Bulge during World War II. In Trier, stroll the quaint
streets of Germany’s oldest city before beginning your voyage along the tranquil Moselle River. Step ashore in Cochem, where some of the world’s
finest Rieslings are produced, to enjoy a unique wine-tasting experience. You’ll sail on from the
Moselle to the Middle Rhine. This section of the river is
a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Just below the ruins of Rheinfels Castle, the quaint town of Sankt Goar awaits, along with a chance to ascend
the legendary Lorelei Rock. In Mainz, step into one
of the Upper Rhine’s most dramatic cathedrals and
browse the Gutenberg Museum, dedicated to the inventor of moveable type and book printing. Speyer is home to a stunning,
Romanesque, imperial cathedral that’s also a UNESCO World Heritage Site, while Strasbourg, straddling
France and Germany, is the charming cultural center
of France’s Alsace region. Disembarking in Basel, Switzerland, you’ll enjoy the splendor of the city’s medieval Old Town district. Then it’s on to captivating Zurich, beautifully set on its namesake lake. An exploration of this fascinating city, its intriguing architecture,
and inspiring views is an ideal way to conclude
your Viking journey.

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