(Part 1) GoldenEye 007 | Opening Intro + First Stage: Mission 1: Dam | PEMNAS Playthrough

Sorry about the audio quality. The audio improves as we go on though…

18 thoughts on “(Part 1) GoldenEye 007 | Opening Intro + First Stage: Mission 1: Dam | PEMNAS Playthrough

  1. I remember when i thought that this game looked real… i was only 6…

  2. @KeijiDragon Your videos are on College Humor's GoldenEye's video's related videos.
    That's a lot of 's. =S

  3. @thunderme345 Zelda sucks my nuts Bonkers fur day is the best ever for N64

  4. Will you all just leave thunderme alone.
    I admit i got a little offended over his comment as well,
    but stop fuckin being cyber bullys just because you guys get picked on at school doesnt mean you can go online and mess with others. Its all just a matter of opinion and he is intitiled to his opinion just as much as the rest of you are.

  5. oh i forget… You are bad-ass… exceptionally bad-ass, ****ing bad-ass, SPEED UP THE VIDEO TO SEE IF YOU EVEN TOOK A HIT!!! and on that difficulty, if accuracy would always be the same regardless of difficulty, NO, ITS TOO PERSONAL! I'LL PM YOU ABOUT IT!!!

  6. Thank you for a playthrough without commentary. It's much appreciated.

  7. I like how the truck driver just waits patiently for the guy who's just killed about 10 of his comrades to open the gate for him.

  8. This may look like you have the worst aim in the world, but I remember back then that the controls, even if they were quite good, they were very slippery. Good thing they put the auto aim thing on the guns.
    Nice playthrough :).

  9. How does he survive the jump? He doesn’t have a bungie cord or a parachute.

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