Part1 Remove bumper cover and fog lights Protege5

This video is for information purposes only. I’m not responsible if you injure yourself or others. I’m not responsible if you damage your vehicle or any other people or property or anything else. I recommend that you refer your vehicle to a professional license repair shop if needed. Thankyou from JJdaCool. Now to replace the lightbulbs in the fog light here and here, you need to actually remove the whole front bumper cover plastic. To do that you’ll need a Phillips screwdriver a 10 millimeter socket or wrench and an eight millimeter socket or wrench as well as probably a flashlight and maybe a few other tools like a flathead screwdriver to help. To start with I’ll removed this front trim piece mine’s already broken you’ll probably want to keep yours in better shape. So, if these three were actually holding it on then it would come all out in one piece. but on mine its kind of broken. I’ll put these extra bits over here. Once you remove the screws theoretically this just pops out and comes out as one whole unit. Probably a good time to clean any dirt that has collected out from under here and on here next I’ll be removing the screws and bolts that hold the sides into place and to do that, to make it more easy I’ll rotate the wheel inward on each side next I’ll be removing these trim screws that are holding on the bumper cover to the inner wheel cover. If these dont want to come out easily you can sometimes push a flat head screwdriver underneath them and help to push out just a little bit. Now these might break while you’re removing them so you might have extra trim clips or screws or whatever they’re called on hand just in case one of them breaks. They look to be about a quarter-inch. next there’s a screw over here which would be about an 8 millimeter. Looks like another eight millimeter up here. Also a second 8 millimeter all the way up in there. might be a little bit more difficult to get to. On to the next side. magnetic trays are very helpful ok now for this side its the same procedure. Yeah, nice curb riding. Again, having an extension does help. The bolt is somewhere. ok, so now with the top the sides and the bottom released the whole bumper cover should easily come out. now if you do have the fog light setup or optional accessory of fog lights then you’ll want to be careful not to stretch the wire too far as it could break up inside or at the bumper. That wire also provides power for your side markers. Now on the right-hand side there is a quick-release connector for the wiring harness in front bumper cover and now the whole bumper cover can be removed. All right, now we’ll remove the foglights if optional. probably put your hand in front of it so it doesn’t fall out and break the glass cover. also don’t forget to disconnect the wire harness before you take this bolt out. might be a good time to clean any corrosion in there. Now sometimes these connectors will actually get enough corrosion in them that they’ll actually melt and at that point you would need to replace either the whole harness or splice in a new connector. and there’s the fog light. Now on the fog light there are what looks like two screws holding the glass onto the housing here so we’ll remove those. might want to do this on a bench or table top because the glass once you release the screw the glass will want to fall away sometimes it can be stuck to the housing most of the time will just fall away. If it is stuck to the housing you’ll want to do this over a tabletop or a counter and gently press inside of here to release the glass from the housing careful not to damage the rubber seal on it. once you have the glass released from the housing that there is a couple different connectors in here that one comes out easy and then you have another one of these spring clips then the bulb comes right out on the other side its basically the same procedure disconnect the wire harness remove the mounting bolt and replace the lightbulb. be sure to have your hand underneath it if you’re replacing at this angle in case the assembly drops out you don’t want to break to the glass lense. Peace, Yo From JJdaCool.

7 thoughts on “Part1 Remove bumper cover and fog lights Protege5

  1. Thanks for the video. I couldn't figure it out on my own, but this video made it easy peasy

  2. When I change my fog lights I don't need to take out all the front bumper

  3. Thanks for the video. I couldn't figure it out on my own, but this video made it easy .

  4. I like my P5. But she can be tricky to work on. Try changing the alternator. It's a fun job. 😉

  5. Now I know why the front bumper vibrates under the grill like a swarm of bees, there's nothing securing it except the 2 screws at each end.

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