Pawn Stars: Meteorite is VERY OLD and VERY EXPENSIVE (Season 9) | History

100 thoughts on “Pawn Stars: Meteorite is VERY OLD and VERY EXPENSIVE (Season 9) | History

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  2. HALF, plus one hundred dollars on a $4,000 item. I wanna make myself an expert just so Rick would call me. I'll tell him a 50 cent item is worth 50,000 bucks just to give him a dose of Karma.

  3. Take the 2100 and have him agree that if and when he chops it all up for watches, he has to give ya 50% of that profit as well. 2100 is a steal if ya chop it up and sell it to watch makers. Shooot.

  4. Theist watching this
    “Duuuh No it’s 6000 years old and so is the planet”

  5. Seller: least i wanna get is 2000
    rick offers 2000
    Seller: i cant go that low man
    Y u lyin bruh?

  6. Wow Worth almost 5 grand, it’s a meteorite! I have to make it..Not look like a meteorite ..

  7. Asking the prices of sellers before calling in his buddy experts. I see what you did there Mr. Rick.

  8. Breaking news…. coming next season meteorite market on history change…

  9. Rick: This is just a meteorite. The asteroids bring the big money.

  10. Lol the guy trying to explain how it’s catalogued and the expert is like: ”Wow…Catalogued?…Wow…Really?…Wow”

  11. Maybe they set appointments for these big items and have a expert on stand by due to the appointment? 🤨😁

  12. “The lowest I’ll take is $2,000”

    Rick: can we do $2,000?
    Guy: no

  13. Expert: this goes about $5,000
    Rick: okay I will give you $25.00 and and a piece of gum and I’m taking a lot of risk here!

  14. how could you tell that rock is older than our planet???? hahahahha. are you alive when the planet earth is created? hahaa.. wat idot that man is

  15. A shooting star or a meateorite is actually a debure from a spaceship that got damaged or destroyed

  16. Ah…here we go again.
    Seller: (Comes in) Hi! I´d like to sell something for 50k.
    Rick: Give me 20 seconds until my buddy gets here from Afganistan, he´s an expert on this.
    Seller: Sure thing!
    Expert: What he have here is worth 50k at an auction!
    Rick: So how much do you want for it?
    Seller: Well, 50k.
    Rick: I mean, I´m taking all the risk here, I gotta sell it again, and it´s not a huge market, plus, he said at an auction…so retail price would probably be like 3 dollars, so imma give you 50 cents.
    Seller: Can we do 60 cents?
    Rick: SIghSIGHH … Alright deal!
    Seller after they exit: You know, I came here looking for 50K but i got 60 cents…It´s less than I wanted, but hey, I didn´t do much to get it so, at least someone will be able to enjoy it.

  17. All a scam
    We live in a world of illusion and the T.V. is the second place they get us. The public school system is the first place.

  18. Anyone ever notice Rick always asks what the person wants for it before he calls his friends,…then it's always magically valued at just under what the person wanted? I love the show,..but Rick is a crook!

  19. it travels billion miles away and is sold for $2100? that is a lot cheaper than a man made Ferrari car.

  20. He should have sold it to the expert dude that is a meteorite collector he was very excited about it !!!

  21. rick : "can i touch it?"
    customer : "only if i can touch yours also"
    rick : "let me call a friend who would like to touch it aswell"

  22. The History Channel doesn't give a s..t how much Pawn Shop owners in this show take advantage of desperate people and lie to them even on the prices. It should be illegal. It is literally like stealing from low or middle income. Many items appraised by their contacts are even priced wrong just to help the shop.

  23. Hyperbole: "Billions of Years," meaning alot of years…

    Literal Douchebag: "Actually" 👈 favorite rebutle

  24. I'd use it as a paper weight and then tweet about how superior I am

  25. If its cataloged how did he get that piece?? So is the hot rock hot?

  26. Not a cent higher! you realize this thing looks like a rock & I'm gonna have to make it look not like a rock…

  27. Diamonds are rare and stupid expensive …meteorites should be worth 1000×

  28. Chris when he found this meteorite was kind enough to give me a piece.

  29. I like to use the pawnbrokers schpeel on them. If I see something I like, I note the price, then I find the cheapest knock-off on the web, or the entry price on an auction site, and I use that as a price comparison. Then I tell them about my costs for storage and cataloging, and finally I offer them about a 6th of their price and say, "well take it or not." Because I really don't care, remember, I'm just doing this to mess with them. And if it's coins or gold, I tell them that I think it's fake but refuse to test it and I still offer them some paltry amounts of money for it. Pawnbrokers really don't like it, they get really angry for some reason. No matter what, remember that everything at a pawn shop is junk, stolen, fake or counterfeit and you'll never pay their prices for anything.

  30. A rock made of iron, is a meteorite, older then then earth, baloney

  31. If I had this meteorite stone , i would never ever ever sell that pricious stone which is older than earth . That stone is not just a stone, it is beyond imagination, it has story , its emotion for me which is incomparable with money.

  32. Hm… it came from space, and cannot be found on Earth…

    I'll give you $1800 for it

  33. $100 more than half value doesn’t sound fair to me. Don’t sell to pawn shops. Pawn if you have to, but don’t sell. The ones on t.v. Can’t even give you a “fair” price.

  34. He totally gets told how much they’re willing to walk on before he negotiates the price

  35. My bartering technique would be to say that it is a stone that has existed longer than life itself, longer than any thing that humans can imagine as a society and that it is worth at least $2500, and that there is nothing that you will find for this price that has existed for this length of time

  36. The best I can do is a butt hair and I’m taking a huge risk plucking it out

  37. Ask Rick to break my 100 dollar bill….best I can do is 65 dollars and I'm taking a lot of risk here

  38. It's older that the Earth…. because it's made from stardust….. just like the rest of the solar system.

  39. "That means I can go into the back yard and dig up a diamond and it be worth more than a / the billions and billions of miles traveled meteorite… that's stoopy"?

  40. Sorry.. not billions of miles…
    You can pick almost any rock on the planet and be the first human to hold it . Talk a walk in the woods sometie… Duh…

  41. The firmament above and water surrounding that how can that be from "SPACE"?

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