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– It’s an autobiography,
Lincoln, Ross Perot, US Grant – I like to read about how
others achieve their greatness so that I can mimic what worked. You know, fake it ’til you make it. What? – I fake it a lot too. People think I’m all calm. I don’t know if I really am. Sometimes like I’m feeling the whole world at once, you know? – Uh, where did you learn Mandarin? – My dad works for Goldman, so we lived in Shanghai until I was 10. – Bathroom? – What? Do you wanna start? – Oh yeah sure.
– Yeah. (laughs) – (whispers) – Why are you so tense? – How do you know I’m tense? – I just do, you don’t seem very happy. – Are you happy? – I try to be. – I try to be too. I really try. It’s so hard to have to
try so hard all the time. Um okay, that was weird. Um, how you get me to
be vulnerable like that? I’m never like that. – I don’t know, it’s just kind
of a thing I do with people. Maybe it was just what you needed. – What do you need? – (speaking Mandarin) – I don’t know what that means. – Can I kiss you? See you next time?

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  1. They needed a good development of their relationship. I was so hurt when they killed River in the first 40 min. That was a bad decision 🙁

  2. This is why I hate Ryan Murphy sometimes, I don't know if he wrote that River dies but It sucks. They were so perfect together.

  3. So, is Payton gay or bi or something? Is he going to explore that with someone else? Personally I don't think he will. I mean I wish but his political persona stops him to do it so.

  4. they better recast him!!! like payton meets someone who looks like river or sumthn JUST GIVE US WHAT WE WANT

  5. As the Netflix US Twitter account says, "Find someone who looks at you the way River looks at Payton."

  6. River looks like a mix of the two guys who played super man , Henry Cavill and tom welling, all in one body….

  7. it literally only takes a single slight nod on payton‘s end for river to just lean in and kiss him, i‘m- ?✊? I‘ll forever be sad that they never got together ?

    I can’t believe they killed him in the first episode? He’s the most charming character…

  9. This scene is too soft for its own good I swear. The part where Payton was talking about how hard it was to have to try all the time really got me. Ben Platt is such an incredible actor agh

  10. it's like River gave Payton things that he never knew that he needed it authentically vulnerable, others look up to him giving what he wants, what they think that he meant to become

    Ok they belong together so I'm thinking
    1. River comes back to life, turns out when he shot himself he actually missed his brain and just got his skull and the doctors put him on life support and stuff. His parents paid to make sure that no one knew and the "body" they brought out was just a cover-up
    Yes this is far-fetched but cmon this show has plenty of far-fetched moments.
    Option 2. Payton dies, maybe assassinated after becoming president? It would be poetic in a way no? And he and river spend eternity together like we saw when he was in the coma. I'm choosing to believe that was actually river and not Payton conjuring him again.


  13. Earlier in the episode, Payton said to his mother “I’m not even gay.”

    At 3:24 was the moment that he thought “Shit, I might be a little gay.”

  14. the show was entertaining, but i find it a little silly on the amount of marketing material used with River in it considering the actor was killed off on the first episode and only did quick little cameos in the following episodes afterwards.

  15. I'm about to watch this series after seeing this, but then i see the comments and people are saying the other guy is gonna die in the first episode and then the live ones will have a girlfriend and suddenly i loose my excitement to watch this. :')

  16. I can't understand if the show runners knew what they were doing… Or if they are now doubting their choice of killing River so soon. With that much chemistry and talent you can't really not knowing people are going to respond and root for those two. I mean look at that scene… So many emotions in 4 minutes. Too bad really that River had to go like that. I really wish we would have seen more of their relationship. They slept together at one point and we saw nothing of that lol.

  17. Okay hold up , River looks like a cross between Henry Cavill and Harry Styles

  18. Hot open minded masculine guys like this don’t exist here on the East Coast, stop filling me and half of America with hope Netflix smh


  20. to be honest, Alice and Payton are too alike. Payton is a bit robotic, and River is really deep and generous, and I think they compliment each other well. I ship it all the way????

  21. I know that it can never be because River died and Payton is always with Alice…but I’m team Payton and River.

  22. A gay man (Ben Platt) in real life playing a gay man on screen is what I stan for! I love Ben ????❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  23. ok gotta say, killing him off first episode kinda put me off but the fact that he did die through suicide is great representation of like the happiest people who seem so perfect and kind actually being emotionally torn and hopeless no matter what they do to help it. makes a lot of more people aware of that type of stuff. didn’t really need romance between the two to see how emotionally connected they were. just the fact that payton goes to an imaginary figure of river shows how deep this connection was.

  24. the way that payton is cold with everyone else throughout the show, including his best friends and his so called “soulmate” but starts crying the first time he really talks to river says something intense about their relationship and it’s intensity.

  25. now you're saying that was their first kiss but at the beginning of the first episode when Payton comes at Rivers' house says that he would have spille that they had sex so i think that the title of this video is wrong and not to be picky or noisy but I think that killing River in the very first episode of the serie is the biggest mistake that the producers could do (sorry if I made grammar errors, I'm not too good at English)

  26. Achingly tender scene…I hope they find a way to keep River in the series. He’s the most compelling and human character in the show.

  27. I don't wanna admit it, but this is one of the sweetest moment in today tv history.

  28. Aww ? Ben Platt and David Corenswer showing their true love ????❤️♥️??️‍? paint ? colors/Love at first Sight by Kissing each other passionately and I Hope they get together even more for their Relationship in season 2 of the politician in 2020 they’re Queens ?/Kings ??? 4Life.

  29. This is by far in a way my favorite scene of the entire first season. Not because it's good but becuase every scene leading up to this moment was gripping and engaging and all the scenes specifically between Peyton and River were inewuivicably charming and honest, and then the piano scene was the cherry on top and then episode 1 ended. And then they killed off the one person who made episode 1 so strong and relegated him to background conscience guy. Yeah I'm bitter about it but you dont really have time to explore the complex relationship between river and peyton when you're in a warzone of politics. Also, as sad as it may sound this might just be peyton and rivers relationship period. Strictly platonic, you can see this in succeeding episodes non more overt than Vienna, yet still. I would and have loved if the relationship between river and peyton is neither platonic nor romantic. Seeing as Peyton is strictly straight (ironic) and river is fluid, Narratively speaking they're relationship contrasting all other relationships would not only have been a sweet intimate way to learn knowledge over these two by how they interact with eachother but would have served as an excellent representation of what some relationships are between two special people at an exact moment. Show the complexities of complex relationships and in season 2 hopefully dive into rivers splitting mind and dedicate a few episodes with them jsut spending time together. This show relaly benefits from introducing you to the two most powerful people in the story and for that same reason suffers immensely because of how little it is represented.

  30. What if actually Payton died (and River shot him, to stop his pain or something) and now he is in hell( bc his ambition) watching his life without River?

  31. Y’all as much as I love this scene this show isn’t a love story. The shows purpose isn’t to show a love story. The purpose of this scene is to reveal that Payton has emotions, even though they’re hidden by his own ambition, and river is the first person to uncover them before he uncovers them himself late in the season. So for everyone saying they stopped watching when river died, you can’t claim a show is bad for not turning out the way you wanted. The show itself has its faults but I really enjoyed it

  32. i just watched the show in a 7 hour marathon and I am so sensitive that only with seeing river's face I start to cry.

  33. This is like.. The cutest thing ever. I'm sorry, but after Ben sang "River" my heart just exploded

  34. Why is there so many "gay" kiss and sex scenes lately? Is it a requirement for every show to have a sex scene now? I don't care if it's gay, lesbian, straight etc. just stop turning every show into softcore porn, or teen porn.

  35. Does anybody know the name of the song in the background, or where I could find it?

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