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Can I use your restroom? I fake it a lot too. Are you happy? I try to be. I try to be too. Can I kiss you? I know what’s going on between you and River. He told me what happened. You traitor. You backstabbing son of a bitch. You know how important this is to me. I’ve never seen you like this. I don’t recognize this person. I have– I have feelings, River. These aren’t feelings,you’re just hysterical. Well, this is the true me. This is who I am. The only thing we all share together is that we’re all alone. I tried to kill myself last year. because I felt so alone I was afraid I was always gonna feel that way. and something made me take a 45-pound plate and, uh… I tied it to my ankle and I went out to my pool and I jumped in the deep end. I was really ready to die. And I just remember looking up at the surface of the water and thinking, “No one’s here, man. You’re gonna die alone.” next thing I remember I was floating at the surface. It’s really important to me that all of you know I love you, Payton. (I can’t believe that he’s just coming out for me) Why are you doing this to me? Why are you hurting me? You– You have so much pain. I’m sorry. I really did love you. – No! He killed himself. He did this because of you. When was the last time you cried? Does it matter? Jesus, Payton, what happened to you? I don’t know. I should be crying. Why aren’t I crying? It’s not you. That day with River in his house… The day he killed himself? I was so mad at him. I was so unkind. It was all about me. Should’ve just… shut up and listened for once in my life. and I can’t even face the truth because… because the truth is… …the truth is that I loved him. Oh, my God. I loved him so much. And now he’s gone. Mom, I don’t need the money. I don’t. I’ll find my way no matter what. Agh. Am I dead? Is this Heaven? No, wait, it’s… it’s not… Well, I think about you a lot. I think about… why you did it. So it wasn’t because of me? No. You were my only relief. So how am I supposed to survive without you? You need to go back. No, I wanna stay here with you. You can’t. My darling! Oh, my darling boy! I didn’t really get to know River until last year. He was my tutor. Then he became my friend. Diet Coke. How long has it been? Fifteen days. Good for you. You know,I’ve been waiting for this moment. For you to get your head screwed back on straight. You’re a dick. Okay? I’ve been playing in that place for three years, and all you ever do is bus dishes and avoid me. I think I’m falling into a clinical depression. Find some way to bring music into your life. Thank you for encouraging me to keep playing the piano. Music gives us permission to feel. You need that more than most. Uh, River was very active in the drama department, so I’ve asked one of his many friends to help me sing a song in his honor. Hey, if you get nervous out there,just look for me. I’ll be in the front row. Bored out of your skull? No, never when I’m watching you, man. – One. Two. Three. Four. Maybe that’s why you keep me at a distance. You don’t need me as much as you used to. Yeah, what are you exactly? You’re my– You’re my conscience? No, I’m your shadow. I’m scared. Don’t be. You’re gonna change the world, Payton. How do you know? Because I see you. I miss you. I love you,River. (You’ll not be here anymore.)

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  1. Boy the make-up person put way too much RED lipstick on River and Payton ! And the white kabuki make-up is way too much… Didn't anyone notice ?

  2. Seems like they can never write a happy gay couple. That is why this show sucked afterwards.

  3. El nombre de la película saben ???…se que el final es dramático pero igual quiero verlo , me causa interés!!

  4. Why did he kill him self 😭😭😭😭 and I haven’t even watched it yet 😭😭😭😭😭

  5. For once I have to thank YouTube for putting this on my recommendation because this was beautiful 😭💔

  6. At first attempt River realized he will die alone. In second attempt he will die with someone he loved.

  7. 20 yr old teenagers. The way it's supposed to be. I saw "Are you afraid of the Dark?" reboot and Degrassi and damn! Teenagers are uuuuuuuuggggggly! No real teens on TV please!….or they look like babies like the "Ghostwriter" reboot. Damn every generation ages slower than the last-but puberty though…

  8. Why the f***k that every gay series or movies have to be always a sad ending? I know, it's the reality right because of the stigmas and taboos of the society but if i keep watching 'em i might kill myself oneday.

  9. What color effects are used in this video? I really like it, it is almost like everything is pale and all the greens are taken out

  10. Casi no pude entender, pero si pude sentir. Estoy triste.
    Muy buenos actores.

  11. Aww 🥰 I just Can’t get enough of Ben Platt and David Corenswet they’re the best for each other in the Politician they’re more than just friends being being true Lovers for each other and fallen in love 😍🧡💜💙♥️❤️💚🏳️‍🌈 with each other passionately and kissing each other passionately and showing their true love paint 🎨 colors they’re Kings 👑🤴🎩👑🤴🤴4Life.

  12. This is an extraordinary display of powerful, delicate and true to life acting. Ben Platt's capacity to portray this character is a brutally honest portrait that awes, moves, grabs and commands you to ache and weep along with him…until you are obsessed with the goal of soothing his sorrow and lifting him into a place of love and acceptance. I am awestruck by his lavish and most splendid talent.

  13. I tried to watch this show but the acting is soooo bad I couldn't get through it. This video resumes it very well though, thank you

  14. You got me all choked up over a show I ain’t ever watched and probably never will 😂😂😂😭

  15. Wow.. the editing on this video is exactly as I would have wanted their relationship to be portrayed on the series (minus the tragedy).. but NOOOOO.. they had to make it a mess of intertwined nonsensical subplots and characters… Thank you for not including the song Payton masterfully sang… it would have send the internet on a downward spiral..

  16. Only thing which draws more attention is the make up of both the boys. Vampire makeup…..

  17. Wtf, why would they show that with out a “SPOILERS” tag!
    Aarrgh! Thanks for ruining watching this now.

  18. All i can see.. River is hot 😂 i feel sorry for these couple. Phyton should've appreciate these man (River) until he's gone.

  19. I think River looks like young a Henry Cavill without clip chin. If you just look at him carefully.

  20. I am surprised at how i am bawling my eyes out (might be the weed) yet dont know anything but felt like i went thru 2 seasons of feelings. Best know that im about to watch this show and come back to this vid to crii 🙁

  21. So after the show gave us this background throughout the episodes, we were supposed to be rooting for Payton and I forget the girl's name as soulmates? Really? Cause I wasn't.

  22. WTF.. I was trying to get over from history 3 … Now YouTube recommend this ..
    💔💔😭😭 I think I will die soon of the pain


  24. when i was watching the series, and river said: Can I kiss you?
    I was like: What?! they just meet each other and like, WHAT?

  25. Omgg😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 I can’t stop watching this😭😭😭😭😭😭

  26. I hated when River killed himself. Payton and River Story is confusing for me. I wanted them to have a more developed love Story and I wanted them to stay as a couple.

  27. God, I don’t know what the fuck I watch such videos without watching the series itself, there are so many spoilers, but I still really like these videos. and this, including, is gorgeous😍😍

  28. MAE😭😭😭😭😭😭como volver a entrar en depresión en 3,2,1😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  29. We don't know what this is or who they are but we're crying like babies…😢
    We must watch this serie now to understand why he kill himself.👈

  30. I still can't get why he killed himself
    People killing their self in front of their love once
    Putting them in pain all their live

  31. This show sent me to a place I had never been emotionally. Like I watched this all in one sitting and was so emotionally drained that I couldn’t really feel anything and when I did feel things I felt them way to much that it was scary. This only lasted about 2-3 days but it’s soooo exhausting

  32. This show sent me to a place I had never been emotionally. Like I watched this all in one sitting and was so emotionally drained that I couldn’t really feel anything and when I did feel things I felt them way to much that it was scary. This only lasted about 2-3 days but it’s soooo exhausting

  33. I just clicked on something random, I haven't even seen this and now I'm crying I dont need this

  34. Fuck . I'm really hurt from the inside….why this story gets me a lot, it's the first time that I don't get mad bcs of gay sad ending movies, and that's because I understand I feel I love that pain , like really . At this moment 2:15 you can feel the pain like ur burning alive how can a person cry just bcs he can see the pain inside u " ur so much pain " 💜 it's sad Cuz he had to suicide cuz he's not strong enough to take it

  35. River was so pure like while i was watching this i kept expecting him to do something dumb so it would hurt less, but he didn’t and it still hurts

  36. i’m sad and i’ve never seen this. they were beautiful together!😢🤍

  37. When Ben said " oh my god I loved him so much" I cried so hard. I've never even seen the show.

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