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hi everyone today I’m making some soap
for my soap shop and I thought maybe you’d like to come along to see the
process so if that interests you just keep watching today I am making a cold
process soap that will be peach scented and quite delightfully colored I was
inspired by a picture of ice cream of all things on Instagram and I don’t know
that it was in a peach flavor or anything but I thought that the colors were
really pretty so I will pop that picture in if I can here and I’m going to add in
my coconut milk I like to add my coconut milk or whatever milk I’m using right
into the oils now I use just a percentage of my liquid portion as milk
this is obviously not a full milk soap if it was a full milk soap then my
sodium hydroxide would have been combined with the milk to make a
solution lye solution we’re gonna tap the air out of the stick blender because
air gets trapped and I can hear it when I start this stick blender I can hear
whether there’s the air trapped or if I have it out if it stays in it’s not a
huge deal as the soap is thin but when it’s thicker then all that um all those
bubbles can just incorporate and we don’t want that in our soap so I’m just
gonna smack it down and I can swirl a little bit but smacking works
the best for me alright so I’m going to add in my lye
solution and this is a material that you have to be very careful with but it is
necessary to create cold process soap and what we do is we make sure the
balance is right that we have extra oils in the soap to counteract the lye
solution we have to have it we have to have it no matter what
but we make sure we have a little extra oil in there so we’re a little different
than grandma’s lye soap having that extra super fat is what it’s called that
allows this soap to be gentler luxurious more creamy than cold process soap
of the olden days so you know some people still market it as lye soap that’s
true but most the time our soaps are just super duper now my particular soaps I formulate them
to have a lower cleansing number to be a little bit higher on the conditioning and
the comforting aspect of soap so that it does not strip the skin I don’t want you
to have to use lotion when you get out of the shower or after you wash your
hands now granted everybody’s skin is different and that’s still gonna happen
because it’s soap it’s meant to cleanse but I work to make sure that my soaps
are just a little bit more on the gentle side all right so what I’m doing is I’m just
bringing it to a emulsification and emulsification is that stage just before it
comes to a trace that means everything’s together everything’s bound and you know
it we’re doing the whole soap thing here but this is a hint of a trace but it’s
not quite leaving a trace on the surface it’s just a hint just a itty-bitty
little amount now I will tell you that most of my videos are not intended to be
tutorials I’m here to share and show my customers how I’m making the soap I’m
making I know a lot of soap makers just love to watch other soap makers make
soap so it’s not specifically a tutorial today but I do like to give a little bit
more information as I go so one thing I’ve been noticing recently and it
happens to me in the cold is sometimes I can get almost a little bit of a texture
to my soap base and that means I’ve got to stick belndit just a hint more I do
use a lot of butter in my soap recipe so that’s what I’m doing now I’m just
making sure that we are well blended so what I’m gonna do is go get my
containers right behind me and then I’m gonna split this off into four different
little pitchers so I have these pitchers these ones are the 3000 ml or 3
liters they come in all different sizes you can get them from schoolmasters dot com
or amazon i think other places have them also and I have these new containers
they are a food storage container just from a restaurant supply store so what
I’m going to do and I’m going to try to carefully pour and I need about between
one and a half and two liters I’m gonna go a little bit under for starters and
then I can add it back in because if I have to pour it back out of the pitcher
that’s gonna cause me to have to work a little bit harder to get my colors
work back into it so I’m not adding the fragrance yet I’m gonna add that
individually because I want to be able to color and so as I’m coloring my
batches then I’ll add in the fragrance and just get those all blended together
at the same time so what I’m gonna do now is I’m gonna scrape it’s gonna take
me a few minutes but I’m going to scrape everything off of here that I can and
I’ll come back to you have some super fun colors I’m working with they’re
going to be very bright I have some neon in there with some micas I do mix most
of my colors I make most of my fragrances this is a peach blend today I
just like the whole mix-and-match I have mixed these colors with some olive oil
I like how thin the oil is I don’t know can you see me on this one I’m doing
yellow on this end so just gonna stir them oh yes this is going to be a very
fun very punchy soap and it will calm down a bit
during the saponification process so that’s fine now the blue I have not
found a neon for the blue yet but this is um
electric blue from nurture soap and it is gorgeous this is purple vibrance with
neon purple this is Hollywood pink from nurture but this has bramble berry neon
and I noticed that nurture now has the matching color I do believe for this and
the yellow I’m just using some nurture love and sunshine mica with some of
their neon yellow so I’m going to start adding in the
fragrance and then I’ll give it a bit of a blend hopefully it’ll be nice and calm
now I did put these the fragrance in these cups I don’t typically like to do
that the fragrance oil will soak through very quickly so I just measured it out
and I’m getting them into the pitchers so soapmaking is serious business it’s
fun but it is serious it’s not for children with some of YouTube’s new
things going on it’s ideal and preferable and required that if you are
a child that you are watching this with your parent or with your parents
approval but with your parent soap making uses the lye and it is a caustic
ingredient and it can burn and it can’t hurt you if you don’t handle it properly
and use proper attire you got your gloves whew that was a messy gloves with my
pink on it you have to have gloves long sleeves I have goggles on my face I
have long pants on I have closed toe shoes and just something that you have
to be very cautious with so my videos are intended for adults because this is
an adult project so I’m going to give this a quick blend you can tell it’s
still very thin tap out those air bubbles again now if I was using my noggin I would
have probably gone into my yellow first but that’s fine so I’m gonna try to scrape this off a
bit and I will wait until these are ready to pour their they’re quite thin so I’m
just gonna let them sit for a moment it’s only been a moment here but it’s
really starting to thicken up a bit so you probably can see now this trace
situation I call that a medium trace so I need to get this in the mold so I’m just
going to go kind of haphazard try to get about half of it in now the thought
process is that is gonna swirl with the colors and they will you know as they
blend a little we might get a few get a little green and orange in there as well gorgeous that looks great about half oh
this smells is so amazing it’s just a juicy peach I have added a few other
things to give a little background notes but it’s a juicy peach now soap batter
is thick enough that it’s not going to muddy and that’s something to look for
if you’re a soap maker I find a lot of my videos people enjoy watching them as
they’re researching before they decide to make soap soapmaking it super fun and
I totally get your desire to want to make soap it really is pretty awesome
the soaps I make on this video or on my videos I sell them
at my website moriversoap.com now they do need cure times and we cure our soaps
for four to six weeks at minimum so if you see it on YouTube it may not be
available quite yet so it’s just something you need to keep good track of
my Instagram and Facebook I’m not doing Twitter so much anymore
in fact I deleted it off on my phone for the holidays and I don’t know how to
sign back on so the Twitter seems to be done for for right now I
just need to change my password it’ll be cool I’ll get it done I probably should
do that okay I’m gonna leave just a little bit for the top wow aren’t
those colors just so fabulous wow they’re doing this very haphazardly and
I know it’s going to be a bit haphazard on the inside as well but I think we’re
just gonna see what it does I think it’s fun to be super particular about swirls
and designs and such but that’s not necessarily me I kind of like to just go
with the flow and have fun with things sometimes and this is super fun my my
love it love it so much oh yeah these are amazing colors all righty
get this pink in and then it’s gonna take me a while to scrape all the soap
on to the top so I may not show all of that because I do take a while to scrape
that’s so I can get every last bit and at this point I’m not in a rush so I do
try to take a little bit more time I’m gonna smack this down that’s a part
that’s very important where we make cold process soap so I will tone the volume
down a little bit for you what this does is it brings the air bubbles to the
surface and allows them to pop this is all fairly thin so I’m not having a lick
of trouble with it so I’m going to go ahead and do the whole scraping business
and I’ll come back to you okay so here we have the peach soap and
it’s just looking so pretty and just kind of you know I chose peach but you
know didn’t go with the peach colors and I think that’s kind of fun for today and
so I’m not gonna glitter this or anything I kind of want to but I also
just love seeing all these colors on the top I’m just leaving it splattered
drizzly look and I will come back to cut this batch stay tuned okay so it’s been
a few days and I’m back to cut this peachy super wild soap doesn’t it look
great so thrilled with how it turned out I love it and I am using the multi
cutter today if you follow me on Instagram you’ll know that I have this
whoa what’s happening here we’ll just do that you’ll know that I have a multi
cutter now and my husband loves it I don’t really cut soap that much anymore
so my husband kind of made the call on this one and he said absolutely he wants
a multi cutter so we bought it from buds woodshop and we do really really like
bud and his craftsmanship so we highly recommend bud and I have a little mold
right here it’s actually I’ve got wax melt donuts going on in there but just
to kind of keep the soap on the end from falling too much so we found that has
worked really well so we offset just a little bit so that we can have that end
cut and I did split these loaves and I didn’t do a very good job it’s much more
narrow on this end so lesson learned there i’m going to let my husband do it from
now on because he’s super particular and he manages to get it done so much better
than I do a little hard here ha and isn’t that just so cool I love it I
actually have a whole loaf over here that’s been cut up that I used for
pictures because I forgot I was supposed to cut it on camera so every one is going
to be just a little bit different isn’t that cool
I just love how they all look and how they turn out differently so this side
has almost no yellow and this side had some yellow so fun
reminds me of Lisa Frank and all of that I don’t know if I mentioned that already
in the making video oh my goodness this one’s super cool look at that I love
that very cool so super pleased with it just kind of a different take on peach
you know coming in with a good peach fragrance it
we love when it’s some fun colors there really worked out super duper so let me
see how many bars I got from that I only need one bar from this I think I could I
almost almost could get two but not quite so these loaves we usually do um 10
bars with plenty of samples so I’m just gonna put it right in the middle so I
get that bar and then we can get the samples out of it and these are sent
with paying orders I love to send samples and we usually run out so I
don’t sell them that is actually really neat look – okay so here we go
I know we like the chatty chatty so we’ll just continue with cutting all the
loaves I’m still working on getting my lighting
right from the new get up my husband built for me he put up a rail system on
the ceiling ceiling and walls and so I don’t have tripods except for my camera
tripod right now and it’s so nice I love not tripping over four different tripods
to make you soap so we do still have the camera tripod but I’m gonna get an arm
for it so that I don’t have to trip on it either but I noticed that I am kind
of having to tweak the positioning of my lights to get it just so so now I
noticed that I’m gonna have to put the soap bars over here because this little
get up maybe I could mention it to bud to have some sort of an extender piece that
we could purchase that would be super nice I love samples and so this is me
still just being a newbie with this thing I haven’t cut that much with it my
husband has cut I don’t know like 20 batches or something so far but I think
this is my second that I’ve second time I’ve used it let’s see okay here we
go with the last cut oh this is a bit more effort needed
I like so cool looks like I should have cleaned off my wire I got a little bit
of drag marsk on all of them that time that’s cleaned up when we run it over
the planer and we bevel the edges and everything so that always ends up being
okay oh I didn’t want to show you every bar but that one’s really cool too so any
whosits that’s pretty much it I’ve been making just so much soap and just having a
wonderful time making soap and I haven’t filmed as much but I’ve been just truly
loving every moment of the soap making sometimes I find that if I feel like I
have to make a video that I won’t make soap at all I love to make videos but I
also love to make just soap for me to you know just listen to some music a lot
of times my husband’s up here so we’re chatting etc okay so there you have it
cut all of these soap bars and we have this super fun one now this is in the
rough and I do have some that are all cut up there’s one that’s my favorite I
love this one so I have this is was towards the edge so it swirled up a
little bit more I think as you know I just cut a small end piece there and
then here we have the other side so here we have our super super duper wild peach
soap and I’ll see you back here for the next one thanks for watching guys bye

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