Peaky Blinders || The River

Welcome to Birmingham, Mr. Changretta. Grazie. I just got served
a black hand. From Luca Changretta. Jesus. What is it?! They call them the Mafia. Dear God. They’re coming for us all! You put a bullet in that fucker’s brains… We will kill your son. …by order of
the Peaky Blinders. Where are you going? Come here! Arthur?! Look at me. This is the end. Do you recognise the boy
in the photograph? The war is done!
Shut the door on it! I’m not fucking you!
All right?! I’m not fucking you! Tommy Shelby no wager today. But with this penny, I will buy a flower
to put on your grave. I can charm dogs. Gypsy witchcraft. You can sign them
on your knees. Thomas Shelby. My hand has blood. Oh, mine too. Do you think your repentance will mean you are
forgiven of your sins? In The Bleak Midwinter. Forgiveness is out of my hands. Arthur Shelby, Polly Gray, Michael Gray, John Shelby… Spent. Move! What did he fucking say? He said,
“Fuck you”. Yeah? Where’s John,
do you think, Tom? I thought you thought
there was a heaven. They’re just gone. Tommy Shelby.

100 thoughts on “Peaky Blinders || The River

  1. жалко его !!!!))))но он разрулил эти дела!

  2. you know, i'm watching it in streaming, it's strange to see it in HD

  3. Esta es una serie de gran nivel impresionante esperamos que la nueva temporada no tarde en llegar..

  4. Thomas fooking Shelby…can't get him out of my mind…such an excellent character.

  5. ايش هاذي الفخامه اسطوري بس مظلوم في المشتركين

  6. Does someone know a program you can make videos like these music with scenes and etc.?

  7. this would be a great trailer but the real trailers literally just show someone's face then everyone picks apart the plot before its even released, imagine what they would do with this lol

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