People Guess Real Vs. Fake Celebrity Tweets

– Why hasn’t Jimmy Kimmel gotten p****? Is he gay? – No, no. He hasn’t had excess good p****. (upbeat piano music) – Today we are guessing
which celeb tweets are real and which ones are fake. – I’m not on Twitter really,
so I think I’m gonna be bad. – I don’t tweet much. – I am pretty confident. I took a social media
class and they forced us… – That’s a class? – Yeah, it was social media journalism. – I actually don’t follow that
many celebrities on Twitter, so I am very nervous that I’m
gonna get most of these wrong. – Honestly, Despacito
blew up because of me. Justin Bieber. I don’t know if this is real or not, but I could totally picture
Justin Bieber saying that. – Yeah, but I also know
that Despacito music video had like two billion
views before Justin Bieber got onto the song. – Which would just only confirm that it’s a stupid thing to say. – Yup, he said it. – You think that’s for sure a tweet? – I honestly almost
remember him saying that. – I’m gonna say that’s fake.
– Yeah, me too. – Just because I desperately
need it to be fake. – I feel like…
(loud beep) Yeah, okay, I would’ve heard
from the lack of mutiny. – He may not have tweeted
it, but he said it. He said it. I would like to extend
my best wishes to all, even the haters and losers, on this special date, September 11th. Donald Trump. – That cannot be real. – Which is why I say it’s real. – Ugh! – This one is absolutely a real tweet. Let’s all take a minute
to really let that set in. – I’m gonna say this is false. – [Woman] It’s real.
(loud ding) – Holy shit! He said nothing… Wow. Here’s my new strategy. I’m just gonna go against my gut. If I think it’s true,
it is absolutely false. – What’s going on with my career? Cher. – What’s going on?
(woman laughs) – And there’s no space? – No, she didn’t say that. – This is a real Cher tweet. I do feel pretty quickly this is real. – There’s no space in
between the my and career. – Mycareer. This word, mycareer. – Career.
– Mycareer. – Curry.
– Mycareer. – So, I’m gonna go with real. – [Woman] It’s real. – (screams) yeah, bitch! See, yes, go against your gut. – Oh you can read this one. – [Man with glasses] Suck my
d*** you punk, get a TV deal and then talk to me, amateur. Charlie Sheen. – This does seem like
something he would say. I know that he had the whole
big public meltdown, right? – I could see this being
a tweet if it had an at. I’m going fake. – I’m going true. Are you going fake only
because I’m going true? – Mhmm. – I think it’s real
(loud beep) – [Woman] It’s fake. – [Woman] Does anyone think
global warming is a good thing? I love Lady Gaga. I think she’s
a really interesting artist. Britney Spears. – Britney fucking Spears on the internet is my favorite thing. – Did you combine two tweets by accident. – I hope she didn’t say this. – I’m sure this is real. – I’m sure too. That’s the problem. – Have you seen her twirling videos? – No. – She does like runway videos
just like outfits of the day, but has someone film her
and then she like walks with the camera and twirls. – I’m gonna go with real. – This tweet is real. (loud ding)
– [Woman] It is real. – [Man] Mmm. – [Man with glasses] Jimmy
Kimmel, put yourself in my shoes. Oh no, that means you would have gotten too much good p**** in your life. Kanye West. – This seems so obviously
real that I’m actually worried it’s a decoy, but I’m
gonna say this is real that Kanye did say this. – [Woman] It’s real.
(loud ding) – (screams) Of course it is. Why? I hate that guy. – [Woman] Do ants have dicks? Kourtney Kardashian. – I mean, a question is old as time. – It’s kind of a great question. – I don’t know. The Kardashians are tough for me. – I want to say this is false, so I’m gonna say true. – I feel like this is
something Khloe would tweet. – Yeah. – I’m gonna guess that it’s not real. – [Woman] It’s real.
(loud ding) – I’m glad Kourtney
Kardashian, of all people, put up that question into the universe ’cause I never would’ve thought of it. – [Man] Ugh, never going
to a Ryan Gosling movie in a theater again. Apparently, masturbating in the back row is still considered inappropriate. Anna Kendrick. – Yeah, so I actually do follow
Anna Kendrick on Twitter. And she’s hilarious.
– Okay. – The only thing is this
feels like it’s almost going a little too far.
– Yeah. – I think that’s real. She’s funny, she’s charming. – I’m gonna go with real too because I want to say it’s fake. – I think I’ve seen this tweet before. – Yeah, me too. – Bless her heart.
(loud ding) She’s just like
– It’s great. – One of us. And she doesn’t care to hide it. – Yeah, and she’s letting us
know that we can’t do that. I can stop that habit now. – Okay boys, what’s your ball size? Nicki Minaj. I feel like Nicki would say this. I don’t think she just outright say this. – I like her. – I’m gonna say this is false. – I’m saying it’s true. – I don’t know. I don’t know about this one. I’m gonna say, just for fun,
I’m gonna say yes, it’s real. – I say it’s fake though. – Yeah. – [Woman] It’s real.
(loud ding) – What!
– What! Oh okay. – We got most of them right. – Yeah, we did. – I would say that makes
us Twitter experts. – My social media class did nothing. – I feel pretty good about
this Buzzfeed competition. I think it has really enhanced my career. (both laugh) (upbeat piano music)

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  1. Ohhh a new video to comment on…I'm trying to comment on as many videos on buzzfeed till drag race comes on

  2. You know these days you can replace any celebs tweet with the name Logan Paul, and it'll look like it belongs

  3. Watching Buzzfeed is literally the best way to actively avoid studying for a [chem] midterm.

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  6. The woman was so confident about Justin bieber bragging about despacito. He never did. He was very supportive of luis fonsi. Sorry woman but your social media class failed.

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    She was answering 2 questions on a Q&A and they were her answers. Pretty funny tho

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    ……ok, I'll get out now…

  14. Aah i love Twitter, it makes you think a lot about the type of person you're following

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