Pesca aos Luciopercas no rio Douro (4K ULTRA HD)

this is better Welcome to another fishing video please like and subscribe, that helps the channel I am fishing with José Rio again the last video with the big Zander was in Inha but this week lot´s of people fish there so we go down trying to find new spots when I say lot´s of people go there is not in the derogatory sense if I don´t like to share I would not make fishing videos or I will share lot´s of time later but will be hard to fish there now so we will try to fish another place, let´s go at the moment I am fishing with SG real tail and this small blade near the herbs I am trying to catch a Bass or a Barbel José Rio is there trying to fish for Zander can you see those rocks? those rocks will be great for Barbel season I bet they will eat near those rocks besides is hard this time of the year I am already preparing for Barbel season I will fish a lot more in the sea, there is no doubt about that or at least to Bass, I can fish for Bass in Douro or in other rivers but I want to continue fishing my favorite species the Barbel the first cast, José Rio is joking with me because I start to fish for Zanders but if I am not catching anything… at least I got a fish is small but… got him in the first cast first cast one fish here he is so fast let´s continue with Zanders when the weather starts to heat up I will try another species this place looks so cool to fish some Barbel but the waters are so cold but I want to try did you saw the fish in your fish finder? he is here there are some bait fish at the middle of the water and in the bottom a Zander and there is a Barbel joking with us here he is so small, need to go slow or he dies hookset is perfect top of the mouth and another small one we saw him on the fish finder let´s see if we catch one more did you catch a rock? and is it a big rock? don’t pull the cork or we walk to the car so we got another fish I continue to see fish on the fish finder today the fish finder is helping a lot is helping us with the fish I got here a big ball of baitfish, let me show you this here you are seeing all of this is baitfish and usually if you see baitfish you can fish Zanders in the area too this is bigger this is bigger this is bigger we got another need to measure this one for the competition he swallows all today the lure of the day is the Cannibal Shad let´s measure let´s release him this is beautiful look this on the bottom, this is fish what am I doing? José Rio is fishing with a V-Tail V-tail are those lures with the tail in V shape but I don´t agree with that I am using a shad with a bit tail, very pronounced the Fat T-tail because the water is very dark and I am fishing with a natural color, the white I want an extra kick if the fish don´t see my lure because the water is dark I want at least a big vibration so the fish see my lure so far maybe that is the reason he doesn´t fish any fish and I got three or maybe is luck, who knows got a hit now small one got a fish on the bottom is a Zander he is not here now here he is escaped very bad, very bad so guys, so complicated today I try those herbs there trying to catch a Barbel but if I don´t catch there I can´t catch in any other place the water temperature is 10.9 is great compared to the other side is warmer here but I can´t find any fish I think José Rio don´t get any fish I try to explore there, looks so good now I will try here between 8 and 10 meters trying to get a Zander I think I can´t get any Barbel today, I need to be happy with Zanders I lost my white lure, I got some more but I want to try with my 4D Herring green silver was the color that catches all the fish last week including the big one so I know is a very valid color let´s see if we catch more one fish on I feel the first hit and another one he was not hooked in the first hit let me show you why I love so much this jigheads look, in the top is not a big fish but is another one always on the top of the mouth I want to release you there he goes this stay like this on the bottom and looks like a small fish eating on the bottom and all the hooksets are on the top of the mouth I lose less fish so my fishing morning is over, José Rio don´t catch any fish our goal today was cuttlefish in Spain but my car made a strange sound so I will see this week what is the problem of the car and maybe we will start next week the Trout season is near too, this year I will make some Trout videos but on kayak so I try to preserve the spot please don´t ask me the river because in Trouts I will not say if you say in the comments the name of the river I can´t approve the comment because there are not many trouts because of the pollution and the Men so we need to preserve hope you like and see you in the next video

23 thoughts on “Pesca aos Luciopercas no rio Douro (4K ULTRA HD)

  1. Don´t understand Portuguese? Don´t worry, all my videos got English subtitles (bottom right corner of your youtube window)

  2. As imagens da estrada no início do vídeo estão espetaculares ! Parabéns pelo vídeo

  3. Seus vídeos são top amigo belos peixes e os lugares incrível abraços 🎣👏

  4. O meu amigo portuga como sempre uma bela pescaria e um ótimo vídeo,esse lugar parece de filmes muito lindo um salve aí e um forte abraço parceiro q Deus abençoe vc hoje e sempre

  5. Este nosso rio Douro é demais mesmo ou é do pescador 😉
    Bom video mas nao era de esperar outra coisa. 👍👍Abraço

  6. Top demais, que lugar lindo João.
    Muitos peixes. Belos peixes.
    Um grande abraço.

  7. 👍👍👍👍👍os peixes já descobriram q vc é vegetariano ,kkk então eles seguem vc , kkk abraço!

  8. Nice day for fishing John! You are very good at reading the depth finder and catching Zanders. A couple of them were really nice. Sorry your friend had no luck. We had one day for fishing but the next two weeks are bad weather. It is ok because spring will come this month. Best wishes to you and your family. Don

  9. Infelizmente preservar é uma palavra que muita gente não entende… obrigado pela partilha de mais um vídeo e dessas maravilhosas paisagens. Grande Abraço

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