Pete Wentz, Rivers Cuomo & Billie Joe Armstrong: How They Met & The Evolution of Music | Billboard

– What’s up, I’m Pete from Fall Out Boy. – Rivers from Weezer. – Billie Joe from Green Day. – And we’re about to
go Fishing For Answers. (relaxed music) Billie and Rivers, describe
the first time you met Pete. – I met you at the MTV Music Awards? In 2004. – Maybe. Maybe, yeah, maybe.
– Yes. – That was it. Describe. That’s a good yeah, we said hello. It was cordial. – I think I met you in 2014 at a show in Florida or something. Does that sound right? – Yeah, that’s right. – And we showed up, and
we in Weezer realized we were opening for you in Fall Out Boy and we were like, “Wow, all right.” (laughs) So, it’s like okay, we
needed a new manager. Tell us about your manager, okay? (laughs) – Yeah, that’s right. – Here we are. – What’s changed the most
from recording new music today verses when you first started out? – I’d say the speed. It goes a lot faster now. You don’t watch the wheels go running around, and round, and round, anymore, so. I mean, you can do that, but yeah. The speed, that’s the
one thing I’ve noticed. – Yeah and like the pretty
much infinite tracks so like you can just keep trying
a zillion different ideas. Sometimes it’s hard to pick. Back in the day it was
like you got 24 tracks. That means by the time
you get all the drums and bass, basic guitars done, there’s only a few tracks left. You kinda have to figure out exactly what you want to do before you record it on the last few remaining tracks. – Describe the first time you met Rivers. Pete, Billie, and Pete. So go, well, go ahead. – I met Rivers in a trailer in 2014 and I was like, “Well,
fuck, I can’t believe “Weezer’s opening up for us.” (they laugh) No, I’m just kidding. (laughs) No it wasn’t, actually, I met you on the set of this
commercial, TV commercial that we shot.
– Oh, how could I forget? – Yeah, for Band Hero. – In our underwear. – In our underwear. – With Taylor Swift. – With Taylor Swift. (laughs) – That’s interesting. – It’s definitely, you can
definitely see it online. (laughs) But you were knitting a blanket. That’s what my takeaway from that was. – I remember that, knitting. – You were knitting, yeah, yeah. – I was into knitting. – Yeah! – Good time. – I met Rivers in 1994 at
a show that we were playing in Seattle, at a radio show. It was us, and Hole,
and Weezer, and Rancid and we were, I think we
met back at a bar called Linda’s or something. We were hanging out and I was I was telling you that I admire your band. Yeah. – If you weren’t a musician,
what would you be doing? – I don’t know. My father was a trucker. My brother is a plumber. And my other brother’s a janitor. So, probably like an
accountant or something. (laughs) – I think I’d be an English professor. – A barista probably,
or something, honestly. – Sweet.
– Yeah. What was your backup band name? – I was in another band
with Pat, Weezer’s drummer. We were called 60 Wrong Sausages. – Any dream collaborations left? I’m done.
– This is it, baby. This is the one! (laughs) You’re seeing it right now. Living the dream. (relaxed music)

100 thoughts on “Pete Wentz, Rivers Cuomo & Billie Joe Armstrong: How They Met & The Evolution of Music | Billboard

  1. Rivers seems like nothing effects him. He probably be the exact same guy like he said teaching. Very humble dude. Billy I think has his ups and downs ever few years with drugs and drinking/suprisingly angsty still, can turn out a shit record and then every few years put out a really good one. Pete, well he plays bass and got pushed a the poster boy of fallout…it was confusing the singer was staged to the back in photos, while he was center…times they change

  2. Is Rivers just too shy to look at Billie? He does super briefly, but he looks at Pete more when he talks XD lol I think he's just like "Holy shit it's Billie FUCKING Joe!" XDDD ??????????

  3. We dont need anymore opinions on America, from the alcoholic, little Irish git BillyBoy; whatta bucket of pigVomit. Go pick up Boner and his band, and go back to Ireland, and tell your fellow countrymen what a globalist shill you guys are. Irish IDIOT, not American.

  4. There should be no.4 , "hey i'm Gerard Way from My Chemical Romance" …. oh well how i wishh…

  5. Fall out boy was featured on "super sweet 16" in 2004 so they went to the award shows.

  6. I love how done Billie is at the end. He’s just like “fuck these shitty questions, I’m out” lol

  7. one of my friends said pete looks like mac from always sunny and i havent been able to unsee it since

  8. i swear billie was about to break the fish-bowl-thing at the end

  9. Grungy bands I grew up now look like what they seemed to not want to be back in the day. They look like uptight business men. I met The Wild strawberries, and some other bands I can't remember now when I did security for some backwoods shows. I also saw The Red Hot Chilli Peppers up close at a Molson Canadian house party, I got drunk and Flee told me to shut up. Hahaha I want even a big fan of them and I almost won the cottage, but I didn't pick the right key. ? The 90s into 2000s what a blast. I was a skater Betty then and was one of only two girls on our school snowboard team.

  10. I've never watched a weezer interview but rivers is adorable
    He reminds me of Patrick from fob, because of how quiet he is

  11. Rivers looks like those that gave up his career in the science lab, and become a Rockstar ?

  12. 1993-1995 What a great years for music 1.Foo Fighter 2.Weezer. 3.Radiohead 4.GreenDay 5.Blur 6.Oasis 7.Mazzy Star 8.Cranberries 9.Electronic(Johnny-Marr) 10.NewOrder(Regret)

  13. Why is Pete the one doing interviews for the tour when he isn't the frontman? Seems like an attention hog to me

  14. i was shocked Billy actually sat in the same interview as Pete Wentz. He cant touch the greatness of the other two.

  15. Never understood how the fucking bass player of fallout boy gets more clout than their singer. Matter of fact idek what their singer looks like

  16. Rivers looks so excited but tense, tense such as being stuck in the middle car seat.

  17. 1:26 24 fucking tracks for one song? That's pathetic. They call these guys rock stars? That is a ridiculous number of overdubs.

  18. Could care less about Pete Wentz but the rest are gold. The other two on are a completely different level.

  19. Billie should giving thanks to Cuomo for writing Say It Aint So iconic reff beat so 21 Guns can be born XD

  20. Bruhhhhhhhh do you know how much I would pay to go to a bar that Pete owns and works at

  21. This made me feel insanely old and really depressed because I’ve never been to any of these legends concerts☹️going to go cry now.

  22. its really interesting that billies family have really low-key jobs.
    no wonder all his music has always been so real.

  23. An English professor? Lol bro there are no tenure track jobs for humanities professors anymore. ?


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