Peterbilt Truck Featuring Wicked Stick LED Light Bar

How are you doing? Thanks for watching. This is George at Wicked Warnings, here with a little demonstration of our 6-head LED
Stick in this Peterbilt. This is actually a gigantic pressure washing truck. We
mounted our stick behind the grille there and as you can see, we’ve got that
flickery pattern going back and forth between amber and white. This stick does have the steady white flood but we’re not using that feature in this build. We
also have our Thin-X LED LIN series in amber-clear on the sides. We’ve got it
mounted right there behind the headlight, in an alternating amber-white. This is a
great big monstrous truck, so if you’ve got trucks that are big and tall like
this and you’re a commercial place like that, come on down and get warning like
this. Everybody needs good warning like this. Again, this is our 6-head LED
Stick in an amber-white configuration. This is the Wicked Warnings model, so
make sure you specify or look for the link to this specific stick. We have
several different sticks we use, some by other manufacturers. This is the Wicked
Warnings model right here in the 6-head configuration. Thanks again for
watching Wicked Warnings, your number one source for truck strobe lights and
construction safety lighting and equipment.

2 thoughts on “Peterbilt Truck Featuring Wicked Stick LED Light Bar

  1. Looking good on that Pete. But who wouldn’t want the option to use the flood function?

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