Petróleo venezolano y emigración cubana: nuevo tsunami desinformativo

Venezuelan oil and cuban emigration: a new uninformative tsunami It is a news that is repeated over and over again, every season, for over ten years: the advance of economic and social shock in Cuba caused by the fall in the oil supply from Venezuela. In July, President Raul Castro had recognized that such supply has already begun to be affected. Quickly the media built the most catastrophic hypotesis with a sure scene: the return to the island of the 90s´ blackouts, after the end of soviet oil. The Spanish newspaper “El Mundo” by its correspondent in Caracas Daniel Lozano, was anticipating a “new’ economic tsunami” on the Island. He supported their predictions on three assumptions from “expert analysts”. Testing the “plurality of views” that characterizes the international press, the three analysts were contrary to the Cuban government. The historian Armando Chaguaceda, presented by “El Mundo” as “one of the most clairvoyant outside cuban voices” has anticipated for the island “an Haitian scenario” in a country that “can explode”; resorting to the classic political use of migration phenomenon: “young people have to go (from Cuba) cause of the absence of profound economic changes, non-existent legal guarantees and the absence of political changes”. So why would a country like El Salvador, which for decades applied those “profound economic changes” that –supposedly- would back away the Cuban emigration, now has -in relation to its census- more than twice the population in US than Cuba? How is what Jamaica, without laws that favor their migrants, has 25% of its population in the US, compared with 9% of Cuba? How is that Jamaica, without laws that favor their migrants, has 25% of its population in the US, compared with 9% of Cuba? It´s true that in the last year has increased the number of cuban emigration to the US. But the reason is not a consequence of worsening living conditions in that period. The direct cause is the hypothesis –converted in an interestedly rumor- that affirms that with the current Cuba-US dialogue, the White House could end soon with the so-called Cuban Adjustment Act, ie, with the privilege -unique in the world- to obtain residency in the US only for being cuban. This emigration -a phenomenon common to all countries in the region and with non extraordinary ciphers in Cuba- is converted by the newspaper “El Mundo” in a proof that “all people go” from the island, and as a cause of that this country has almost a “20% of elderly”. Interestingly, this aging -presented as a catastrophe- is not a demographic trend of the poorest countries but it´s one of the called First World. Spain, for example, has 22.7% of people over 60 years. But none of this will tell us journalist Daniel Lozano, one of many snipers hired against Cuba and Venezuela. Neither his “clairvoyant” analyst Armando Chaguaceda who from advocate -when he used to live in Cuba- for “community participation” and a “more democratic socialism”, today defends from the press of Mexico, the US policy to Cuba pressure and the conditioning of any dialogue with Havana to political changes. By the way, we can make a question to Professor Chaguaceda, now resident in Mexico: if “young people have to go from Cuba cause of lack of economic (and political) changes deep” as he insure, why young people leave from Mexico, country that has twelve million immigrants in the US? Will exist an Mexican Adjustment Act there? Translated & subtituled by Laura V. Mor.

2 thoughts on “Petróleo venezolano y emigración cubana: nuevo tsunami desinformativo

  1. Un español alabando a los Castro no es nada nuevo al final son parientes,pero yo como cubano le puedo decir que los cubanos se van de Cuba porque no hay…. libertad de expresión,asociación,la ley de inversión extranjera es para los extranjeros,la constitución hecha por el dinosario F.Castro es para perpetuar en el poder a su familia y al clan partidista militar,por eso y un millón de cosas emigran los cubanos para donde sea y como sea.

  2. Los cubanos no emigran de Cuba, la prueba es que la isla esta llena de cubanos y eso que nada mas pisar USA o Europa occidental los mantienen sin trabajar.

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