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OK, this review is for the Petzl Tikka RXP.
The RXP designates that it is the rechargeable battery. We’re gonna do a quick unboxing,
and I’m gonna tell you about it. I’m gonna answer questions, so, these are just questions
that are designed to get to the bottom of: What is this all about? Do you need it? Will
you use it? Should you use it? Should you buy it? All of those things. A quick unboxing.
I’m probably… I anticipate… I’m gonna use this probably, for a long time. And, I’m
gonna use it the way I like to use it. I like to be rough with my stuff. I don’t want to
think about my stuff. Great, here’s a little lamp operation guide. In about 15 languages,
75 languages! If you can speak a language, it’s on here. So, that’s kind of cool. Petzl came from a
guy in France. That’s where it started. Then they started to make them in Malaysia. Then,
now, they are making them in Bulgaria. If you believe the package. It showed me that
down here somewhere. Made in Bulgaria! I couldn’t even point to that on a map, as
an American. Charge the battery completely before the first
use. Yes. Anyway, here’s a pretty good guide, I will
have this on my webpage. This review will be at
Because maybe I’m gonna review a couple of these, so it will be at petzl1, no spaces
between letters, all lowercase. I’m gonna pretty much just go by what I know,
what I’ve read. I’ve just researched this thing. Let’s see if it turns on at all. Let’s
see where the button is. Ha. One, two. Nope. Guess we’re not gonna be reviewing yet, are
we? Gotta charge this battery up. I’m gonna go
through everything, then I’ll get to the beam at the end. Because… That’s really screwed
up if they don’t charge the… they don’t charge the battery before it gets here? Or,
maybe it was charged like 6 years ago. Cause these are a little bit older. These are not
like, this wasn’t made yesterday. Let me see, hold down the… One, two. BAM! Nope. One,
two… No, it’s really dead. The battery is completely dead. Alright, so here’s the first
thing. The strap is all setup for you. Unlike the Fenix HP25 where I had to do it myself.
This is good that it’s setup for you because this is an intricate design here and I’m not
so sure I could really do that. I’m gonna try it on my head and see how comfortable
it is. Oh, it’s tight. It’s tight like squeezing my brain. It’s really tight. I’m not gonna
adjust it, but, even though it’s tight, it’s comfortable. Which is really cool. This band
is so much more comfortable than the Fenix I just reviewed. Already I know it’s more
comfortable. This band is about useless in the back for big heads. I’ll tell you that
right now. Cause it’s right here like this and there is no like, I don’t know, these
are curved and they’re supposed to conform to your head and everything and it doesn’t
feel bad but, you know, this I though this was supposed to stretch to the top of your
head. If you have a really small head, like a coconut, this will be like a swimming strap,
you know. Otherwise, it’s not gonna help you at all. That’s one thing to note. So, hopefully,
this doesn’t slip down. This is a little bit heavier than I thought it was. It’s only 115
grams. But it’s all in the front here and it’s a little bit heavier than I thought.
I hope this stays on my head. I have a huge head. So, luckily, at about this setting it’s
OK. To fit my big noggin in there. Anyway, so the band is cool. It’s actually got terry
cloth here, which is nice. This is not elastic at all right here. But then, this is. You
know, so just a different style than the Fenix. Maybe a better style. Definitely a more comfortable
style already. And the weight is almost a third of what the Fenix weighs, so, you know,
that’s good. Here is the adjustment for how many levels it goes. I’m going to get there,
aren’t I? Yeah, I’m gonna get there. So, I’ll go with what I know. What I see. Here is the
USB. There is only a USB to charge it. Which I think is a cop-out. I think that’s pretty
lame.That sucks, right? There’s only this. No plug? So, should I chance it. And stick
my iPhone little plugin and stick this into that? The USB into that? I don’t know. I’m
gonna research online to make sure because I sure don’t want to blow this out you know,
for first charge. So this is kind of ridiculous and lame and it’s a cop-out. I don’t need
this Rambo thing anymore. That’s really a cop-out, if you ask me. I don’t like that.
Yeah, you can charge it by USB here at the top, and that’s cool and everything but, should
that be the only option of what you can do? Probably not, you know. Here we go with the
questions. What is the price? Right now, at you can get this
for $90. Includes the rechargeable battery inside. $90 is fairly decent, it’s about mid-range,
right now. There are Petzls for $184 on Amazon right now. With a lot more beams and more
functions, and probably longer battery life, and probably better, a higher range, of lumens.
Where is this made? Bulgaria – like I said!
What is the guarantee? For the lights, the guarantee for the light
unit is three years. That’s pretty good, that’s a year longer than
the Fenix. What is the guarantee for the battery?
One year. What are the color options?
Here I have Coral. In other words, orange. And, I like this. The other option is black.
So, take your pick. This is uh, I don’t know. It’s nice.
What is the water resistance rating? It is, IPX-4. What does that mean? It’s splash
proof. That means, if it’s raining hard, you’re probably OK.
It’s splash proof. They splashed it from all over the place. AHH! I just found something.
It’s splash proof. Which means, they splashed it with a lot of water, and about 50-150 kPa
pressure and, it did not leak. It’s not supposed to leak at that range. So, splashing it very
hard with water? It doesn’t leak. You cannot submerse it at all. It’s not rated
for submersion. At all. Don’t drop it in a lake, in a puddle. It will probably last,
but I wouldn’t test it like that. What is the weight?
The weight is 115 grams, that’s approximately one-third the weight of the Fenix HP25. Which
you can see here in the review that I did already.
What is the max lumen rating? The max is 215. But, that’s with Reactive
Lighting Technology. Which adjusts it itself, so it has the beam, the spot beam, and the
flood at the same time and will give you a total of 215 lumens however… you only get
180 if you have it set on manual and you want it as bright as it will get. And that’s only
with the spotlight. So, this is all new to me. This is not what I understood when I bought
it. Because I wanted 215 on the flood on manual. So, I don’t think I can get that at all. Maybe
I can customize that, and set that up in the Petzl, there’s actually a program you can
setup on your computer to adjust this to custom settings. So that’s kind of cool, right? You’d
have to be connected with USB, connect it to the program. Setup the program. Hopefully
I can crank out 215 lumens straight to it, all the time on flood. Because I want it to
be flood because I’m looking for snakes mostly. Spotlight is not going to help that much.
We’re gonna test it out, I’ll show you the beam later. What is reactive lighting technology?
It just means that when you’re looking over here, you’re looking like down the path 100
meters, it’s gonna give you a max light for flood and spot light so that it shines at
the maximum. When you bend down and look like this at a snake or whatever you’re holding,
or you’re tying your shoe, if you’re running – it’s gonna adjust the beam so that it just
gives you the right amount of light. This saves battery. And also saves your eyes, right
from the night vision that you’re gonna lose if this is very bright when you’re shining
close by. So, it’s really supposed to be very smart. The reviews on Amazon made this thing
look like magic, you know? And also I’m really excited about trying it. And again, we’ll
see the beams in a few minutes. Which technology is used in the battery?
It’s a lithium ion battery. It is 1800mAh. One thing you can do as a bonus is that you
can replace the rechargeable battery. You can replace it with a little unit that allows
you to use three AAA batteries instead. That’s only about $17 on Amazon, I just saw it for.
So, that’s gonna be my first purchase. Because I really have 20 rechargeable Eneloop Pros
that I can stick in there then and get a lot more battery life.
What material is the light and the battery compartment made with? Everything is hard
plastic. It’s different colored plastic. Has some texture to it in some places. But, it’s
all just hard plastic. White is probably not the best color for this, I wish they would
have made black and orange. Black and coral. Whatever.
Are the straps comfortable? Seems like really comfortable.Wish it was
thicker maybe. When I tried it on just a minute ago, it felt very good.
How long does the battery take to recharge? Supposedly it only takes 4-5 hours, and that’s
with the rechargeable Lithium Ion. The batteries I have, the Eneloop Pros, with my charger,
I can do in like two hours. So, you know, up to you. I’m gonna switch to the AAA for
the most part because I use them a lot. I need to be able to quickly replace them in
the field, in the middle of the rainforest really you know. I need to replace them quick
and have bright light again. How many light combinations are there? Well, I just found
something over here that looks like it’s gonna allow me to pull something out. Yeah, I’m
gonna… AHHHHH. Maybe the battery is charged. It says, pull
and charge battery. Well, I’m not gonna charge it because I wanna pop it on here real quick
if I can. Ouch. Ouch. Now watch, two seconds and it should turn on. One, two. Nope. Wait,
I’m hitting the wrong button. One, two. AHHH! We got light. And since it’s close here, maybe
it’s just giving me a little light. And then if I do it far away, just a little light.
So, not really working yet. It’s flashing weirdly whenever I hit the beam so what that
means is, it’s actually dead battery. I need to charge it.
So, I’m gonna do that. How long will the Tikka last?
With a full battery charge? On manual?
Supposedly it’s gonna last just over two hours. Is that true, I’m not sure. I’m gonna test
it later. How long will this unit last at the minimum
power setting and with the Reactive Lighting Technology? The lighting. How long will it
last on auto mode? At the lowest setting. Should be about ten
hours, they said. That’s pretty good. I don’t know how much light it’s going to put out
for ten hours. It’s only gonna be like 80 lumens.
How long will it last with Reactive Lighting Technology set on auto at the highest setting?
It should last about two and a half hours, they say, minimum. That’s OK I think. If you
figure, like when you use three AAA batteries and it lasts for two and a half hours that
would be good, you know for a headlamp? So, if it does last that long, that’s pretty good.
Is there a reserve mode? So, after the regular power is gone, there’s
a reserve mode that lasts for one hour at twenty-five lumens. That’s like lighting your
lighter and walking around through the forest. So, that’s not much light but it’s gonna last
for an hour, maybe you can see the trail in front of you, and that’s about it. So, you
don’t have much in the way of emergency lighting, but it’s something.
How many tilt levels does the light have? So, it’s on your head like this, It’s already
facing down.If you hold this horizontal to your head, as it would be. Assuming your head
is fairly horizontal. It’s sloping down at about a 10 degree angle. Then it’s got 1,2,3,4,5
settings. Five adjustments, five clicks. And it’s pointing, if that was your head, it’s
pointing nearly to the ground, probably at an 80 degree angle with your forehead. Maybe
almost 90. Maybe 80-85 degrees I would guess. So that’s pretty good. You could see right
to your feet. Does the Petzl Tikka get hot during use at
the lights? At the beams? Yes it does, it’s extremely bright, and the
beams heat up just like every other LED and every other tungsten light you’ve ever seen.
Don’t touch it up front whenever it gets hot. It’s probably not gonna be hot on your forehead
if you have this angled to any degree at all. Because you’ll have some space here. And you
have a real thick band with the terry cloth here. I think you’re not even gonna feel it.
So, is the Petzl Tikka good for running? So many reviewers have said yes. I’m gonna
do a review in the beam section in a minute. To me, I think it’s going to be good for running.
It’s a little heavy in the forefront there. For the forehead. I think I’m gonna feel that
a little bit. Let me see. See, it already slipped. It’s slipping right there. And, it’s
pretty tight. How tight do I have to make it so it doesn’t slip? Still slipping. I’m
cranking it tight. I’m gonna have a headache if it has to be this tight. Still slipping
a little bit. The problem is, you have no top strap. I wonder if people are complaining
about that. The runners I saw said they loved it. Yeah, if you’re not jerking too much it
doesn’t move, but you know what? I don’t know that I’m gonna like it for running. I’m gonna
test it in the beam section anyway. Is the Petzl Tikka good for hiking?
Yeah, absolutely. You don’t need to have it tight on your head to hike. You can walk slowly.
As long as you’re not banging it up and down, it’s not gonna slip. I have a sneaky suspicion
that as this gets wet with sweat, as it will in Thailand where we are. It’s gonna stick
to your head better. Right now it’s super slippery and brand new. So maybe that has
something to do with it slipping like that? I don’t want it that tight on my head that
I just showed you.My head, I’ll have a headache within minutes. So, hopefully that’s resolved.
This is not grippy at all. Maybe it could be grippy, like rubbery on the front, to stick
to your head? Is this torch good for wildlife?
I’m gonna show you that in the beam section, that’s coming up. Hope you liked the quick
review. The thorough review. And I hope you liked the question answer session because
I think that just gets right at it, right? If there’s any other question that you wanted
to know, ask me and I will in the future reviews I’ll do it. I’m not gonna go back and do this
one again. But in future reviews I’ll be able to address your questions.
Stay tuned for the Beam Section where I charge the freaking light, and show the beam up on
the wall, outside I have a huge palm tree. I have some other trees. I’m also going to
take it on the street running. And jogging… like banging my head up and down to see, does
it still slip? I’m even gonna make it wet a little bit to see, does it stick on my head?
I’m gonna show you the different beam characteristics, and also the Reactive Lighting Technology.
And see, is it a gimmick? Or, does it actually work? Does it predict where I’m looking? I’m
gonna look at it during running, but I’m gonna look at it as I would do while looking for
snakes and reptiles at night like I always do in the rainforest here.
I want to see, does it actually guess what I want? Guess what kind of beam that I want?
I doubt it. I think it’s gonna be a gimmick. for me, but I’ve got to try it and see. Alright,
hope that helped. I hope that helps you buy one. I have a lot of other reviews coming
up. I have the Black Diamond ReVolt coming up. The Fenix HP25 is already here, I’ll put
a link right here. That one is done. Cheers!

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  2. after a while of having it and getting some time to realy look at it it won't connect to my blackberry priv Android wifi blue tooth it's junk don't buy it it only works on some blackberry phones like the bb edge it works fine

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