Pharaohs & Pyramids Itinerary from Viking River Cruises

– On this intriguing twelve-day itinerary, you can immerse yourself in
ancient secrets long buried in desert sands while enjoying the
welcoming culture of Egypt as you explore with Viking. Your journey begins with a
three-night stay in Cairo, the cradle of civilization, during which you can gaze upon the world’s oldest
step pyramid at Saqqara, The Great Pyramids, the stunning Sphinx and enjoy Cairo’s museum
of Egyptian antiquities. You’ll also have ample time to check out the city on your own. Luxor is next, unfolding before
you for two amazing days. Satisfy your curiosity at
the Great Temples of Luxor and Karnak and the remarkable
Valley of the Kings. Here you’ll enjoy privileged access to the tomb of Queen Nefertari, an exquisitely preserved site only a few visitors
have the chance to see. (mellow middle-eastern music) In Qena, discover the
sprawling complex of Dendera and its fascinating temple of Hathor, built by the Ptolemies and
Romans in classic Egyptian style. It’s one of Egypt’s best preserved and less frequented temples. (mellow middle-eastern music) Esna is home to the red
sandstone temple of Khnum, the first century Hypostyle hall filled with intricately carved columns
and detailed hieroglyphics. (mellow middle-eastern music) You’ll sail on to Aswan and
the serene Philae sanctuary. This oasis was rescued
from the rising waters of the Aswan dam and is now
a UNESCO World Heritage site (mellow middle-eastern music) or set out for Abu Simbel on an optional excursion to admire the Great Temple
of Ramesses the second. (mellow middle-eastern music) A picturesque voyage along
the Nile river brings you to Edfu, where you will
visit the Temple of Horus, the Falcon God. It’s one of Egypt’s best preserved temples and an impressive remnant
of the Ptolemaic dynasty. Your exotic Viking journey concludes back in Cairo with free
time to explore more of Egypt’s intriguing culture.

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