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Hi, good morning everyone. I’m Khoai Welcome all of you guys to my Khoai Lang Thang channel Do you see my face a little swelling? It’s because I have just woke up, every time when I wake up, it is like this. I’m standing on a terrace at Can Tho city I’ll lead you to a very special floodplain in here which is called “Sơn” floodplain – one of the community-based tourism destination which I like the most in the West of Viet Nam It’s called community-based tourism since every household, every house, every people living there all contribute one tourism model to welcome the tourists There are some people providing a fruit garden tourism some people who making traditional cakes and some who serve dishes like ” banh xeo” those which are local typical specialties now, I will ride a motorbike to reach there but we have to take a ferry first Actually, it’s not exactly a ferry it’s kind of a boat to carry passengers from the river bank to the floodplain Because it’s kind of a small island which just have about 70 households That’s it! just wait for me a little while I will take you to there right now I have just arrived boat wharf to reach “Sơn” floodplain Normally, if you want to go to “Sơn” floodplain, come to the 13th alley of Lê Hồng Phong Street, Bình Thủy district when you arrive here, you’ll see a big ferry wharf over here Don’t get on the ferry yet! go round to the back of the ferry wharf This way is to the boat wharf, right? But we have to go round in there There’s a small boat wharf in there and just this boat wharf will go to “Sơn” floodplain I’ll have some sugar cane juice first Then I’ll go to “Sơn” floodplain and visit i. I’m getting on the boat to go to “Sơn” floodplain now, i’ve arrived “Sơn” floodplain’s boat wharf I’m very ready to visit my floodplain!! Ah ~ ah, ok. Thank you so much [Ferrywoman]: Have you been filming? [Khoai]: Haha~ Yes, I’m filming I’ll go to floodplain now The ferrywomen will ride back to the other side’s bank It’s cute, isn’t it? There are some boats and wherries here When you just get through the gate, you would see a guide sign Cô Sáu star apple garden go straight that direction I’ll go straight there The road there is kinda … small like those floodplain in my hometown Hold on! I saw a very cute house Wow ~~ It has a proper gate They attach the door to the trees But there is no fence around There’s a house lied among these mangrove apple trees It’s cute, isn’t it? If there are some tables there to eat, It’s kind of hometown-tradition But they locked the gate already It’s hilarious, right? They set a gate without any proper fence around We don’t need to open the gate, we are still able to get in I’ll climb by that way to get in now, I’ll explore Mrs.Sáu star apple garden Follow me! There is a dog There are “An Phước” plum trees in the front place of the garden the trees haven’t borne fruit yet I wonder whether there is anybody at home or not There’s a dog only Ah, there are guests inside Good morning, I’m going to the star apple garden [Old women]: Just go straight inside I just go straight, don’t I? [Old women]: yeah, just go straight Thank you very much [Garden owner]: You are about to visit the garden, aren’t you? [Khoai]: Yeah!
[Garden owner]: Go straight inside [Khoai]: Ok! Thank you I’m going straight inside It’s a star apple garden but why there is nobody here Freshwater here is available for all year So there are a lot of fruit gardens here. star apple, plum, guava Rambutan, longan This is longan garden But the longan season is over so there are just trees Over here is a water lily lake The old lady said to me that just going straight inside Look at the stump, these trees have lived for decades There are some trees blooming on that side I have been such a long time did I see a longan garden which is relatively hard up and old like this Because in the past, there is a time when the rambutan and others are worthier money than longan People chopped down a lot of longan trees They replaced longan trees with other different trees That’s why perennial longan gardens are not many at the moment I have seen the sign of star apple already, as you can see here These star apple trees are very big as well when we across the trees the star apple is at our eye level There’s a small house inside there I meet a man here. You are the garden owner, aren’t you? *garden’s owner nodded his head* Ah! It’s right the star apple season and it has just ripped [Garden owner]: It has ripped for a month already How old are these star apple trees? [Garden owner]: Over ten years
[Khoai]: Ahh, over ten years already! What number are you in your family?
What’s your name? [Garden owner]: I’m 6th so my parents called me “Sáu” so your wife is called Mrs Sáu, right ? There’s a Mangosteen tree Introduce to you, this is Mrs.Sáu – garden owner Good morning! [Garden owner]: Let me cut it for you to take a taste [Garden owner]: My star apple has absolutely no pesticide [Khoai]: So it sometimes has worms, right? [Garden owner]: Yes, of course, but I throw every worm-bitten star apple That’s why I sell star apple with a price perhaps higher than others Because of the depreciation of not using pesticide So I have to suffer that loss Yeah. To my view, if the star apple isn’t sprayed any pesticide, there is definitely worn-suffering But I hang the chemistry to get rid of the yellow fly It punches holes and fills the star apple with the maggot Wow~ these are well ripped As you can see if the star apple has the rim which is dark like this It would be very sweet as it’s well ripped I pack these in boxes for mainly Ha Noi guests There’s a woman who is from the … the Institue of … I don’t remember Yeah! I have just met here recently when I was getting in here Let come and try the star apple yeah, thank you very much This one is enormous I’ll weigh it for you to see its weight [Garden owner]: Those in the boxes are even bigger oh, really? This one is half of a kilogram She said that those in the boxes are bigger, let me see [Khoai]: These are packed to take away, aren’t they?
[Garden owner]: Yeah, for the women you met outside You see this? [Garden owner]: Peel the cover off to see clearly [Khoai]: It’s 35.000/kg, right?
[Garden owner]: Yeah, it’s 35.000/kg no matter its size Waohhh, my hand is already big. Show me your hand! My hand is twice bigger than her hand but when I hold the star apple. See ??? Let me weigh this! Oh, it’s about 600 gram [Khoai]: it’s big
[Garden Owner]: It’s just the common size here [Garden Owner]: Yesterday, only 3 star-apples but they are 2kg in weight 2kg with just 3? It equals nearly 700gr per one She has tables like this She put them inside the garden where’s very cool cuz of the umbrage If you hang some hammocks here too, it would be perfect Yeah, I did, I hung outside and you know what? I also lie on it I don’t refuse it, and guests lie on too [Khoai]: The tree was broken?
[Garden owner]: No, not exactly [Khoai]: The stool was damaged?
[Garden owner]: Yeah, kind of. The stool vibrates and month after month, it’s dead Ah, that’s right! [garden owner]: Now I only set some hammock poles for those old people to rest for a while Yeah, I will never hang the hammock on the tree, it so wasted if the tree dies I couldn’t agree with you more as there’s a lot of guests, it’s not like us just sometimes lie on If the guests come continually, they probably damage trees by lying on it. We don’t swing much as we know it will damage the tree but we can’t ask the guests to do so. I’m afraid of bothering guests so I didn’t ask them so That’s why that tree was dead I suggest that you make the hammock poles Over there! Ah, there’s one over there so it won’t harm to our trees My home also has a star apple tree
[garnden owner]: Really? It seems to be not too strong but it still bears fruit a lot I think it would be better to truncate its fruit or else it can’t stay healthy [Garden owner]: I think yours is “Lò Rèn” apple star, mine is “Bơ Hồng” kind “Bơ Hồng” is a new genus, isn’t it? [Garden owner]: That’s right! It’s a new genus but I have been growing it for 11 years Wow! “Lò Ren” has smaller fruits Yeah! “Lò Rèn” has a different shape It’s tall and doesn’t grow horizontally The “Bơ Hồng” grows horizontally so it’s bigger Alright! I’ll try … … her star apple out It’s so appealing as its color is like The color of an in-time ripe moment. You see the peel? It changes to the pink and grey color so it will be very sweet [Garden owner]: Try it and give me feedback. I don’t know why but there is a group of guest from Ha Noi yesterday After they had tried the star apples, they asked me to come: ” Mrs.Sáu, come here, come here” “What did you inject to your breast? Answer me honestly” ( in Vietnamese, star apple=milk breast) “How could it be so delicious?” uhm~ it’s actually delicious They bought 80kg to bring back to Ha Noi They really ask what it is in your breast? :))) ten people come and exactly ten people all ask the same question “What did you do? Why is your breast so delicious?” When the star apple is over, I close the garden and don’t welcome any guest So we only can open the garden for 1 or 2 months That means the local people here just welcome visitors with what they have Yeah, that’s right! The kind of fruit garden you come, the kind of fruit you eat Do you scare that guests would damage the trees if you allow them to pick fruits by themselves? My home also has rambutan and I let people eat Just within 2 days, my rambutan garden becomes a bare garden So I’m afraid of it. [Garden owner]: Don’t you see that my star apple garden is full of fruits [Garden owner]: Do you want to pick fruits? I’ll let you do that [Garden owner]: As they pick, I don’t need to pick anymore. No problem! [Garden owner]: But when they pick fruits, they have to hole a picker tool [Garden owner]: And the picker tool is quite heavy. So they can get tired after picking about 2 fruits [Garden owner]: So they don’t want to pick any more
[Khoai]: *laughing* If you see 2 big breasts like this One is big and one is small. Which one would you choose? Surely, you’ll choose the big one, right? Because it looks bigger and more eye-catching Normally, when the skin color of star apple looks pinkish and plump like this, it’s probably ripe It’ll be sweeter and tastier This one is very big so its skin is too thick Separating it harder than usual It serves you right!!!! Ohhh Can you see that? The fringe around is also pinkish And it’s ripened on the tree It looks so delicious And I split it in half Here As it’s ripened on the tree so it’s very tasty It’s so sweet And I can eat close to the peel without feeling acrid But honestly, I have to say a thing that It has the same taste when you eat the big or the small one Both of them have the same taste of sweet That’s not because it’s bigger so it’s tastier or anything else Just only one thing As on the outside, it looks big and plump so it looks more attractive So when you buy star apples, don’t choose those big According to my perception, if the small star apple has plump and pinkish skin, it also can be very sweet It’s unnecessarily too big You normally get latex in your mouth when you eat star apples, right? I have a good idea Take the star apple leaf Turn it upside down to the rough side And blow to make it clean Then wipe your mouth So latex will be stuck to the rough side of this leaf Ya My mouth is clean So I’ll go back inside to talk to her a little more Then I’ll go to the other garden for sightseeing There are a lot of households planting many kinds of trees around here A lot of types of folk cakes And traditional foods Please wait for me a bit Today is a very interesting day in Can Tho [Khoai]: How old are you? [Garden owner]: I’m 70 years old [Garden owner]: I just do my job till I die, as possible as I can
[Khoai]: Yes [Khoai]: Welcoming visitors everyday is also happy That’s right. It’s glad to have someone to talk with you for a while [Garden owner]: Normally, I have no reasons to come to anyone’s house [Khoai]: Yes Now Mrs.Sáu will lead me to Mrs.Bảy Muôn’s house She is one of the most popular artisan bakers in Cồn Sơn Is it a shortcut from your house through her house? [Garden owner]: You can see her house from here
[Khoai]: Yes [Garden owner]: It’s further if we make a detour to the outside
[Khoai]: Yes This kapok tree is huge Yes [Garden owner]: So I lead you here, just keep going
[Khoai]: Yes [Khoai]: I just need to keep going straight, right? [Garden owner]: So you just go through this bridge and that ramp over there
[Khoai]: Yes [Garden owner]: It’s near to the river edge
[Khoai]: Yes [Garden owner]: Then you turn left a bit
[Khoai]: So after going through the ramp, I have to turn left, right? Thank you so much [Garden owner]: when you want to go back, you can go to the street near to the river [Garden owner]: If not, you can also go back on this way to go to the pier Yes Thank you so much I’ll go through this bamboo bridge Then go straight on this way and turn left to come to Mrs. Bảy’s house She specializes in making folk cakes I do love many kinds of folk cakes To be honest, Hmm, you mustn’t miss Mrs.Bảy’s house in Cồn Sơn It’s rambutan tree Rambutan It’s out of fruits The atmosphere here is really fresh There are many gardens and rivers around here It’s a footbridge If you wanna take photos with a footbridge, it’s always available here Junks and jolly-boats are here Oh, there are 2 dogs over there One of them is waving its tail What a cute dog! *calling the dogs* These dogs are so friendly Hey, am I acquainted with you? Why are you coming to me? Awww~ *laughing* OMG! What if someone goes there and steals things? Oh, this one has to limp cuz of hurting leg So pity! Huh What if someone goes there and steals things? Why do you come to the stranger? *laughing* So cute Now I’ll go to Mrs. Bảy’s house So as to watch her baking cakes It seems like she’s baking something inside Hello Mrs. Bảy and sir Mrs. Bảy is over there – she wears a blue t-shirt And here is Mrs.Hai She is baking crispy roll cakes [Mrs. Hai]: You just talk for a short while but you don’t eat any cakes [Mrs. Hai]: Don’t know if it tastes good or not [Khoai]: Hmmm, you haven’t eaten it yet, huh? [Khoai]: Oh, it’s me. I haven’t eaten it yet [Mrs. Hai]: Ya, you haven’t eaten and just talked for a while So I’ll try it now There is an available cake here This… [Mrs. Hai]: Don’t know if it tastes good or not This crispy roll cake is very familiar with my childhood in the past Hmmm [Mrs. Hai]: I do it till now, and now my child is also following me to do that [Khoai]: Yes It’s very crispy And greasy [Mrs. Hai]: Is it tasty? [Khoai]: Ya, it’s really good *laughing* [Khoai]: Is there some sesame inside? [Mrs. Hai]: Yes It just has been done so it’s still hot and soft But after rolling for a while, it’ll be tough But it’s crispy [Mrs. Hai]: Is it in good quality? I’m asking to bake a crispy roll cake [Mrs. Hai]: Let’s stir it [Khoai]: Ok, I’ll do it myself Pour a spoon of watery powder in here from the top down to the bottom then clamp the baking mold [Mrs. Hai]: You should overturn it when it’s hot [Khoai]: I think it will be unsightly [Mrs. Hai]: If you want to make a good cake, you have to stay here for 3 days [Khoai]: So I will get the certificate, right? [Khoai]: Turn it upside down [Mrs. Hai]: Take it out to try eating [Khoai]: Ouch~ So hot! [Khoai]: Okay, let me try [Khoai]: Oh no, it’s cracked *laughing* [Khoai]: No problem. We can also eat it later [Khoai]: I’m too bad at doing this I don’t have aptitude baking cake Honestly, it’s too hot If you are not used to doing this, you can be scalded immediately Oh, it has a text “Lưu niệm” on a cake. That’s so lovely
(lưu niệm=commemoration) Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh!!! Fold it up Then roll it Yeahhh It’s cracked again 🙁 These are my ‘achievements’ Extremely unsightly! Nobody will buy this So I just have to eat by myself [Mrs. Hai]: He’s filming [Mrs. Hai]: But he just has said like that *laughing* [Mrs. Hai]: Why don’t you say it’s good? [Khoai]: It’s too unsightly. How can I say it’s nice? [Mrs. Hai]: So you have to eat them yourself It’s so greasy with the taste of coconut milk And it’s also fragrant with the smell of sesame She is kneading rice flour As you can see it has a little black Because she has already put Chinese fever vine inside When did you grind the powder? [Mrs. Hai]: I did it at night
[Khoai]: At night, really? [Mrs. Hai]: Then we mince it again Here are jackfruit leaves [Mrs. Hai]: Yes, jackfruit leaves [Khoai]: The tourists will come and make jackfruit leaf cake in a few moments later [Mrs. Hai]: Yeah [Mrs. Hai]: Remember to arrive here when you have a chance [Khoai]: Yes. [Mrs. Hai]: Arrives on Saturdays, Sundays [Khoai]: Yes. [Mrs. Hai]: Otherwise, arrive in the summer, when it has lots of fruits [Khoai]: Yes. [Mrs. Hai]: What’s your name? [Khoai]: My name’s Phuong [Mrs. Hai]: Phuong, right? [Khoai]: Yes. [Khoai]: Do you need my help? I will go wash my hand [Mrs. Hai]: Ok, let wash your hand. [Khoai]: Ok. [Khoai]: Friends gather around and do it together [Man]: If we grilled on jackfruit leaf, it would emit a smell from this leaf [Woman]: Yeah, alright. It has essential oil [Man]: Oh yes. The essential oil of jackfruit leaf [Man]: It means especially that is only jackfruit leaves emit the essential oil. [Woman]: Yes. And also when we take out the cake, it doesn’t stick to the leaf [Man]: If we used different leaves, it could be stick to the leaves. [Woman]: Stay here to eat beef skewers in the afternoon. [Woman]: Hey, you shouldn’t roll it, you just do like that [Khoai]: and then put it into there [Khoai]: After putting the mixed flour into the leaves, [Khoai]: Mrs. Bay will steam it [Mrs. Bay]: Ok, the water was boiled [Khoai]: Making drudgingly but eating quickly [Khoai]: Take it out of the leaf and eat immediately [Khoai]: Is this coconut milk? [Mrs. Bay]: Yes, coconut milk. [Khoai]: Wow, put extra spring onion [Khoai]: Coconut milk with spring onion is similar to which my mom made [Mrs. Bay]: Cooking or anything, it is tasty or not, depends on salt [Khoai]: Cook sweetened porridge or anything also had to have little salt, right? [Khoai]: It’s sweet but not too much Ey, she put extra little spring onion into there In Westside, they often put spring onion into coconut milk like that It will have a special smell This steamer is about to ripen, I smelt that stinkvine is too fragrant Mrs. Bay put some rice flour into this, so you see that after dollying a time it will be condensed Here, it is going to be condensed Since it was wrapped by Chinese fever vine so it has mixed color black and purple This is the color of Chineses fever vine and the mixed flour will be clear Haaa, I don’t know which I made in a moment ago. Which is the ugliest is mine How fragrant! [Khoai]: We leave this for guests to take it out by themselves or we take it out for them? [Mrs. Bay]: Let them take out by themselves. If we take it out, it will be hardened [Khoai]: Yes Put the bowl of coconut milk in the middle Then Bay will bring it for guests [Mrs. Hai]: Hey Bay [Mrs. Bay]: What, Hai? [Mrs. Hai]: take more for him [Khoai]: No no, I just eat a little [Khoai]: Bay, bring it for guests [Mrs. Bay]: No, just take it! If it not enough, I will extra notice. Let me take a dish Ey, she will bring it for guests If you arrive here, there are about 20-30 households make community travel like this Each household will contribute a dish, and tourists are in anyone’s house, they will bring the food there for guests It doesn’t need to sit there when buying food in there Just only need to be in this hamlet Now I will go inside and try to eat the cake which I made on a moment ago This is a dish of mini Chinese fever vine cake Let call by jackfruit leaf This is my dish of jackfruit leaf cake which Mrs.Bay left here The big one had been brought for guests This is coconut milk with spring onion. Smelling it makes me think of this one which made by my mom and grandma I will try to eat this Chinese fever vine cake These are so beautiful, certainly, that is not made by me, mine is so ugly When steaming, mixed rice flour is ripened and Chineses fever vine changed to black and purple, so great. It’s very simple to eat, just take it out! Take it out When we put the mixed flour on the leaf, we put it on veins of the leaf Therefore, when taking it out, the veins of the leaf will stick to the cake, look pretty. Let take it out! It still is hot a little bit. Roll it. Dipping in coconut milk and spring onion There was cooked with rice flour so it was concentrated Coconut milk tastes sweet and salty The cake is too soft, smells of Chinese fever vine And a faintly smell of jackfruit leaf And when it has a Chinese fever vine, it will taste like… The taste if you used to eat Chinese fever vine or used Chinese fever vine juice to mix with eggs to fry What a familiar smell! When I was a student, My friends and I often gather around to make this cake But it did not have a Chinese fever vine, just put mixed flour on jackfruit leaves and steamed it to eat. and coconut milk Chinese fever vine would be more complex and took more time Too thin Who made this, it is too thin It’s really that coconut milk with a few spring onion, the right style of Westside. Similar to my grandma made in the past After eating, Mrs. Hai will take me to see “fly” snakehead Wow, there are some red coconut trees Wow, that is the house of… the house on the tree, right? Oh, so cute! Is the opposite has a kiosk, which is a house by the river and a house on the tree So cute! Wow, there is a mango tree. Lots of fruits Oh, have a guava garden [Mrs. Hai]: Let make guava juice for you! Do you see that any houses also have tables and chairs for tourists who travel there to sit [Mrs. Hai]: wanna visit the garden but it’s so sunny There is visiting guava garden and selling guava juice [Khoai]: We fence snakehead in each plot of land like this, right? [Mrs. Hai]: Yes. And then we feed it [Khoai]: But we must let it is hungry a little bit, then it will “fly” when we scatter food [Mrs. Hai]: We scatter and it will jump up [Khoai]: If it had satiety, it wouldn’t “fly” [Mrs. Hai]: Um… If it’s full, it would just “fly” a little Hey, let see it. The snakehead is floating fully inside there There, it is floating on the water surface *talking* [Mrs. Hai]: “Oh goby, oh goby” (sayings in folktales), let jump up! *Howling* It’s true that we must have a command It hears a sound and it rushes out immediately [Mrs. Hai]: “Oh goby, oh goby” (sayings in folktales), let jump up! [Khoai]: Let howl! *howling* *laughing* Ey, let go to the guava garden They also plant some longan trees but it is still too small These guava trees produce fruit year-round Oops Lots of trees You will see that when the guava was still small, people began to wrap it Wrap it so it won’t get maggots it won’t get stem borers Especially wasps and fruit flies It lays in the guava and will spoil the guava Lots of fruits This fruit was big Wow It was very big and we could pick it up So tasty! Looking very juicy. It could be picked up Too much water Do you see it? It is no pesticide so it has lots of ants And it also has some bedbugs When they sell it they will strip off this cover This cover bag is available so shipping will be easier Look at this This guava was ripe, it looks like to be sunburnt on one side and it is beginning to be turned yellow If we didn’t pick it up, it will be riper I will bring it into the home to wash Look so tasty! Because standing water in the cover bag So it was waterlogged Do you see it, this is some bedbugs and also ants Now they plant guava trees without pesticide Using a cover bag to wrap it, and it won’t get maggots [Mrs. Hai]: Ate cakes recently, now eat a guava [Khoai]: From morning till now, I ate cakes, guavas and also star apple [Mrs. Bay]: Eating rice in a moment later Salt and chili *talking* It’s so crispy *talking* [Khoai]: This salt we make ourselves? [Mrs. Bay]: Yes, make by ourselves [Khoai]: What a smell! [Khoai]: No wonder I smell it so fragrant [Mrs. Bay]: Customers come here and ask to buy it. [Khoai]: Buy this salt? [Mrs. Bay]: Yes, it had sold 3 and a half bottles [Khoai]: Ohhhh [Khoai]: So selling salt won’t be identical [Man]: Go around and will be full of belly [Mrs. Bay]: Mr.Tam said that he will find a machine which can swallow the seeds It can swallow the guava particle [Khoai]: I saw that it is reconstructed [Mrs. Bay]: I don’t know but that woman said my machine can grind… [Khoai]: You can see people who sell juice, they all reconstruct their juicer they wrap the motor and more things So those juicers have high power [Mrs. Bay]: If it had a lot of particles, it would sound like that [Khoai]: Right, because it is not enough power Most people had their juicer remade Or they buy industrial machines, but these are expensive [Mrs. Bay]: This seed is too much water [Khoai]: Yes, but it is still tasty [Mrs. Bay]: Alright, it is very tasty. The guava seeds are also delicious to eat. [Khoai]: Yes [Mrs. Bay]: It’s sweet [Khoai]: Therefore, in Saigon, juice sellers have their juicers wrapped These juicers can work 24/24 without being damaged, absolutely [Mrs. Bay]: Tay Ninh’s specialty salt. It has dried shrimp [Khoai]: Yes [Mrs. Hai]: Why you didn’t make one more glass of guava juice? [Mrs. Bay]: I have drunk already [Khoai]: Um, this is guava juice… homegrown juice, which recently picked in the garden [Mrs. Hai]: He is jokingly filming [Khoai]: I’m filming really, not kidding Who is singing? [Khoai]: Who sings sound well? [Mrs. Hai]: In Bay’s house has a karaoke, why you didn’t sing? [Khoai]: I hear others sing sound well but I sing badly Do you see a pink fish below? This is a red tilapia It is raised in this lake a fish has no ability to disguise Just look into the lake and see it totally in the middle I’m going along a dike and looking for anything to eat or visit Ohh There is the house on the tree. Looks so good! Country cuisine Wow *singing* Oh in there, There is Southern amateur music *Music* There is also a house on the river Shaken mango is 10 thousand Vietnam dong, Baked rice paper is 15 thousand Vietnam dong and Shaken potato with cheese This is a Song Khanh garden house There are also cooking food and drink here, and singing together I will go around over there I will come back here later to find something to eat [Woman]: Hey you [Khoai]: Yes? [Woman]: Ms. Bay said that two you guys will go to my house to enjoy a meal, right? [Khoai]: Yeah, right [Woman]: Do you wanna eat now? I’m going to prepare the meal Are you hungry now? [Khoai]: Not yet. I decided to go around before return here. [Woman]: Oh, okay. Let go around. [Khoai]: Yes… Wow, where did you get the jackfruit? Had it fallen? [Woman]: It was rotten [Khoai]: Oh, yes… [Woman]: Now, it is so ripe. [Khoai]: Okay, now I’m going up to there Back then, Ms. Bay had ordered a meal for me at Song Khanh garden house So she… the owner of the house asked me if I wanted to eat now so she would cook. Do you see a breadfruit tree here? Desiccating its leaves to drink, it’s very good for health. Or its fruit fried or boiled is also tasty It’s starchy and sweet There is a footbridge Oh my God, I had fallen on the footbridge once in my life That time, my brother and I were kidding with each other while going on bridge, and he kicked me down to the mud I am still obsessed till now In the west side, a footbridge is a specialty because there are lots of rivers But there is not enough money to build bridges Therefore, the locals just could make this footbridge to go temporarily. One hand holds this bamboo rod like this and place feet in the middle for steady If this video had interrupted, that means I fell into the river People usually use all kinds of trees to make a footbridge sometimes made by bamboo or … cotton trees all kinds of trees I will go inside to eat Perhaps going behind the house There is a huge lotus leaf here A tray, a table face is available for people to put on the lotus leaf to stand and take photos Oh, the flower has bloomed Why it’s so ugly? On the underside of the leaves, there is a lot of thorns As you can see that the small leaf also has a lot of thorns And normally, if stand on it without a tray, it will be punctured. So it must have a tray to …line so that could we stand on it hey, water is flowing into here I’m going in here to help bring food out Today, I didn’t order before Wow, how delicious! Fish cooked with pepper sauce. So today, she said that if any food is available at home, I ate it. Normally, people who come here must pre-order some dishes like pancako (Banh Xeo) must be pre-ordered to be available [Woman]: If you guys wanna eat specialties here, you had to order. [Khoai]: Oh yes, like a pancako (Banh Xeo)? [Woman]: Let me gave you a pancako (Banh Xeo). [Khoai]: I can just eat rice. That’s ok [Woman]: Try eating Can Tho’s pancako (Banh Xeo) to see if it is special [Khoai]: Ahh, sponge gourd soup Sponge gourd soup with featherback fish paste [Woman]: We cook at home [Khoai]: Maybe there is fully steaming apple snail with citronella, grilled with pepper [Woman]: Despite going to anywhere or eating any delicacies, it is not as tasty as rice and fish cooked with sauce [Khoai]: Yes, alright. Looks so delicious! I’m sitting in the garden of Song Khanh garden house Opposite Ms.Bay’s house, who cooked cakes a moment ago So today I didn’t pre-order Normally, if you guys go there with a large group, you should call and order Today, it’s just homegrown. So… whatever they give, I will eat. However, I also see a lot of tasty dishes There are fish cooked with sauce, sour shrimp salad, a pancako (Banh Xeo), Sponge gourd soup and featherback fish paste Firstly, scoop out rice into a bowl now it is almost in the afternoon, so the tourists are gone Back then, you guys will see a lot of people who are singing together looks like Southern amateur music sound very fun Okay, the first dish I will try is a… sour shrimp and banana blossom it tastes sour and sweet It will stimulate taste and make I eat more tasty. There are always lots of vegetables in meals of westerners in Vietnamese Ay, let pick up a piece. I saw it has sour shrimp, sour tiny shrimp, boiled shrimp and boiled pork. Depending on different areas, they call it shrimp or tiny shrimp I saw … some red ones are sour shrimps And some small and white ones are boiled tiny shrimp Take some more boiled pork This is shaved banana blossom. *Um* It tastes sour and sweet, smells of garlic and chili This is familiar with a family meal. Umm Especially, it has sour shrimp sour shrimp had been fermented. It stimulated the taste and smell of the fish sauce Sour shrimp and boiled pork is some of my favorite foods when I’m in my hometown Normally, in the fridge, it always has a jar of sour shrimp When eating, scoop a piece of sour shrimp and eat with cold rice. So delicious! I’m hungry. Eating sour shrimp and salad makes me feel more hungry The next dish which I will eat is fish cooked with sauce and pepper This is Pangasius In the past, people tended to rear Pangasius in the style of home-grown But nowadays, they rear in herds. Thus, they rear Pangasius Conchophilus to export Yellowtail catfish, Pangasius Conchophilus. They are the same species It is cooked with much pepper It also has pork rind and chili And do you see that the sauce is so concentrated? Looks so delicious! I will take full of this piece This piece sticks with pepper Look at its skin Take a little chili Take rice and fish and chili like this and eat them together Umm, fish smells of pepper. Take a few of spicy chili I think this dish must have more chili to be more delicious The spicy taste is still “safe” This fish has a greasy skin Cooking like cook for family member Feeling very lucky… Because of today, I didn’t pre-order and she said she cooked this for family So she went to the kitchen and asked me if I can eat it Oh my God, what did she think when she asked me like that The concentrated sauce, alright… I have talked about braised fish sauce. Here I have a dish of vegetables I will roll this vegetable and dip in this sauce It’s called braised fish sauce because it is cooked concentrated like this and dip the vegetable in this and eat so it’s called braised fish sauce Actually, it has many different ways to explain its name. But I see that explain by this way is the most reasonable Eating these foods makes me feel so homesick Here I have a pankaco (Banh Xeo) This is pankaco (Banh Xeo) with cassava root and it also has scallions and chives and it has some tiny shrimp inside It’s simple But unfortunately, there aren’t enough vegetables Western pancako (Banh Xeo mien Tay) will be more delicious if eat with mustard greens Here just has salads Oh, it is still crunchy Ok now put 2 shrimps on it cassava root is very crunchy, so tasty its crust smells of coconut milk and turmeric the liquid fish sauce which tastes sweet and sour So when you eat pancako (Banh Xeo) or the western dishes which eat with sauce You should remember to dip in a lot of sauce. Because of little sauce, it will be insipid One more dish Aw, too many dishes This is sponge gourd soup cooked with featherback fish paste As you saw that there are many cages to rear featherback fish So the hostess used featherback fish in those cages to make this dish I don’t know this sponge gourd was picked up in the garden or not Because when I went to the kitchen, it had been cooked into a dish It has some pepper and scallions Normally, I see my friends who studied with me in Sai Gon They often eat rice… There is a star apple has fallen They often eat rice before, and then they eat soup As for me, I often eat a little rice in the bowl and the soup together Because of soup makes us eat easier Scoop some rice and sponge gourd soup and featherback fish It is very sweet Sponge gourd which cooked like soup with featherback fish Umm, the smell of pepper Ey, I really wanna come back home to enjoy Tet holiday when ate it. Don’t want to go anywhere I have already said goodbye Mrs. Bay and everyone to go back to Can Tho If you go to Can Tho and like somewhere that is rural and sociable likes community travel, you could go there. I see this is a place which is still so wild and keeps an original feature of the countryside, like a rural and harmony style Oh, this is Mrs. Sau in this morning. Now is afternoon [Mrs. Sau]: Are you going to Ms. Be’s boat? [Khoai]: Yes, I do. I’m going to Ms. Be’s boat [Mrs. Sau]: Which do you take? A big or small one? [Khoai]: Hmmm… A big one I bought 2kg of star apples of Ms. Sau to take away [Khoai]: Yes Now, I’m going to boat wharf to come back Can Tho city I have bought some star apples when I passed Ms. Sau’s place Ay, these logan trees touch my head Hope I will back here soon A place in Westside that I love so much. I will take my mom, my brother and my friends to there Okay, see you in the next episode. Oh, there is a dog just barking Remember to subscribe and like for supporting me. Bye. See you soon. Byeeee Goodbye, everyone. I’m Khoai. Remember to subscribe my channel to watch more videos about cuisine and travel …every single week

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