Philip Rivers Gridiron Heights Supercut | Best of Former Chargers QB

– He was 6-foot-5 with a bolo tie and a face that was downright… punchable. – Motherfreaking L.A. traffic goshdarnit. Hey, can we stay with you? StubHub center is hosting a flipping soccer practice. Nobody fluffin’ respects us. We’re the G.D. front-runners for an AFC Wild Card. L.A. can kiss my tuckus, I’m staying here. Yeah, OK, let’s leave. HEY, IF Y’ALL CAN JUST BEHAVE, I’LL BUY Y’ALL CHEESE FRENCH FRIES
AT THE FUDGIN’ FOOD COURT! – Thanks, Dad! – FUDGE THE OFFSEASON. I WANT FRICKIN’ FOOTBALL! – Phil, Phil, PHIL, PHIL! – Win this for me, son. Pro Bowls and memories, that’s all you’ve got. AH, FUDGING BRADY STOPPING ME FROM BEING A G.D. H.O.F.-ER. – Calm down, Phil! – FUDGE. – Jeez, we get it. – Ah, FLUFF. Welcome to a meeting of the fluffing losers club. Flipping CLOWN not gonna fudging get ME. Can’t frickin’ believe we gotta save the G.D. day again. OK, well Larry is clearly a Hall of Famer, right? – Eli has the rings. – But Phil’s consistency, my God! – [All three:] AHHHH! – Everyone doggon loves you. Hey, 2004 Eli, F–k you. – WOAH. – I’m a Hall of Famer…to my friends. What the fluff is a Charger anyway? HEY, YOU. YEAH, ALL FREAKIN’ HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF YOU Flipping listen to me. I’M P.O.’d about the lurkers watching our B.S. So subscribe to this G.D. channel or G.T. the fluff O. Daddy says subscribe.

100 thoughts on “Philip Rivers Gridiron Heights Supercut | Best of Former Chargers QB

  1. Oh I know why they did it! To add the infamous DADDY SAID SUBSCRIBE! That wasn’t in the original.

  2. To think that Gridiron Heights predicted where he would land a year before he goes there

  3. They should do XFL Heights and Classic Gridiron Heights throughout the off season!


  4. “Eli froggin stole my life!”
    I mean true? You gave Phillip Rivers that 2007 and 2011 Giants team he could’ve had a ring?
    Or at least 2006 if San Diego didn’t fumble it away back to Brady.

  5. Was a San Diego Charger fan. Now that Rivers is gone, my fandom to the Chargers is officially over.

  6. Andrew luck Eli manning and Phillip rivers all potentially gone in 1 year. 3 of the best characters in this thing

  7. Sad that rivers plays amazingly with a team that's given him like 20 pro bowlers and they cant get shit out of it. I say hes still hof but damn, gonna be weird seeing him as anything other than a charger.

  8. Lmao he cussed out 04 Eli, that’s how you know He was mad mad! 😂💯🤷🏽‍♂️

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