Phoenix Durability Test: EcoMod LED vs 3600 Gallons of Water

Hi. Ben here again with Phoenix Products Company.
We’re here at St. James Stevedoring Partners in Convent, Louisiana to put the durability
of our new EcoMod LED Floodlight to the test. In 150 and 300 watt packages, the EcoMod features
Philips Luxeon LEDs rated for 50,000 hours and over 26,000 lumens in output. The EcoMod
is constructed with marine grade aluminum frame, UV and impact-resistant polycarbonate
lenses and features EcoVent technology, which extends the life of the fixtures by allowing
water, debris and heat to flow through it. Now, I know what you’re all thinking: “But Ben, what happens when 15 tons of water falls on the EcoMod? Clearly, the Phoenix EcoMod
LED is Durable by Design.

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