Photographing Australia’s Largest Dam!

So essentially I’m here at Melbourne
Airport I’ve got Mike over there he just called me about a week ago and asked me
if I wanted to come to Tasmania I was gonna be filming some cars or something
so I’m really keen really excited let’s just get over to Tasmania we just
arrived at the place that we’re staying at we thought it was this huge sort of
casino that’s nineteen story face bar we’re actually staying in the place next
door to it also there’s no toasters yes well problem solved there we have a
toaster also I’m going to show you the car we got it’s a pretty much a race car show you the car we got sorry I wasn’t
you’re gonna love it portal on Bryce car boy why there’s different colored avocado the sunset made Mike want to go and
shoot this damn it’s called God and damn and it’s 144 meters tall and it’s built
40 years ago so I’m keen to see what it looks like in person and the reason
we’re here for sunset is because the goal is to get that sort of really
orange sky orange clouds but we’ve checked on the maps before and the Sun
actually sets in the opposite direction to where we want to shoot so we’re not
sure whether that’s gonna impact the photos or not it could be really bad
sunset or might be a really good one the only way we’re gonna find out is if we
actually go and do it so we’re gonna go do that now hopefully we can get some
cool photos that’s better get up we’ve just arrived
at the lookout spot and this is a place that I wanted to launch my drone hoping
to get this shot but it’s raining so I obviously can’t launch my drone but I’m
gonna wait it out this would be insane to be able to get some drone shots yeah
so fingers crossed hopefully it clears up it’s one thing to actually see this
photo online and imagine how big it is then it’s another thing to see it from
up there this Danny of the edge you really get to see how tall this dam is
and it’s just insane so that was a pretty cool experience
I’ve never really seen something like that in Kherson I live being able to
search up a spot last minute on Instagram and then actually going out to
that spot and taking photos there it’s just a really cool way to find new spots
to shoot in an area that you haven’t been to whenever I go to a location that
I’ve seen on Instagram I try to push myself try to push my creativity and try
and take it in a different perspective but for this shoot I didn’t really feel
that creative I wasn’t in my zone a hundred percent and that’s fine because
it’s alright to go to a spot and take the same photo that you’ve seen a
million times on Instagram because the reason that it is such a popular spot is
because it’s a cool photo to take which is why everyone takes its but yeah it
doesn’t really matter if you take the same photos you’ve seen on Instagram
because at the end of the day the most important thing is that you actually
went out and took some photos so like I was saying this is the first time that
I’ve actually been to Tasmania and something that I’d like to hand over to
you guys is if you’re in a location that you’ve never been to before don’t be
afraid to go out and explore that location even if it’s something that you
wouldn’t usually shoot for example if you’re always shooting street
photography and you’re always shooting in the city so don’t be afraid to go out
and venture out into nature and try some nature photography even if your brains
telling you that you might not get as good photos because you haven’t really
done much nature photography don’t worry about that it’s just about going out and
taking the photos because the best results often come when you travel
outside of your comfort zone anyways let’s start talking about the photos
that I took this first photo that I took is the one that you see on Instagram is
the one that everyone takes and it’s from the lookout point at Gordon Dam
what I wanted to capture in this photo was the Green Mountains the blue water
and then obviously the dam wall so I wanted them all to be in this shot which
is why I took it from the lookout point because it was further back away and you
could see a lot more of the landscape now moving on to the second one the
reason that I captured this guy in the photo is because it shows scale and what
that means is that it shows how big the dam wall really is in comparison to a
human’s so that’s a tip that I want to give to you guys which helps me when I’m
taking photos if I want to show how large the object really is as me Mike
were driving home the Sun started to set properly and it just turned into
in same sunset and Mike looked over he’s like man we have to stop and we have to
shoot this so we immediately pulled in we stopped and we got our drones out and
this is a photo that I got it’s a photo of me is it’s a self-portrait
technically I was standing in the middle of the road and I had the Rocky Mountain
things sort of in the background with a bit of the sky at the top of the photo
and that’s another thing that I love about photography you never know when a
good photo is going to appear like we were just driving back home we didn’t
plan this shot we just stopped the car and we went and took it so it’s kind of
cool how you can just turn a normal sunset into a cool photo but overall I
really enjoyed this day and this photo shoot even though we traveled three and
a half hours just to get one or two photos it was really worth it because
those photos the ones that I’m really happy with well that pretty much brings
us to the end of today’s vlog I really enjoyed creating this for you guys hope
you had a good time I hope you learned something but as always stay inspired
keep creating and I’ll see you in the next one

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  1. Haha my dad had a Hyundai Getz and we were keeping up with a Lamborghini Aventadore through the black spur

  2. Hey 7th Era, I have been watching your stuff along with North Boarders and I would love to collab one day if you are interested let me know I have instagram as well, but don't want to send a link because my message will be sent to spam but it's christianconnell_ let me know if you are interested.

  3. Dude this is by far your best video! Really well edited and actually pretty funny

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