Photography Lighting & Equipment Tips : How to Position Lights for Photography

When you are positioning the lights in your
studio there are two really basic setups that don’t require much light. One is a two light
setup. In the first scenario you put this light at about a forty five degree angle to
the model. We will pretend that I am the model, in reality you would probably have it about
six feet out but for demonstration purposes I am keeping it nearby, and then the other
light is pointed at the background. If you don’t have the light pointed at your white
background it will tend to look gray, so and it also helps separate your model from the
background, another two light setup would be, again keeping one of the lights shining
on your background to separate the model from the background and the second instance you
could either use a shoot through umbrella which I have here or a big soft box. In reality
you would probably position this directly in front and slightly above your model and
then you would have your model hold the reflector or use a reflector board stand and this will,
when the strobe goes off it will be lighting the person from above and below so you won’t
get any awkward shadows but it is a really effective technique and you only need two
lights to do it.

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  1. excellent, please do more. Could you please set up with actual distances and show your numbers (shutter and fstops) and the relation to a reference flash-guide number.
    I would really like to be able to take any one of my flashes, set it up to a guide power output and have a solid shutter/fstop number that will always work without fail.
    Is this possible?

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  3. Using a key light off to one side is commonly referred to as rembrandt lighting.
    Using a light in the center, high up pointing down at the model is commonly referred to as butterfly lighting.

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