Photoshop 2020 Tutorial

hey guys and welcome to expert
influencer Academy I’m your host today T Jean and I’m going to show you the very
very basics of using the new Photoshop for Adobe hey guys so I just got back from Adobe
MAX a few weeks ago they showed a lot of new features that are coming on with the
Adobe platforms between sensei and different ways of using that program
through Photoshop Illustrator Premiere Pro all of them got to see spark a
little deeper with the developers of it and actually got to see quite a few
things during that I am putting together a little vlog of my trip there and it
was very fun got a lot of free swag which was nice but today I wanted to go
over the very basics of Photoshop because I found there were not too many
videos online that would kind of give you a real rundown on how to use Adobe
from the very beginning you can find people that will show you specific
things which are very good if you do know how to use the program but if you
do not know how to use the program then this would be a good way to show you the
very basics I do have my tablet set up which I can show you it’s a flat screen
tablet it works like my computer screen except I can use my pin with it instead
but on Adobe it’s got a whole new feature setup with desktop mobile web
all these different features that are set up for it now and then you have your
different levels of photoshop illustrator lightroom Premiere Pro After
Effects Dreamweaver all the different programs here and then you also have
your updated versions next to it so you want to look for your latest version
which right now is 21.0 one it looks like because I have 20
and then 19 and today I will show you the new updated one for Photoshop so
let’s open that up I loaded it before because this computer takes a minute and
then it was loading it on a wrong screen so it was showing it on a different
screen I have three up at the moment so it’s just easier to load it up this way
but the new loading screen is different every year they change it each time but
this is Photoshop very basics of it you have your file and edit images layer and
everything you don’t really need to know too much about what’s going on in these
at the very beginning just know that one of the easiest ways to set it up is to
go up here in your top right where you have your essential as your 3d graphics
all of this here and if you’re brand new to photoshop you definitely want to
either stick with your essentials I wouldn’t do anything with like a new
workspace or anything yet until you really know the setup that you like and
properties doesn’t kick in until you set up a new thing because those run
differently now especially differently in Illustrator and then you want to make
sure that you do have your colors up I like to have swatches because I go
through a lot of different colors when I use photoshop brushes for sure and then
of course your brush settings which will be different once I open up a new thing
but your very first thing that you want to do is go up here to file and you’re
gonna go to new and it’s gonna pull it up on a different screen alright so when
you go to file new this is what you’re gonna see this is gonna be your first
prompt and it just depends on what you’re going for I usually go with just
print myself I don’t really go into our illustration web/mobile film
I typically just go into print and I pick my sizes there because you can
change your pixels inches centimeters I know what I’m looking for whether it is
a banner for Facebook or Instagram or anything like that otherwise if it’s a
flyer or comic book I draw a lot of comic books and with comic books I just
stick with inches eight-and-a-half by eleven I stay within those sizes
I usually bump this up to probably about 400 sometimes 350 depending on what your
computer can handle you want to kind of at the lowest use 300 pixels it depends
on designer each designer is different on how many
pixels that they do and it also depends on whether or not this is going on the
web or if this is going to be a physical print you got to look up the specs on
what you’re making is the best thing I could tell you it is just kind of Google
what you’re making and say what are the best specs in Photoshop and you can
actually find more information that way I’m gonna go with eight-and-a-half by
eleven landscape and of course I’m gonna do a white background you can also do a
transparent background that’s entirely up to you and you could do a black
background if you like but if you’re just going to draw overtop of it I would
do a white background but you can always change the background that’s no problem
and I wouldn’t mess with any of these profiles or anything those you do not
need but this would be your basic setup of just a general kind of look on your
Photoshop so you can grab a picture you can edit the picture or you can draw on
there this is kind of just your basic look so from here you can also change
the name of it so we can change it too we’re gonna change it to my picture and
we’re gonna go create exciting and you’ll see the name popped up here so
when you want to go save you want to go save as you always want to do this in
the beginning don’t ever go through and do a bunch of stuff with your program
and then all of a sudden you realize that you
haven’t saved it that is one of the biggest mistakes you can do so it’s
gonna ask you now with how Photoshop is set up with the new settings you can
either save to your cloud documents or save to your computer that ones up to
you on how you want it set up if you don’t have a cloud thing set up
definitely save to your computer and then you would name it PSD and then you
would just pick whatever file location that you’re gonna put it for now I’m
actually not going to save this I’m just going to do it as an example but you
always want to make sure you save especially in Adobe programs that can be
very heavy on your computer and depending on your computer can actually
shut it down I’ve had my laptop my laptop freezes constantly with the
program so when you are working with Photoshop you won’t or illustrator any
of the Adobe programs you want to make sure that you save constantly and I know
you can’t really do that rush to well but that’s a whole other story so now
that I have my page set up I can go under properties here and you’ll see
that it’s now filled it tells you the size of yours the orientation which you
can change and whether or not you’re gonna work in RGB CMYK if you’re going
to be doing more prints that are not really Flyers but like I like RGB
because you get that true black in it and CMYK I will usually use if I’m
making a flyer for somebody’s business or you know some more professional kind
of pages but a lot of times I’ll still use RGB because you get your truer
colors that way especially for printing but it just depends on the preference
whether or not you want to and designers can argue this all day long on which one
to use at my office I use RGB and then during the day for my company I use CMYK
most of the time so it just depends on what you’re making and what you like
so it will keep it RGB for now you don’t need to worry about 8-bit channels or
anything like that at the moment and then these are different like rulers and
guides I always suggest to keep the rulers up here you can see that come in
and out there just so that way you can measure it a little bit better sometimes
it helps you position your pen or in this case probably a mouse not everybody
has the pen setup like I do because I’m spoiled so I like to have it set up so
that way at any point you can grab and drop your markers on your grid basically
with that you’re just going to click on the top or bottom and then you can just
line up your grid there and that just helps you so if you ever need to make a
circle or anything and you’re like oh I need it directly here you can just be
like Boop and then there you go you have your own little circle exactly where you
want it to go having your grids up like that and using your your lines and your
rulers and everything can kind of help you position your pictures and
everything on it where you want it to go like if you want to wording along the
top you want to make sure that you stay in from the sides a little bit and oh I
want to go a half an inch from the top and if you want to go half an inch from
the side so that way you can make sure that all of your wording and all your
colors and everything stay within your print area because you don’t want to put
anything outside of this area that you don’t want to end up on the piece of
paper because you got to also keep in mind if you are going to print this you
got to stay away from the edge a little bit and keep your keep your subject more
in the middle so and then over here you also show grids and everything so if you
want to get even more specific that one’s up to you I don’t typically use
those for drawing and then this will just give you the transparency options
and these only our quick actions if you’re gonna resize an image or crop it
or anything and you definitely want to keep an eye
on your layers so in Photoshop when you put a background on it like the white
background that I made there you will have a background locked on it and this
general color you can change if you’d like or you can just create new layers
on top of it and I’m just going to show you a little trick where you see it’s a
little lock there you can just click on that guy and it’ll make it go away
so that way you can do whatever you want with this layer now you can go over and
use your drop pick a different color on your color wheel and just Boop
now you got a different background it’s as simple as that I’m still getting used
to my new of program this whole setup is very different than how you would use a
keyboard you can learn short keys like ctrl Z will take back control C and V
copy/paste and then with Photoshop there are several different things that you
can use with ctrl shift anything and you can end up copy pasting changing layers
all kinds of stuff like that but you don’t really need to learn that in the
beginning all of your setups or anything that you need to do is going to be up
here under your edit where you’ll need to change any transformations to it or
if you need to use any content-aware or any kind of movement that you need those
are gonna be up there your image you don’t really need to mess with any of
these too much up here that does bring you to your adjustments though so if you
bring a picture in and you want to change any of the saturation or color
balance those are up here and they are also if you go to your layers and you
click on this little kind of half filled in circle guy here you can also get to
them they’re in two different spots so they’re there and then of course image
adjustments and here they are here so let me pull any picture so that way I
can show you a little bit more so this is a picture from Adobe MAX
when I was there and I’m just gonna click outside of it so to deselect it
like I just did you either click on another item over here and that will
deselect it or you can hit enter and now I have my picture so I have my image
over my background and you can of course move layers of rounds if it’s not
blocked and then you can move your layers on top of each other that is one
thing that is kind of hit and miss with using Photoshop is using the different
layers so if you have an image behind your other image and it’s not the
opacity is in half or anything or if you’re not doing anything funky with it
it’s a little bit more difficult to use it depending on whether or not you are
playing with a picture or if you’re drawing a picture so if you’re using
this just for photo editing so you want to make sure whatever layer you’re using
you selected so if you have an image that you’re going to edit under here
that I’d showed you before with your different colors hues saturations or
anything like that you can select like hue saturation that I just did and then
you just kind of want to slide it around and play with the settings and as you
can see it changes the colors on the image for you so these are just easy
ways to quickly edit a picture you can turn up the saturation mess with the
brightness turn up the brightness a little bit because it was really dark in
there and then check your contrast so that way you can bring in a little bit
of that darkness back in there and then you can go under your levels and then
these are just like low your dark levels your medium range whites and blacks and
where you can kind of pull those whites and blacks and darkness and
changing because you can kind of see it up in the upper corner here watch this
as I move it you can see where it changes your levels of light that the
image is taking in you can also select it in certain areas as well and it’ll
darken or lighten depending on what you’re trying to do with it at the
beginning I wouldn’t suggest going too crazy into things like that because
sometimes you can completely darken up an image or mess with an image but those
are just some easy first steps of figuring out how to edit a photo now if
you’re not just wanting to edit a photo and you want to edit let’s say let’s
just do a circle so I just hit the new layer button right here which is right
next to your trash can be careful of hitting that make sure you know where
your ctrl Z is so anyway you would make a new layer and in this layer let’s make
another circle so one way to make a perfect circle is you can hold down your
Shift key click anywhere on your screen and pull this is what will make your
shape whatever size that you want and then once you have the size you like
lift up and then let go shift otherwise it’s gonna go all kinds of wonky if you
let go of shift before hand and then you get a crazy little circle since I put
those both on the same layer you can see they’re now attached that’s one bad
thing with working with Photoshop with the different layers I’m used to now
illustrator that’ll just automatically make a new layer per item that you have
in Photoshop it does not do that it keeps it all on the same layer so now
they’re together they live together so I’m just gonna get rid of that so I have
my little circle here and you can see the little markers come up that’ll help
show you exactly where the middle is so you can aim it up on the screen and
it’ll be perfectly in the middle Photoshop is seriously trying to help
you with everything so you can do different things with this if you go to
its layer here and you double click on it this will bring up your prompt
of your different layer styles and here you can do all kinds of things with
bevel and emboss you can add a stroke to it that’s white that one’s dark you can
change up your sizes of the stroke that’s going around your item whether or
not you want it on the outside or the inside of the circle or center of the
circle in the center of the circle line means that the line is directly in the
middle and it’ll go evenly out each side so if you want it on the outside it’s
usually the best especially when you’re doing wording because sometimes it can
kind of alter the image a little bit if it’s on the inside or if it’s on the
center your blending mode so that just depends on whether or not you want to do
anything funky with it here definitely play around with the settings and
depending on what you want to do you can of course change the opacity of it where
it’s got a more see-through ton plus see through the words all the way dark and
then of course you can change the color of it so whatever color you want it to
be on your color wheel here and let’s pick a color that is not too blue there
you go and of course playing around through settings whatever you want it to
do so you can also do color overlays so say if
you didn’t like that color before you can always overlay a new color for it
and with color overlay that usually works better with pictures when you’re
kind of doing different settings overtop of it and then of course gradient
overlay where you can add different gradient styles to it these are mostly
preset I have a couple in here that are not preset but you can go in and select
the different colors and it will give it a nice little overlay so that’s just
kind of a basic rundown on how to get started on Photoshop of playing with it
definitely mess with all the swatches and all the brushes that it has
available on it but that’s just a simple way of setting up your layers and
starting a new image so thank you guys so much for watching I hope this was
helpful in getting started and learning about where your properties are in some
of your settings please check it out and let me know if there’s any video that
you would like to see in the future please comment about it in the comments
below please like this video if you enjoyed it and if it was helpful to you
please share it with anyone that you know is new to photoshop and need some
help and of course thank you guys so much for watching and we’ll see you next
time green screen background

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