Phuket 2019. Part11. Tsunami museum. Rafting on the Sok River (+EN subs +RU титры)

Group leader talks about the 2004 tsunami in Phuket Group leader reveals the fatalities and injuries of the disaster Group leader introduces local fruit trees What a cute doggy, good boy Before the tsunami, a police patrol boat was guarding the King’s grandson, who was at that moment on holiday here During the tsunami, the boat was expelled towards the land for about 2 kilometres This is the boat and the place where it landed The power of the tsunami is argued to be as great as the artillery of WW2 and also 2 atomic bombs Such seriousness! Lew Lew Lew. Very serious rafting! Lianas. You can swing on them They show us how it’s done I think he’s smoking a joint Thanks Some weird fluid dropped down from above This is normal in a jungle Into my tea! White fluid? Must be vitamins We’ve had wonderful tea We’ll try to accept these cups as gifts. Don’t tell anyone A very cute spoon, like a small paddle Cheers, Lithuania We’ve had tea and coffee, ready to go now We got these cups from the captain He whispered they are for us to keep, a favour from him Turns out everyone got them Still, a nice person Who’s in the lead now? We were first for a while, now let them enjoy being in the front

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