Pierwszy Tsunami Flip Po Latach | Godziek Brothers EP7

Sick things are happening here! Sick Things Here! What? Look at his rotation. Don’t film this I’am telling the secret for 720cork I push bar down, head to back and you have nice spin This was my first FrontFlip-Bar-to-NoHand on MTB. We are in Rybnik at BIG AIR Contest during Alter Sports Festival and it is sick here. We have FlyBag landing here Which is super safe for awesome tricks We have crazy Spanish guys here and Russians and of course whole polish mtb scene! We are competing in best trick today. It will by sick! Get little more speed and it will be fine. That was I thought There is now wind now you get it! I need to make a front flip My camera turn off because Maro was calling to me I need to make it one more time Are we doing a train? Yes. What will you do? I don’t know. I will try 360 and I go after you Flip no-hand So I will make a frontflip no hand. Ok We have the best trick here. Alba will make double front flip nohand Maro and Dawid will by trying Twister NoHand I even so bikeflip on mtb Guy on scooter is trying Twister Tailwhip to Barspin for hour now Red neck meeting Are we jumping when landing is wet? let’s try Let’s do this! Do everyone want to ride if it’s little wet? I want to. ME TOO! Fail on the landing! Someone was jumping during the rain. How was it? If you break you will lose traction so don’t brake If you brake you will lose Zoka do you want to ride qualification in this condition? Everyone want to ride We will dry this or we will wait? We can pour the landing I think the speedbox is fine It is what it is If weather went bad we will took scores from qualifications Let the first three go We will have warmup in 5min then we will see Is this the famous movie? Godziek Brothers on YouTube Is it him? Hi Szymon Sick I did double backflip x-up for the first time I did twister no hand It was very high level. He feels sorry for juges. What a contest! right? Cashroll twilwhip, double frontflip no hand Subscribe for more contest like this!

27 thoughts on “Pierwszy Tsunami Flip Po Latach | Godziek Brothers EP7

  1. Może to pytanie nie na mijscu ale mogę wiedzieć co powoduje tak piękny dźwięk w pieście Dawida? Proszę 🙂

  2. Siemanko mam pytanie do specjalisty: czy w rowerach mtb street hamulec musi być po lewej stronie czy to zależy odemnie?

  3. Po długim czasie namierzyłem utwór z filmu, łapkujcie 🙂

  4. Jesteście po prostu zajebiści
    Taki content a taka mała popularność, to jest tragedia

  5. CHłopaki…… wyście roznieśli te zawody w DROBNY MAK! Idę pociąć swój rower i schować do pudełka 😀

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