Pigeon Whitewater River Rafting near Gatlinburg, Tennessee with NOC

For many groups, rafting on the Pigeon
River is the highlight of a Smoky Mountain vacation. Whitewater rafting is
the most popular three-season activity in the Smokies and NOC offers two
different trip options: an exciting whitewater adventure on the Upper Pigeon,
and a calm, kid-friendly float trip on the Lower Pigeon. The Upper Pigeon is the
most popular adventure and it’s easy to see why. The five mile river trip boasts
continuous whitewater for an hour and a half. This means that your group will be
constantly challenged and soaked by splashy and powerful rapids. There’s plenty of time to catch your
breath and relax but you won’t have to wait very long before the next thrill.
Rapids like Lost Guide, Double Reactionary, and Accelerator
full of splashy waves, fast-moving water, and furious hydraulics. This whitewater
challenge is ideal for most groups. The river is accessible to first-time
rafters but it also packs enough punch to veterans it hard to please kids
revved up. The Pigeon provides exhilarating whitewater fun and
long-lasting memories. For younger kids and paddlers seeking a
more laid-back experience the Lower Pigeon float trip offers an alternative
to the uppers powerful rapids. The river still moves briskly and guests
experience the scenic river gorge without the frenzy of the Upper’s
larger rapids. Guests are encouraged to swim in the river and enjoy the friendly
currents. Small kids are delighted by the interactive experience and the chance to
explore the river environment. For either adventure choose NOC as your
outfitter and you’ll be confident that you’re going with the best in the
business. NOC has 40 years of experience and
it’s nationally recognized as a leader in the rafting industry.
Go ahead and add a Pigeon River rafting adventure or float trip to your Smoky
Mountain get away and it’s sure to be the highlight of your trip.

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