Pimcore DAM – 2 Minute Demo

Pimcore DAM is a highly scalable
enterprise-grade open-source digital asset management software that can
accommodate wide-ranging content used by all kinds of groups in your organization. Through merely dragging and dropping you can upload assets as well as import
complex folder hierarchies straight away from your desktop. Ingestion is convenient as valuable metadata can be added to your digital assets through backend. Or you may rely on Pimcore’s artificial intelligence powered smart
tags to take the lead. Allowing access to any individual group or content is quite easy via Pimcore’s granular access controls. The intuitive dashboards built
directly into Pimcore’s interface helps admins track the usage and other
critical metrics associated with DAM. A vast assortment of file types can be
managed such as office productivity file formats, design documents, images and
videos. Content is made searchable mainly by enabling users to find metadata fields like file tags, keywords, and file formats. Pimcore DAM isn’t just another
advanced tool to manage content. It’s equipped with a robust asset
transformation engine and comes with pre-built transformation templates in
its library. Custom watermarks and effects can be included and multiple
video formats can be published from a single file via content delivery
networks. Workflow efficiency and faster time-to-market can be achieved by centralized global asset delivery at key touch points. With sophisticated rules and access controls, integrated with common Enterprise API’s, management of thousands of users becomes a breeze. Pimcore DAM is a cutting-edge enterprise
tool apt for marketing in today’s dynamic environment. As an icing on the cake it’s open source and available free of charge without any license or subscription cost Besides 24/7 global support alongside
service level agreements is always available.

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  1. DAM is a bad word to use even in an abbreviation for a computer software…

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