Pitt Rivers Museum: Art Fund Museum of the Year 2019

The Pitt Rivers Museum
is a space that is unique. It’s Victorian age, as you can see, but it’s very much filled with objects
from across the globe.It is a place where,
amongst all of these amazing objects,
we can all find something
which feels like something to do with us
and our identity and ourselves.You can create a much more human
account of the world. Oddly, objects can do that. You can gather together around objects
and you can make a space for dialogue and for thought
and for sort of hesitation, if you like.Some of the things that we have
have histories of violence behind them —
they were looted, they were plundered.So, we engage with that.
We talk about those elements.
We can show that archaeology may be
as able to tell us about the present day. We can show that anthropology is able
to tell us about diverse experience in the UK, as well as across the world.You can expect to seeeverything!But also, it’s a place where you can learn
about people from all different cultures,
and I think that’s what makes it
really special.
We have late-night events where we welcome
over 1,500 people into the museum. And we’ll transform the museum
through lighting and through the events happening. It really is a quite exceptional
moment of time to be part of this history
of this institution.

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