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are going to talk about a small accessory for dye dam chargers developed by planet
eclipse and this little accessory is called the DTM-20 Spring and follower KiT and it’s
composed of spring and Followers, nothing to do with the people who follow you on
Instagram I’ll explain this to you right away. Speaking of Instagram, you knew that
had one? Go subscribe you will be full cool stuff in preview;) Anyway, let’s talk about the upgrade.
a spring and a follower, in French it’s called pushers I think ,,,, And this upgrade allows 2 things,
first most important it allows to be softer with the ball, suddenly you will
ability to fire more fragile balls and have less broken balls see no
all. Compared to Dye dam chargers without modifications
I find that there is a real evolution, I went from some broken balls
from time to time no more breakages. And that at Starkh paintball we like that,
because it breaks it breaks us damn ho that shit joke. And the second when you run out of
ball with an upgrader charger with this accessory the cylinder head will not complete its entire cycle
and make a very special noise, suddenly you will realize more easily
need to recharge, you will consume months compressed air, and your opponents will not hear
not that you have run out of marbles. So this is an interesting upgrade,
costs 30 euros and in the box you have enough Upgrader 6 chargers, that
exists for magazines of 10 and 20 balls. It is really very simple to install
just open the chargers to remove the original springs and pushers and
replace them with new ones. Do I recommend it to you? Yes, but
it’s clearly not essential, me I absolutely do not regret having installed
this upgrade because I don’t break more marbles because breaking marbles is annoying
we lose in precision we waste and that you fuck fun. The fact that the cylinder head locks up when
is dry it is frankly appreciable, it reminds a little of the breech retainer,
I like it, and especially nobody knows on the ground that you need to recharge, and
that when you are facing experienced players it can damn make a difference. On this I leave you I wish you a
very good year because it is the first Video of 2020 This year there will be
phew projects on the channel including one that got me took roughly 5 years of work. Don’t forget to subscribe and activate
the bell, see you next time in Starkh’s

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