Planning a Future for Grand Coulee Dam

[music] Selena Moore: At Grand Coulee, you never run out of things to do. The challenges are there. Whether you’re working on a smaller project or a larger project, it’s something new every day. [music] I was hired as the project manager for the Keys Modernization Project, the John Keys III Pump Generating Plant where we have 12 units here, which pump the water uphill to Banks Lake. [sprinklers] The dam was constructed first and foremost for irrigation purposes. Right now, we provide irrigation to about 670,000 acres, which is huge. It’s great to know that what I’m doing affects the lives of people across the country. [music] I really like construction management because you have something different going on every day. You really learn to juggle a bunch of different tasks. A project manager here really could be working on several different projects at any given time, anywhere from the early conception phase of the project, all the way through the design process, the acquisition process, the construction process, and even our super critical close out process where we have engineers commission the units. The projects are constantly changing, and you see things develop before your eyes. It’s really rewarding to actually see your hard efforts coming out of the ground, if you will… [music] Here at Grand Coulee, we have infrastructure that’s been in place since the ’40s. The last powerhouse was completed in the ’70s, and so we have major overhauls going on over in the Third Powerplant right now, other components being replaced in the left and right powerhouses, and then we’re starting some work here in the Pump Generating Plant. [water flows] Grand Coulee Dam, being the largest producer of electric power here in the country and one of the largest concrete structures in the world, makes Hoover pale in comparison. It blows my mind thinking about this dam being constructed. You can see footage of some of the concrete being placed. They didn’t have the equipment we have today. It’s a feat. It’s I would say another wonder of the world. [music]

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  1. It's not the largest generator of electricity in the nation in terms of net output (twh/year). That honor goes to the Palo Verde Nuclear Power Plant.

  2. Pump Generator. That's a hydro battery. It can store more power then the largest chemical battery farm in existence by several magnitudes.

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