Plato’s Atlantis | New Documentary 2020 – Is there a Lost History in our Human Origins Story?

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website at People have been been puzzling over plato’s descriptions
of the island nation – an empire of Atlantis questions continue to fascinate
researchers and explorers to this day was Atlantis a real place or merely a
literary device warning against pride and hubris how could a civilization were
the strength to maintain a maritime empire and to threaten Greece’s security
have simply disappeared why is there no mention of Atlantis in any ancient texts
other than Plato’s where was this island capital located and what could possibly
obliterate this famed nation as Plato asserted within a night and a day these
questions have taken geological researchers all around the world from
Morocco to Indonesia from Bolivia to the North Sea from the Mediterranean to the
Sahara all in search of Atlantis still the majority of commentators regard
Plato’s description as nothing more than literary fiction a salutary tale against
national pride and military hubris Plato certainly uses fiction in his writings
nobody takes his dialogues as a verbatim recollection of an actual conversation
but Plato was real and his subject Socrates was real
Plato’s skill and passion in getting across saket
is teaching is real and in his dialogues Plato certainly appeals to events in
real-world history now when we come to his long description of Atlantis in
Timaeus and Critias to me it just doesn’t bear the marks of pure fiction
Plato’s references to higher beings or gods and to beings who hybrids of gods
and humans are taken by some to be evidence that his Atlantean narratives
are pure fiction yet we find similar references in the
texts of other ancient cultures who pepper their ancient histories with
mention of similar entities many people think of plato’s description of Atlantis
as if he’s describing some kind of a utopia but that’s really not the case
Atlantis has an army it goes to war it was he said an enemy of prehistoric
Athens but that Athens defeated it so it’s not a utopia and Plato’s
descriptions of it are so full of details that have nothing to do with
advancing a story of national hubris or pride comes before a fall which is often
how people interpret Atlantis when they want to say it is a fiction now Plato
said that this information had been obtained from ancient Egyptian priests
who had relayed the information to an ancient Greek legislature called Solon
and once again that is a real person in real history for me those are all
details that point to Atlantis being a real culture in real world history what really sparked the modern quest for
Plato’s Atlantis was the discovery in 1868 of the ancient and mythical city of
Troy for centuries the academic consensus was the Troy was the literary
creation of Homer a Greek author who predated Plato by at least 500 years in
his work the Iliad Homer details the Trojan War and the ten-year siege on the
city of Troy most scholars read these works as pure fiction yet a few
commentators quietly wondered if the fiction might be threaded through with
real history of real places and real world events
Plato’s references to higher beings or gods and to beings who are hybrids of
gods and humans are taken my son to be evidence that his Atlantean narratives
are pure fiction yet similar references can be found in the texts of other
historic cultures who pepper their ancient histories with mention of
similar entities the wide consensus that Troy was no more than fiction was dealt
a fatal blow when in 1868 a 46 year old German archaeologist Heinrich Schliemann
discovered the mythical city of Troy the way Heinrich Schliemann said about
locating Troy was simply to make a checklist from all the Geographic
markers that Homer had placed in his narratives and used them as a guide to
get him to the location that’s the discovery that’s given energy to today’s
explorers to do the same with Atlantis in Plato’s writing identify all the
geographic and geological markers in Plato’s texts and then follow the clues
and we’ll meet an Atlantis one of the most distinctive geological markers of
Atlantis was the structure of the port city looking across Atlantis from a
height one would see a central island surrounded by concentric circles of land
separated by seawater the circles of land were connected by a bridge and the
outer moat allowed a passage south to the Atlantic geologists have identified
this as the natural shape of an island formed by an undersea volcanic eruption
solidified and then modified by erosion the remains of one such structure can be
found in the Aegean Sea at the Greek island of Santorini
home to the ancient Minoan culture in 1913 and 1917 Katie Frost and es bulk
proposed that the story of Atlantis and its catastrophic demise might relate to
the ancient history of the Minoan civilization on Santorini archaeological
searches in the region have demonstrated that the ancient Minoan culture was
advanced in civil engineering with plumbing airflow management multi-story
buildings an earthquake resistant design Santorini may well have been home to a
maritime Empire with the force to fit itself against ancient mainland Greece
which according to Plato was exactly what Atlantis did historically
Santorini was indeed wiped out by a single major Cataclysm a volcanic
eruption in the second millennium BCE could santorini have been the
inspiration behind Plato’s Atlantis Santorini was a developed maritime power
the remaining built structures of the city of Akrotiri on Santorini reveal a
degree of sophistication that may well have rival the Civic environment of pre
ancient Athens however it is difficult to
correlate the geological clues that Plato claimed for Atlantis the
concentric circles of the Atlantean capital cannot be identified Crete
rather than Santorini was the local center of power
Santorini did not sink under the waves of the Atlantic it was buried in the
Aegean Sea by a volcanic eruption furthermore Santorini’s timeline does
not match the dates that Plato claimed for Atlantis neither is it opposite the
location almost universally accepted for The Pillars of Hercules one of the key
Geographic markers that Plato gave was that he placed Atlantis which would the
capital city and associated islands he said was a landmass a little larger than
modern day Libya and he placed it beyond and opposite The Pillars of Hercules
across from The Pillars of Hercules he said or Heracles as the ancient Greeks
would say now those pillars were understood by the ancient Greeks to
refer to the two towering promontories that flanked the entrance to the Strait
of Gibraltar and Greek legend tells the story of Heracles marking the edge the
western edge of the known world and beyond that was the unknown world and
that would place Atlantis not in Santorini
but somewhere to the west in the North Atlantic to the west of Spain and
northwest Africa but how far west evidences of ancient cities lost in the
terrain and under the coastal waters of South America have led some to locate
Atlantis in modern-day Amazonia Bolivia or off the coast of Cuba
but for an ancient maritime people to advance a naval attack on Athens from
Cuba or Bolivia would not appear in the least feasible Cuba is one of a number
of locations on planet earth whose coastal waters have submerged the cities
of a previous culture the island of Malta famously has these deep tracks
embedded in stone that lead something onto land that is now thousands of feet
underwater off the coast of Yonaguni Jima in Japan and in the Gulf of Cambay
off the coast of India under 25 to 36 meters of water scientists have
discovered the remains of streetscapes and cityscapes that would have been
above sea level no more recently than 10,000 years ago
so there’s no shortage of evidence for a civilization long predating our own so
while these places are fascinating and certainly important because it tells us
there’s a huge gap in our knowledge of our ancestry in our ancient past they’re
not Plato’s Atlantis they’re just in the wrong place
Plato’s Geographic clues have led some explorers to the coastal regions of
Spain and northwest Africa but what did the Northwest African coastline
look like 11 and a half millennia ago at the time of Atlantis
what tectonic shifts might have altered the lie of the land and the perimeter of
the oceans plato’s description of an earthquake and a tsunami certainly
hinted a cataclysm of global proportions viewed from space the western coast of
Mauritania bears the unmistakable scars of an immense deluge a wash of sand and
silt has immersed a huge section of land spanning from the North Atlantic to the
interior of what is now the Sahara Desert land that is now well above sea
level was once underwater accordingly the desert floor is scattered with the
remains of marine animals their skeletons and shells a testament to the
lands oceanic past here in 2008 nataly’s Rosen and George S Alexander began to
investigate and anomaly in the Mauritania landscape a structure within
the eye of Africa the rehab structure concentric rims of land alternating with
deep troughs correspond with the unusual shape of Atlantis with the land lower or
the sea level higher the correlations with Atlantis become clearer other clues
in Plato’s text find correlations here the white red and black stone Springs of
salt water and one of fresh water the preponderance of elephant remains
mountains rivers and a plateau to the north
a land lock of prehistoric mud is silt and sand between the structure and the
waters of the Atlantic Rosen and Alexander show that the scale of the
rehab structure corresponds with the measurements Plato gave for the
Atlantean capital they show that the outer ring has a diameter of 23.5 km/h of Plato’s texts critics suggest that
this measurement doesn’t take a count of the full extent of the rehab structure
which appears to be significantly larger 35 to 50 kilometers yet the structure is
rimmed by mountains on the north side landlocked by morass of sand and silt
just as Plato had described its abutted by plateau and extends to what may have
been a passageway to the sea all-powerful correlations but is
Mauritania the right location Plato’s phrase beyond the pillars of
Herakles suggests a location beyond the known world even an underwater
Mauritania would have been immediately adjacent to the northwest African
mainland furthermore the orientation of the recut structure is not to the north
and south as Plato said but to the southwest and the abutting plain doesn’t
match the details given by Plato the area of ancient mud silt and sand
pose no imaginable obstacle to the navigability of the region at the time
of Plato contrary to his claims about the aftermath of Atlantis and if the
recut structure is the remnant of Atlantis where are the remains of the
street systems and megalithic structures where is the evidence that an advanced
civilization ever called this place home under the coastal waters of Cuba Malta
the Gulf of Cambay the remains of the cities are still there streets steps
buildings temples all present and visible even after 10,000 years under
the sea wouldn’t something similar remain even if flattened and scattered
around the recatch structure when we look at the timing of the demise of this
previous civilization of which Plato’s Atlantis if it existed was a part it
corresponds with the timing of the most recent extinction level event on planet
earth that we know of pioneering scientists like Richard Firestone of the
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and Albert Goodyear of the University of
Southern Carolina James Kennedy at the University of
California really stuck their neck out with this thesis but it’s now part of a
growing scientific consensus that our planet was indeed impacted by the
exploding fragments of a massive asteroid which twelve thousand eight
hundred years ago obliterated the Clovis civilization on North America it
extincted 70% of that continents megafauna it would have triggered sky
fires and tsunamis around the world blanketing the planet in a pall of dust
and and suit what’s known as the Clovis
comet plunged the northern half of planet Earth back into an ice age even
more severe than the one we’d just been emerging from and at that time the
future of humanity itself would have hung in the balance so it isn’t hard to
conceive of an island nation experiencing seismic disturbances and
then disappearing under the waves just as Plato said of Atlantis the impact of
the Clovis comet is fragments and the planetary changes that followed give an
explanation of why coastal city is adjacent to Cuba malta Japan India are
now under up to 36 metres of seawater we call this moment the Younger Dryas cold
period a period whose effects continued until eleven thousand six hundred years
ago a massive meteorite crater beneath the ice fields of Greenland’s hiawatha
glacier measures 31 kilometers in diameter and may correspond with the
timing of the Younger Dryas extinctions of megafauna included woolly rhinos and
mammoths mastodons and saber-toothed Tigers in North America and Europe the
giant sloths in South America had enormous versions of buffalo zebra and
wildebeest on the African subcontinent might the recant structure correspond
with Plato’s Atlantis or does its orientation and position miss align with
plato’s description might is burial in salt and ocean sand
have all been part of a wider catechism triggered by the Clovis comet with the
absence of megalithic structures and other questions unanswered
one has to ask is it even in the right location plato’s phrase placing Atlantis
beyond the pillars of Herakles would more probably locate Atlantis somewhere
in the mid North Atlantic well what has been found there that might give
evidence that Atlantis was a real place and why does it matter if we now have
evidence of ancient cities under sea water all around the world and it’s
incontrovertible that there was a previous civilization previous cultures
that we really don’t know very much about if we’ve got all that to explore
then why is Plato’s forgotten city still important why does it matter to people
and if it’s only historical reference is to be found in Plato’s writings how
important can it be what exactly is a stake Richard Freund professor of archaeology
at the University of Hartford has been investigating archaeological sites in
southern Spain that point to a culture with a memory of Atlantis using
technology that reads soil conductivity professor Froines archaeological team
has located a site in don yana in western spain a region of mud flats the
aftermath of a prehistoric inundation underneath the mud flats the team’s
technology revealed patterns strongly suggesting a circular buried structure
the signatures of ancient walls deep beneath the soil a curious methane layer
in the subsoil hints at a huge depositor animal and plant life buried and sealed
in a single catastrophic event yet probing further under the mudflats poses
an extreme technical challenge while we await further investigation of don yana
spanish archaeologists have been bringing to light a unique structure 200
kilometers from the coast at a place called cancer rowana the structure appears to serve as some
kind of shrine or memorial to commemorate the ancient people’s
cultural heritage professor Freund interprets the structure as the
representation and miniature of an ancient city located in the center of
the miniature city is what appears to be a temple vestiges of gold silver and
bronze found within its walls Plato stated that Atlantis had an
industry in mining and refining for valuable metals exquisitely carved into
the temple floor at Cancellara wanna is a unique symbol from ancient Egyptian
culture and it’s the symbol of the science of refining metals what that tells us is that the culture
being memorialized at Concha rowana was built on the mining and refining of
metals what Plato said about Atlantis now if that seems circumstantial there’s
another carving at cancel rowana that makes the connection with Atlantis even
stronger right at the threshold of the ancient temple is a large stone steely
carved into the stone is the image of a warrior bearing an enormous metal sword
and he’s guarding what looks to me like a map of Plato’s Atlantis maybe mauritania merits further
investigation maybe the coast of southern Spain
Plato’s phrase across from the pillars of Herakles could place Atlantis further
out into the Atlantic yet close enough to mount a naval attack on prehistoric
Athens but why does it matter why are so many researchers investing great sums of
money and indeed there are lifetimes looking for a place that a great many
scholars would claim is pure fiction in 2005 on the island of Melos
researchers gathered from around the world to discuss the questions
surrounding the search for Atlantis the conference identified 24 check points
from the writing of Plato criteria that would have to be fulfilled
by any geographical candidate claiming to be the remains of Atlantis in the 150
years since the modern search for Atlantis was kicked off by Heinrich
Schliemann ‘z discovery of Troy no geographical candidate has been
identified that comes close to ticking those 24 check points we found buried
and underwater cities and habitations in the Amazon jungle in the North Sea off
the coast of Cuba Malta Japan India what’s so important then about taking
Plato’s lost city out of the fiction basket and saying that it was real when
we have so many other ancient cities and cultures to explore well for me the
significance of finding Atlantis would be in adding weight to the other claims
that Plato makes claims that if we put them into the fiction basket really
become kind of irrelevant but if they’re real
Plato’s claims are life-changing so in Timaeus and Critias which is the work
where Atlantis makes its appearance what kind of writing are we dealing with what
kind of information does Plato claim to be passing on to us well Plato
identifies three sources of information the first one is a logic applied to
things we can all observe we might call it science Plato called it philosophy
but essentially it’s logic apply to observation it’s on that basis that
Plato makes the following conclusions in today’s language we would call it the
holographic universe the conscious universe the belief that
the material universe is the expression of fractal ization of the primordial
field of intelligence and consciousness that you and I existed as beings of
light or spirit before we came into this life as human beings and that our
learning here is really remembering what we knew before it’s also on this basis
that Plato concludes that we’re here to learn how to do consciousness love
harmony and intelligence as a free society of individuals exercising free
choice Plato reaches all those conclusions from
logic applied to things we all observe his second source of information was
what we would call an altered state of consciousness a personal experience of
another dimension through the ingestion of an ancient Greek psychedelic called
Chi kyun part of what was known as the ellice Tinian mysteries out of that
experience Plato deepens his view that we each are spiritual beings going
through a human experience in order to learn love and wisdom and it’s from that
source he teaches that our biggest obstacle to enjoying this life and
making that journey learning those lessons is fear and fear of death in
particular he teaches that our challenge is to
shake off our heavier emotions emotions that detract from a good human
experience anger rage fear frustration hatred resentment unforgiveness we have
to learn how to deal with that and shake it off and he teaches that at death our
consciousness goes on but before returning to our original glory and
oneness we have to process that heavier stuff the stuff that’s weighed us down
he teaches that in death were met by spirit beings whether by loving
ancestors those who’ve gone before us or by interdimensional beings did you know
that Plato taught this who were deeply involved in the learnings of the human
experience now from here or the next source of information Plato has also
concluded that there are people similar to us who live on islands in the sky
they’re more intelligent than us they’re longer live than us and with an advanced
knowledge of the cosmos he also taught but powerful beings he didn’t know what
they were just call them children of God had intervened in the very evolution of
Homo sapiens as an intelligent and conscious species he also taught that
planet earth experiences periodic extinction-level events that basically
take human civilization back to a virtual zero and everything has to reset
and re-establish itself and he says these are things I can’t prove but that
I have come to believe things I have concluded Plato’s third source of
information is a cannon of ancient Egyptian priestly knowledge which he
claims was passed on to a real figure in Greek history called Solon a political
figure a legislator and this information he said had been curated by the Egyptian
priesthood of antiquity but that this information predated even that
and it’s from that source that Plato tells us of Atlantis a previous
civilization not a utopia but an advanced military empire wiped off the
face of the earth by what we can only describe as a planetary Cataclysm if
Plato is proven right about that then all is other claims and you see how
far-reaching they are a suddenly given far greater weight but is there another
explanation is it possible that Plato’s narrative of Atlantis is a fusion of
fact and fiction an inter weaving of a moral lesson with details inspired by
real history I think people get confused by the fact that Plato uses fiction in
his teaching no one reads to Mayerson Critias as if it’s a word-for-word
recollection of a real conversation but if I can illustrate with one of my books
about 20 years ago I wrote a book called my dinner with Anton and it’s a
conversation between two people I made up one is a two hundred and fifty year
old monk called Anton fictional and a fictionalized
version of myself again fiction we didn’t meet for dinner and we didn’t
have a conversation it’s fiction but the conversation is about a real historical
person Seraphim of Sarov and it’s full of quotes from real
historical conversations so the whole thing is written to convey an aspect of
seraphim’s teaching and it’s all my own work it’s written really to convey my
own thinking at the same time what I have learned from Seraphim so my dinner
with Anton is all fiction it’s all true it quotes a real historical figure and
real conversations it’s all seraphim’s teaching and it’s all Paul’s thinking
the conversation never happened but it relays real history
now of course 20 years ago I thought I was a genius thinking this up but of
course there’s nothing new Under the Sun I’d only reinvented the wheel countless
writers through the ages have written dialogues with layers just like that and
in his dialogues that’s exactly what Plato does so in Timaeus and Critias
where Plato talks about Atlantis it’s all fiction it’s all written to convey
Socrates real historic teaching so it’s all Socrates these are plato’s beliefs
so it’s all Plato he quotes a real historical figure the conversation never
happened but it’s entirely possible that it relays real history so if it turns
out that plato’s claims about history are real if we find Atlantis what else
in his teaching might we take out of the pure fiction basket and listen to a
little different what about Plato’s claims about human origins the origins
of the universe as a unified field of consciousness and intelligence and love
what do we do with that or is teaching that the origins of Homo sapiens
included this external intervention in our evolution by another species which
was an intervention to heighten our intelligence and consciousness do we
begin to take that more seriously or what about Plato’s claims about people
similar to us more intelligent than us more advanced longer lived with
spacefaring capacities what do we do with that what do we do at Plato’s
claims about our consciousness surviving death and carrying the lessons of this
life do we take that more seriously or Plato’s claim that around every 5,000
years human civilization is taken down to a virtual zero and reset by some
planetary catastrophe which he said was triggered by the movements of space
objects planets and asteroids are we ready now to do business with
that and what do we do with plato’s claims an altered state of consciousness
can actually provide information to us and can help us shake off the anxiety
that so detracts from our enjoyment of life is that a lesson that we’re finally
prepared to take seriously and not feel threatened by what about his claim that
it brings us real information about other dimensions I think we rob
ourselves when we dismiss Plato as fiction I want to know the truth of what
he’s saying and personally I don’t need Atlantis to be found to find truth in
what he’s saying no one would deny that Plato is the most important thinker in
the history of western sword the British mathematician and philosopher Alfred
Whitehead famously described all European philosophy is no more than a
series of footnotes to Plato that’s how important he is and in my view we don’t
need to read Plato’s Atlantis narrative in a fundamentalist way as word-for-word
history to take Plato seriously but if we were to establish the existence of
Atlantis and locate its remains what an incredible look at this that would
supply to all of plato’s claims thank you for watching the fifth kind we
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  44. I believe that the Annunaki are our star fathers and the Jews and Christians copied their stories. The evidence is clear, in the Enuma Elish compared to Old Testament and the 9 gods of Egypt, Greece, Vikings, Hindu, etc. Where is the evidence of Atlantis? Why didn't Homer write about it or those Egyptian priests? Or why no stories of Atlantis in cuniform or Sanskrit? Very puzzling if you believe and very foundational if you don't? Now, the timing does add up, 12.5 K years ago and all that, but Athens defeating them does not add up, correct? From that point of view it is a piece of fiction of nationalism for Athens who were on the decline right after the Peloponnesian war to show them the way back to power and glory.

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    The very first time Plato heard about Atlantis, was when he still was a young boy, late at night hidden behind some curtains, and listening to the conversations his dad, and some other grown man all familly were having, and then heard his uncle telling specific details about the lost city of Atlantis!! The uncle was a wise man whom spent years in Egypt to study at the
    so called Mystery Schools!! And was told by the highpriest, that EARTH went through many cataclysms since ancient times, and then he knew already to explain, that these are just complete normal natural cylcles, that happen not just on Earth, but throughout the whole Solar System. As we see today, unfolding on al planets and moons, throughout our Solar System. Not a word was mentioned, about archeology from space which clearly show, another city about 16 meters beneath the modern city of Caïro, and much greater even than the modern metropole. NOTHING was told about the Anunnaki whom came to Earth and have written many thousands of Cuneform SumerianTablets. And have documented the whole TRUE HISTORY of Homo Sapiens ( that's us' modern man ), and stored them carefully in library's they had in their city's. And then there are the Vedic Writings in India. All trustworthy well documented TRUE HISTORY!! OUR HISTORY!!! And last but not least, there are the Emerald Green Indistructable Tablets, created by THOTH, the Atlantian, whom created and wrote them at least 36000 years ago, and also build the great pyramide of Giza around that time, and when Egypt still was called the land of Khem!! These "documentations" tell us about ancient very advanced global civilisations, such advanced technolagy's that WE still can only dream of today. Interplanetarial and Interstellar civilisations, and ofcourse of the continent Atlantis, and the continent of Mu!!! By the way, todays Tora and the Bible, are just small remnants of these Cuneform Tablets, but mistranslated, incomplete, and corrupted over and over again!!! Just tell it all, it's out there, and prooven!!!

  47. Mass extinctions and civilizations occur in a cycle. To learn much more about this cycle of civilizations, recurring floods and ancient high tech, read the ebook "what I know about Nibiru" Just search for: know nibiru

  48. The history of civilizations prior to Plato have been destroyed or taken by others n hidden away. Vatican has a treasure trove in archives. But Alexander the Great n Cleo have been found but not really excavated. Every time something is found everything is striped away.

  49. An excellent video. As you state Solon, Herodotus, Socrates and Plato are all people that existed in real life, so the truth about Atlantis is somewhere within the stories they left for us. Is it coincidental that in his trips Odysseus gets a lift home onboard a Phaeacian ship which needed no pilot or captain and held steadily on her course, and even a falcon, swiftest of all birds, could not have kept pace with her. Almost a space ship sailing the skies.

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    . With Cristal statue . structure with plastic and cement
    With tyre tracts .
    This photo's was published by
    William Bell in 1958 .

  62. Plato, in my view is the perfect example of middle ground being of utmost importance. Extremism is were the problem begins. Denying and rejecting anything outside ones own narrowed view points merely creates chaos. Anything can be possible as long as you continue to search for more knowledge. Accepting what is unknown could be the tie that binds all of humanity to peace of mind and true enlightenment. Denying the unknown is to create fear, hate, and unrest. Accepting that the unknown is simply another road to greater knowledge is key to the greater good for all of humanity. Great video, peace of mind and enlightenment to you and your Mr. Wallis.

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  67. Atlantis was in Portugal…The Atlantean empire's history is lost.

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