Please pray for Sendai, Japan

(car driving) – [Toni] This is my friend Yamaki-san. He works at the fire department in the Wakabayashi (area of Sendai). (sirens ringing) Of course, we are a rescue organization, but more than that we are trying to help enable other people, who are doing rescue work, to get in here are quickly as possible. To do rescue and and other work that is here. We’re organizing, and coordinating those events to get people in here to work. First three days after the earthquake, of course, we held out hope of finding survivors. And that’s what drove us to search as quickly and as well as we could. ‘Cuz there was always the hope that we would find somebody alive, and we found a few. And that was good. By the fourth day, we began to understand there would be no more survivors, and from this point on it was a recorvery operation. However, we realized that there are survivors, and they are the loved ones of the victims that we are finding. So then our focus or approach began to be not for the sake of the people/victims that we are finding, but but for the sake of the loved ones who are waiting and hoping to find someone they can grieve over. And so our our focus then becomes upon the living as we search for the dead. (motor starting) Of course, as a fireman we understand as our job is to save lives and to protect the community, but he said, “It’s not that much different as a Christian. I realized that my responsibility as a Christian is to not just the lives, but the eternal lives. The soul of the people that we come in contact with.” And he said, “I feel that that I feel that responsibility very heavily perhaps even more so than my responsibility as a fireman, but as a Christian, to bring that that importance of life to the people that we work with and the people that we reach out to. To save not only the physical, but the emotional and spiritual aspect there too.” – [Tony] We hear words of support from all over the world. People saying we are going to support you. We are going to send food. We are going to send people and volunteers and goods and services for you. But he said, “More than that I want to hear people say is that we are praying for you.” Because he said, “I know that prayer can be the most effective, the most powerful tool of all and I just want to hear that that you are praying for us.” (machine sounds)

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