POKÉMON GO FAST FACTS! | Pokémon Training in the Real World | Greenskull from Ready Up Live | LORE

Released on July 6th, 2016, Pokémon GO Android
users were spending an average of 43 minutes and 23 seconds playing the game within the
first two days. For context, Facebook revealed average users
spend 50 minutes a day on their platform. Within its first week, the percentage of daily
app users of Pokémon GO on Android phones in the US surpassed Tinder, Twitter and even
nearly overtook Snapchat. Pokémon GO gyms have shown up in some bizarre
places, drawing players to graveyards, London’s MI-5 Headquarters, and the front lawns of
some confused citizens. One Australian police station had to release
a statement asking players to refrain from entering the station to catch Pokémon. While hunting for Pokémon, some Pokémon
GO players have stumbled upon more than just Rattatas and Sandshrews. One Wyoming teen found a dead body floating
in a river while searching for Pokémon, while in Missouri, four men used the app to lure
and mug players. Luckily, most people just find Pokémon. After reading about Pokémon related injuries,
Sberban, a Russian bank, is reportedly offering Pokémon GO insurance in anticipation of the
title making its way to Russia. Users will be covered for up to 50,000 Rubles
or about $800 U.S, so don’t go walking off any cliffs in Russia just yet! Trainers who really want to catch ‘em all
have resorted to GPS spoofing, which allows these players to fake their location to be
anywhere in the world. If the game detects you’re cheating, however,
Pokémon will run away from you, Pokéstops won’t serve you, and Gyms just flat-out
won’t have you. And once Niantic gets a hold of your account,
players have claimed they’ve been temporarily banned from the game.

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