Police Officer Rescues Man From Flash Flood | Hearts of Heroes

you’re trying to look to see if there’s
anything anywhere to grab plus there’s debris that’s coming down with you
rescuers say the most dangerous part of being caught in a rushing flash flood is
the debris in the water dead trees tires can be swept off and great peril for
those in the way if I even stepped away from that fence on my own what I can
throw them out there I would have went wild up the same to her right behind her
going down and maybe drowning Oh I just said he’s gonna drown so I didn’t
think he was gonna make it I just kind of went in the direction that the wash
was going hoping that I would catch him somewhere down further and he got lucky
in the end up catching onto a fence I was out of breath I was hanging on like
this then Oh he grabbed me that police officer he’s got a family and children
whatever but he risked his life to save mine we just wanted to thank you again
for this down in the right place at the right time
yeah worked out well so oh yeah never in my life did I ever have anything like
that happen I would like to think if I wasn’t a cop I still would have done the
same thing I just kind of let natural instincts take over and help another
human being

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