Polihali Dam Project (2019 Before Construction) English subtitles

This is Senqu river Its winter, the water flow is minimal As the river To the right… it will meet with… It will meet with… Khubelu river It is where the dam wall will be build We are going to the, meeting point of these rivers This river shown here, is Khubelu river, coming from the right (pointing) It flows downstream to the left it is a big river, you ‘re just seeing it in winter with low flow It meets here with Senqu river it’ll show clearly in a few it is here where the wall will be build There are white houses far into the background Below those houses, it’s where the wall will be positioned wall! follwing the Khubelu river…. …. It meets Senqu river it’s where they meet People have fields along this river From the left, joins Senqu river flowing opposite the direction of the the black cow moving upstream these are huge rivers It is expected that the dam’s height let’s zoom in if it will show clearly if you notice there are markers above the hills marking there it is expected at full capacity the water height should reach those markers everything below those markers will not be accessible. The fileds plants, medicinal plants like “HLOENYA” this place is rich of medicinal plants. I know we used to get medicinal plants here things natives use for survival will not be here soon, these melodious songs from birds will be no more, because their shelters will be submerged under water all of them, maybe even eggs they will have to migrate to another location others only survive here they have adapted here. It is a huge loss to the country Actually what I wanted to speak on with this video and many others that will follow is that, this Polihali project is a RIP OFF we should NOT ALLOW it to happen. We should stand up to fight this government that is not for the interests of the people and this insane deals that do not benefit the people Like now, when saying the compensation for land and crop fields will run ONLY FOR 50 years, what nonsense is that? what kind of generational wealth runs for 50 years only? This is nonsense we should fight against this IN FACT THIS PROJECT SHOULD BE STOPPED

1 thought on “Polihali Dam Project (2019 Before Construction) English subtitles

  1. For someone who possesses the length of intellectual property as you do, I was anticipating to hear your views on possible contingency plans if you have doubts with plan A (Polihali).
    A naked statement like this one, "ha e le hantle project ena e tlameha ho koaloa" to me sounds very ignorant and unconstructive towards the socio-economic prosperity of the nation at large.

    Kea bothela moetapele.

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