Pollution Myth Busted – Rally For Rivers | Sadhguru

Interviewer: The vehicle you’re driving is
producing so much poisonous gasses… Sadhguru: Anyway, they got the basic arithmetic wrong. Interviewer: Yes, I would want to hear that (Both laugh). Sadhguru: The vehicle I am driving, is it legal? Interviewer: Yes. Sadhguru: It is? Mercedes openly advertises… The G-Wagon that I am driving, Mercedes
openly advertises it, it’s a legal vehicle, cleared by the government of India, it is a Euro Five emissions
standards, it is the highest emissions standard on the planet… on the planet.
Interviewer: Yes. So if I have broken the law, tell me, ban
the vehicle, I’ll drop it here and take something else and drive.
Interviewer: Sure. Sadhguru: But any of them, we thought it’s
7000 kilometers, already it’s 4700, only forty percent, probably we’ll cross 9000
kilometers, for all you know. 9000 kilometers in thirty days, every day I am doing
a minimum of ten to twelve interviews and meetings, and on the road stopping wherever
people want me to stop, this, ask anyone of them to do it.
Interviewer: Yes. Sadhguru: People half my age, let them do
it (Interviewer laughs). Let me see. So I am saying, you are trying to find a problem
in the solution, all right? (Audio cut) …Stretches we are doing in the
night, throughout the day we have something going, entire day, and then driving in the night.
Look at me, I’m a old man (Both laugh). At least, some comfort and safety, have you
ever driven long distances on Indian roads, how dangerous it is to drive in the night? Every moment
is a possible that you could get into a mess, okay? So, if I drive a car which is fit for that kind of
journey, which is safe and above all, it’s legal, so if you want to form your own law
and persecute me for that, you are a… you are breeding lynch mobs. Please stop that. Let’s make this into a law-abiding nation, okay, I want all of you – those of you who are,
you know going like this, I want all of you – it doesn’t matter you don’t like me, it doesn’t matter, because you don’t have to marry me, nor do you have to take me as a guru, all right? You don’t have to do
any of those things, please give a missed call. Interviewer: (Laughs) Sure. Sadhguru: Because this is for the future of
this nation and for our children, and I’m sure… I’m sure somewhere deep within your heart,
even for you it matters. Interviewer: Yeah.
Sadhguru: Please do that. Say some more nasty things about me, but
make sure the nation gives missed calls. Interviewer: So… So, (Sadhguru laughs) in a
sense, are you saying sir, that the 28000 kilo-tons of gasses or whatever,
that this journey is supposed to emit, are–are the best bad gasses that we produce because
the… the purpose is something much, much grander? Sadhguru: No, no I wouldn’t say that. Anyway, they got the arithmetic all wrong. Interviewer: Yes. Sadhguru: They’ve said some eight lakh trees
you have to plant, no, it’s actually some twenty-five hundred trees, anyway I as… already told
you, we have planted thirty two million trees, now I have signed MOUs for fifty crore
trees here, and twenty five crores in this thing, and all the government lands in Tamil Nadu,
openly the Chief Minister declared, “Sadhguru, we will give it to you, you
plant how many ever you want.” So compensatory action will be done but anyway,
if I am… that is a test vehicle (Interviewer affirms) – if I am not driving, somebody is testing (Sounds like –
out of it?) ( Laughs) Interviewer: Exactly. Interviewer: It’s going to be out there anyway. Sadhguru: See, anyway, it’s going to be out there, and the Mahendra vehicles are also used vehicles, my vehicle has already done
thirty tho… 30,000 kilometers – Mahendra vehicles also used
vehicles, all given to us for thirty days of usage. We did not buy any of them. All of
them given to us as this thing. It is wonderful, the industry is looking at it like this,
though they know when we pass ecological laws, it maybe… it may hit them. In spite of that they are
sponsoring… usually they will never sponsor anything ecologically related stuff because it always
goes against them, now they are sponsoring it. Should you not appreciate that? (Audio cut) Speaker: Mathematics is supposed
to be an exact science. Except, of course, for a media outlet
(Laughs). They practice a special branch of mathematics
known as malicious mathematics. Never heard of it? Don’t worry, we are here to give you an introduction
to this convenient set of tools. There is no better way to learn than by example.
So! Let’s get started with one. Let’s find out how many trees we have to plant
to compensate for the vehicle emissions from thirty days of Rally For Rivers.
What does malicious mathematics say? Eight lakh trees. Eight lakh trees! What does regular mathematics,
that everyone uses, say? Twenty five hundred trees. Why is there such a difference?
Let’s find out. Total carbon dioxide emission of all
rally vehicles – thirty three tons. How much does carbon dioxide does a tree
in tropical climate absorb in a year? Malicious mathematics say twelve Kg. Normal mathematics says one fifty eight Kg. What are the scientific references for
the normal mathematics figure? Several ecological studies. What are the scientific
references for the malicious mathematics figure? Huh! Never mind. Let’s move on, shall we? The rally is a thirty day drive. So how many days’ worth of carbon dioxide
absorption for a tree should we consider? Sense say thirty days. Malicious mathematics
says one day. Why? Never mind (Laughs). Why? Uh, never mind. And thus,
we have the final answer. According to malicious mathematics, eight lakh trees
need to be planted to compensate for the emissions from the River Rally. In the real world, we
actually need twenty five hundred trees.

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  1. ahahah..
    Do you ask WHY he paying the govt for the petrol/gas they be spending on? which would improve the economy of the country.. Before that bro.. before you leave your house for a vacation.. or something with family and friends the next time.. Do ask your friends and family WHY you couldn't just stay at home.. OR.. WHY you dint plant a tree before leaving the house, atleast amigo..!
    No offence dude.. Just adding a few more WHYs not addressed.
    The propaganda is different here.. That's way more awakening than the kilo tonnes you mentioned(Unsolicited figures) in the gas pollution.
    He has done enough good he don't need to justify this.. I gotchu!!

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