[Sis] Hey guys its Karina! [Sis] Today we’re doing the pool is lava… [both] challeeeenggee! [Sis] So basically we’re going to try and get across the pool without touching the water! [Sis] We got these floaties to help us on the way! [Sis] So let’s see who wins this thing! [Bro] I’m obviously gonna win… [Sis] No, uhh… [Bro] Cos I’m Lady Gaga! [Sis] No I’m gonna obviously win! [Bro] And who likes popcorn?.. [Sis] Me! [Sis] Okay I’m just gonna back away… [Sis] No, no, noooo [Sis] Alright so let’s get the floaties to the water! [Bro] Ooh yeah! [Sis screams] [Sis] Complete the first..! [Sis] Donuuuuut! [Sis] Poop! [Bro] Keep calm and stay swag! [Sis] We’ve got pineapples! [Bro] Woah! [Bro] I don’t wanna get on that! [Bro] Agh! I called that one! [Sis] Nope! [Sis] And lolly…. Pop! [Bro] Are we allowed paddling? [Sis] Yeah, only a little bit! [Sis] If youre like… stuck at sea! [Bro] I’m scared. [Sis] Alright! [Sis] You start at, um… [Bro] Well I start at… I get this!? [Sis] Yeah! [Sis] Alright! [Sis] Three! [Bro] Nooo! [Sis] Two! [Sis] One! [Sis] Ahhhh! [Sis] I fell in! [Sis] noo [Bro] ha you died Honestly im kinda scared that kids gonna fall off the edge i mean it just cuts off sister shook [bro] Stop, karina! Stop [bro] I need that pizza. [sis] Fall Ronald FALL [bro] I don’t wanna fall [bro] Oh yes i am almost to my destination Fall ronald slap that booty :0 [bro] correa stop im almost down to that pineapple [bro] k im here at the pineAPPPPPLLLLEEEEEEEE [sis] yes ronald fall [high pitched screaming and the sounds of rubber] [bro] poop emoji save me [sis] fall [bro] no i will make it to the end [ ronald struggles to get on to the pavement]

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