Potop (The Deluge) – Wołodyjowski duels Kmicic [ENG subs]

Stop! Listen! Stop it, will you? Let’s talk! Stop! Who’s speaking? The Banneret of Orsha, Kmicic. And whom am I speaking with? Colonel Michal Wolodyjowski. I greet you! This is no time for greetings! What do you want? You bandit!
There are people with me… …who have an account to settle
with you for robbery… …for innocently spilled blood,
and for the kidnapped lady! You have to yield your life! You would not call me
a bandit a second time… …if it were not for this door
between us! Then open it! Listen to me well! I have a barrel
of gun powder here with me! If you do not let me go,
I’ll blow up the house… …along with everyone in here,
including myself! He’s a madman!
He’s ready to do what he says! Come out here with your saber! If you put me down, you can go free! Do I have the word of a knight
that I’ll go free? Yes, you do! That can’t be! Quiet! If you don’t like it then you
can blow up here along with him! So? Do the gray coats agree? Yes, and they will swear
on their swords, if you wish! Let them swear! Come together, gentlemen,
come together! I take all of you as witnesses… …that I have challenged Sir Kmicic
the Banneret of Orsha, to a duel. And promised him,
that if he puts me down… …he may go free,
without any obstacle from you. Swear it! I swear, by the Almighty God… …and the Holy Cross! Amen! Well? Come out! Come out! I have put my trust in you. Who is Colonel Wolodyjowski? I am. Oh, you don’t look like a giant. Where shall we fight? Here! Agreed. I feel sorry for you,
since I’ve heard… …that you’re a splendid soldier. Therefore I’ll say this
one more time, let me go. Stand your ground! You asked for it. Maybe you would like to wait
for it to stop raining? It makes no difference to me. It’s a pity to die in such rain. They’ll be burying a colonel,
so the sky is weeping! Stand your ground! You swing that like a flail! Pick it up! Pick it up! Just finish it! Spare me the shame! Let me go! He’s still alive! He’s alive!
He hasn’t fallen on his back! He’s mine, now! Not yours! I don’t want any shambles here!
Knightly customs! We don’t slaughter the wounded!
Dress his wounds! Dress his wounds!

100 thoughts on “Potop (The Deluge) – Wołodyjowski duels Kmicic [ENG subs]

  1. Już niedługo wyjdzie film "Zrodzeni do szabli" robiony przez ludzi, którzy znają się na sztuce walki polską szablą jak nikt inny. Polecam trailer.

  2. That was the worst choreography since my 6th grade class put on Westside story!

  3. I doubt sword fights lasted much longer than the initial attack and parry.

  4. Вспотел пока смотрел. Пойду поищу полную версию на торрентах. Кстати, действительно Ольгирд из Ведьмака

  5. I'm no expert, but from what every sword and HEMA expert has said, this is the best sword duel in movies. There are a lot of stories about this scene and this movie, look them up. Great film.

  6. I like how he had enough control to whip his opponent just enough to knock him out but still shallow enough to keep him alive. And he did it immediately after wanting to do so.

  7. I would have set fire to the place under the eaves, and then retreated to a safe distance.

  8. Thoes englis translations are shit like they ignore whats realy said in this film. Example in 0.13-0.14 he says:"listen, stop/ halt to 100 devils. Lets satle/ talk this out"

  9. … już był filmik z 2 000 0000 wyświetleń. Ale ktoś tego nie wytrzymał psychicznie i usunął tamten film. No i licznik bije od nowa … Pusty śmiech ogarnia.
    Łomnicki i Olbrychski ćwiczyli polską szkołę szabli pół roku, zanim stanęli przed kamerą. I co na to dupki od efektów komputerowych ? ''Krew'' pryska, ale każdy widzi, że to lipa …

  10. Actor playing Colonel Wołodyjowski once said backstage in theatre when he thought nobody see him, looking at at the crowd: "I envy You, motherfuckers, You can watch me playing" 😀

  11. Wouldnt "thou" be better choice than "You" when they use "waść" in subtitles ?

  12. "Finish it. Spare me the shame." Even now , after many years i have goosebumps when im watching this. Epic scene.

  13. pretty good if your main objective is to hit the other guys sword.

  14. They're saying in polish an titles here. In the end of every sentence. Something like "sir", "my lords" and other similar words. For example: "Finish it SIR, spare me the shame".

  15. I love their boots, especially the taller guy's! Just look cool.

  16. "Musisz tu gardło dać!" – taki tekst powinien być standardowy w dzisiejszych czasach do wszystkich zdrajców, złodziei, wandali.

  17. Channel Education of the Look/Edukacja Spojrzenia: Colonel Wolodyjowski's duel with Andrzej Kmicic is one of those cult scenes in Polish cinema. It was the most difficult scene to create in The Deluge (Polish: Potop). How did the film crew prepare to shoot this scene? How did the actors Tadeusz Łomnicki and Daniel Olbrychski have to prepare for it? Why during the duel – unlike in Henryk Sienkiewicz's novel – it is raining all the time? What is the role of the water element in this scene?

  18. the sword fight reminded me of the Akira Kurosawa samurai duels excellent well done polskis !!

  19. Olgierd von Everc from Witcher was inspired by Kmicic (taller one)

  20. Hollywood take note, this is what a sword fight is meant to look like.

  21. Kmicic may not be as good a swordsman he used to tell he was, but 3:15 to 2:24 is actually quite the badass way of trying to avoid a duel.

  22. Wolodyjowski is badass!
    Salute! Respect!
    Greetings from the Philippines!

  23. Niezły filmik brawo 🙂 w temacie  szabli czyli naszej  broni historycznej zapraszam więęceej jest tu …. szablotłuk polski

  24. Amazing Duel, now I just wish I could find the full movie with english subs.

  25. Wołodyjowski's economy of movement shows who the master is. He does exactly what he needs to with his sword, no more, no less.

  26. Fun fact, the actor who plays kmicic gave his voice to al mualim in first assassin's creed also some of olgierd von everec from witcher 3 lines come directly from this scene

  27. Wasc machasz jak cepem:") I almost lost it.
    To non Polish speaking…. You swing that sword like it's a sicle:) Such a good movie.

  28. Kurwa dużo bym dal, żeby zobaczy walkę Pana Michała z Łukaszem Skywalkerem! Czy to na zwykłe, czy świetlne miecze 😀

  29. Are we all going to not notice the magically appearing hand guard on the taller guys Sabre?

  30. Hot diggity that colonel was oozing honor! This man, who he so despised and was even willing to bet everything on a duel with, forced everyone else to behave like knights and even dressed the enemy's wounds when he didn't lose the duel proper.

  31. Lol looked as if the winner just gave the loser a light thump on the head. Who knew the best sword fight ever would involve such a slow, basic folly of not putting one's sword up??

  32. Pod tym filmikiem było już gdzie indziej 2 000 000 wyświetleń. Usuwają bo to polski film i polscy aktorzy.

  33. The lack of music makes this scene incredibly intense, with the only sound being rain, thunder, and the clashing of swords.

  34. Andrej Kmicic, the Seneschal of Orsha, goes to the Lauda country in Lithuania to pay court to his betrothed, a great and beloved lady. He gets sideways with her followers because he has grown used to getting his way under all circumstances. He kills a few and they kill a few of his men. So we have this standoff. The little guy is the best swordsman in the Polish Lithuanian Commonwealth, currently at war with the Swedes. This guy wants to preserve Kmicic, because he is a valuable soldier. He is the best light cavalry leader in the country. So we get this duel.

  35. 3:50 "A colonel is to be buried, so even the heavens weep…"
    Non-Polish speakers might not understand, this is a kind of a joke. The sentence above, without any context, sounds the same as "THE colonel… etc.". So he meant "one of us…". Technically, both of the opponents have the same military rank, and the bad guy, Kmicic, later becomes a real colonel, too.

  36. Poland is 7th in the category of the number of victorious battles of all time,

    Ahead of Roman empire, Spartans, China, Mongols, Turkey and Persians.

    It owes the number of battles to its geopolitical location (between Germany and Russia).

    It is the only country that successfully conquered Russia and placed its king there on the throne.

  37. That last stroke was the classic vertical carving cut, borrowed in Bowie knife fighting as the linear snap cut. Done right, you launch it on your opponent's blind spot, right between his eyes and he never sees it coming in.

  38. Great sword fight! I like how the colonel was switching hands with no effort

  39. I've seen whole movie recently, as it turns out this was only worthy scene in whole film.

  40. the fencing in this clip was very entretaining to watch.
    seems like a good movie, i better try and find a dvd or such whit it.
    this and waterloo (1970, somthing) is my entire socalled "bucketlist" of movies to watch now.

  41. Don't need to speak Polish. The look on the villain's face when he realized he'd bitten off more than he could chew is unmistakable.

  42. I saw the click bait pic at the beginning and just had to post.
    Hello. My name is Inigo Montoya. You kill my father. Prepare to die.!!!.

  43. пан Володыевский, первая сабля Речи Посполитой!! хорошие фильмы поляки раньше снимали

  44. They don't look like Poles…..not a bowling ball in the whole bunch.

  45. Bardzo polecam ten film o historii i kulturze szabli w dawnej Polsce. Kiedyś miałem przyjemność uczestniczenia w zajęciach szermierki u Panów Sieniawskich i byłem pod ogromnym wrażeniem kunsztu mistrzowskiego jaki tam zobaczyłem tak że w filmie możemy się spodziewać bardzo emocjonujących scen walki szablą.


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