Powder River 2000 Series Chutes

Powder Rivers 2000 Series Chutes are a great way to enhance your cattle working experience. Utilizing proven designs and innovative manufacturing the 2000 series of cattle chutes are an easy choice when considering an upgrade from outdated or unsafe equipment. Since 1938 Powder River has been Innovating and leading the livestock handling industry. Today with its modern manufacturing techniques capable engineering, and it’s cattle specific focus, Powder River is the brand of choice for cattle working equipment. Available in popular configurations That will appeal to a broad range of customers And, including many standard features that make a big difference in livestock handling Ranchers who appreciate quality, will quickly see the value in this chute family from Powder River. The 2000 Series chutes focus on making cattle handling safe and efficient for the operator and the animal. With well thought out control placement improved operating design, and strong linkages and mechanisms, The 2000 series chutes are truly a step ahead. The standard features of the 2000 series chutes include: Split Tailgates – these split tailgate doors mean that when open, they offer minimal interference in areas that you want to be working. manually operated chutes feature a spring assisted linkage with handles toward the front and rear of the chute. to make directing traffic in your chute a very simple and easy process. split kick pans that fold down and provide a large access point to either the front or rear areas. easy latches make for trouble free operation and the sections are easily removed if desired. Stanard Side Exit the side exit is an important safety feature for the squeeze chute. Powder River’s entire line of chutes include this important feature. the ability to side exit a cow is paramount to animal and operator safety. it also comes in handy for a few other practical reasons like sorting animals. Dual Sided squeeze with easy to use drop fingers all Powder River 2000 squeeze chutes squeeze equally from both sides providing a centered and secure stabilizing catch for all sizes of livestock. the drop bars located along the entire length of the squeeze operate smoothly with one hand. and provide targeted access for branding or other procedures. the floor of the 2000 series chutes feature an innovative adjustment mechanism that is easy, fast, and accurate. The ability to adjust for many sizes of animals is a benefit to anyone running a variety of sizes of cattle. The 2000 series chutes are available with 3 different headgate options. The standard Manual or M2000 model, has a “scissor” style headgate. The S2000 model features a self catching headgate some call this a “cafe style” headgate. The C2000 model or curtain style that opens in a parallel fashion. The manual operation of the M2000 and the C2000 have an advantage of being quick to operate, however, they require someone at the headgate to catch the cattle on their way through. the S2000 offers the benefit of being able to operate the chute with little human intervention. allowing a short handed situation to still be effective. the S2000 chute features and updated headgate retention and release linkage that offers superior leverage. it also features highly adjustable stanchions with enhanced leverage to make opening the headgate a snap. the M2000 and C2000 models are also offered in a hydraulic configuration. Both manual style chutes and their counterparts come standard with a neck extender to aid in head immobilization. these hydraulic chutes come wired for standard 110v operation but can be converted easily to 220v. Each of the headgates can also be configured with Powder River’s exclusive stabilizer feature. this effectively offers a secondary head restraint behind the normal headgate the stabilzer headgate isolates body movement by manually catching the cow again by the front of the shoulders this extended neck area offers an ideal injection site and impressive immobilization of the head. Powder River is serious about products and equipment that makes life better for the Rancher. We want to be their partner when they are handling livestock. That’s why all Powder River products come with a durable powder coating that shields them from the elements. The 2000 series chute units all come a 5-Year warranty on workmanship We are serious when it comes to quality products. All these features combine to make a chute platform that can be what you need. A Solid Investment. A Safe Working Environment. An Effective Tool. The 2000 Series Chutes from Powder River are the right choice to meet your cattle working equipment needs. Whether you need a new squeeze chute now or are thinking of one in the future contact your local Powder River dealer or visit us on the website at www.powderriver.com to download a catalog.

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