Powerful Earthquake hits Japan Tsunami

the political issue did it with immediately to higher ground if they are that warning
was extremely good advice prefecture northeastern japan intensity is seven was recorded on that our studios when earthquakes hit newsrooms
it sees this he straightaway help out the window and if they’re out to sea his just off the
coast anderson only doesn’t take long to turn up the and this is alot places seed recycle tsunami golfing involving the four th the saline for these events are not involved
in the port area compromise city making lots of prefixes we’ve been reporting early on that date ideological agency has issued a warning for tsunami after six
meters deep has six meters high is what’s happening right as we speak artists tsunami involved we reported car primary season politically picture well that was all happening in the northeast
at the current tokyo the capital for the south was feeling is as well in different ways sings
t_v_ channels should fires burning people trucks in high-rise buildings sheba sample though other pictures suggested most
buildings have stood up to the earthquake dinos are designed to i was a collapsed and
it’s impossible to imagine a number of deaths from this will be substantial system which
is special a geological experts have warned while the tsunami
rolled west towards japan it’s also delighted to the move north and that means the southeastern
tip of russian diplomat will still think it’s better warnings to other countries as well as diverse as taiwan here in hawaii largely of this error

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