Preparing For Emergencies With Your Grab + Go Binder

Great morning everyone! Today, I’m going to show you guys how to create
your grab-and-go binder for just in-case of emergencies. It’s not a question of whether bad things
will happen to you in life. Bad things are bound to happen, for sure. It’s a question of: When they will happen? And are you prepared for them? I remember back in 2012, Hurricane Sandy hit
New York City. I was a high school student back then. I went into gym class first thing in the morning
and my gym teacher was in tears. She was sobbing. What is going on? Did something happen to her? As it turned out, she lived in an area that
had to evacuate. She went back home. Every single home in her neighborhood was
totally flooded. Her first floor and her basement were flooded. I have never seen an adult, just so vulnerable
and weak before. Back then, I naively believed that adults
are perfect as a kid. They’re not. My high school teacher was extremely weak
in that moment of her life, but she actually told us that she had people around her who
were strong. Her neighbors were immigrants. And in their home countries, they have experienced
natural disasters and traumatic events before. So when they had to evacuate for Hurricane
Sandy, they had their grab-and-go bag all ready to go. In just one minute, they were ready to evacuate
and be out the door. That is amazing. I would like to be prepared for anything and
to do everything that is within my control. And, anything beyond that is up to God. And, I want the same thing for you guys. If you are the CFO in your household–meaning
you’re the one who is managing everything financially related in your family–what’s
going to happen to your family in case you pass away suddenly? They need to be able to: find out which accounts
they need access to, which bills need to be paid and when so they don’t go to collections
by accident, how to make the insurance claims, where is your safe deposit box, and where’s
the key for it, so they can access that. Things like that will make the financial transition
for your family much easier. So if I’ve convinced you to make that grab-and-go
binder, please keep watching and you will make it together with me. To make your grab-and-go binder, you will
need: A 3-Inch Three-Ring Binder. Make sure it’s the clear-view type so that
anyone can easily identify the binder. Binder dividers. I bought the 10-tab extra-wide binder dividers
from Avery because I just loved how Avery designed the table of contents and because
the tabs extend beyond sheet protectors. You will need:
Sheet protectors. Trading card pages. A 3-ring pencil pouch. A fireproof and water-resistant bag,
And finally, a cover sheet. I’m calling mine: “Annie Gets Hit By A Bus.” The cost of all these materials totals $70.36,
but peace of mind is priceless. The first thing you’re going to do is print
out the grab-and-go checklist, which you can download in the description box below. Gather all the documents in the checklist. Second, label the binder divider tabs. I’m labeling mine with the same titles from
the checklist in the same exact order. Third, insert your paper documents into the
sheet protectors. Insert any cards into the trading card pages
to keep them organized. And, put anything from the miscellaneous section
into the pencil pouch. It’s a good idea to keep cash in your grab-and-go
binder in several denominations just in case you cannot withdraw money from an ATM, in
the case of an emergency. And now, I’m putting my “Annie Gets Hit By
A Bus” cover sheet on. And then, I’m putting the whole binder into
my fireproof and water-resistant bag. And now, I’m done. If you’re wondering, How often you need to
update this grab-and-go binder? Ideally, you’ll want to update it every six
months. And, don’t go beyond updating every year. A lot can happen in this time period, such
as having a new insurance policy or a new lease or your kid is going to a new school. And, that’s it for you guys today! Please buy my book on Amazon: 1001 Ways To
Save Money: Quit Flushing Your Hard-Earned Money Down The Toilet. Like, subscribe, and comment below and share
it with all your friends! And, I will see you guys next time! Bye!

6 thoughts on “Preparing For Emergencies With Your Grab + Go Binder

  1. Excellent and timely vid. Some additional things to place there are emergency credit cards, and a list of main financial/billing internet accounts with password along with any special medication for those that have prescriptions. Since medicine goes bad/expires, one can just order a refill while using the current amount, then put the refill there and swap it out with the next refill when the current supply gets low.

  2. Another great video by Annie. This is very important advice that everyone would be wise to heed.

  3. Thank you for this video. I need to do this (or something like it). I live by the coast near Houston and the hurricane threat is real. I might throw a laptop in the package so when I evacuate to a hotel further inland, I can access my accounts and make sure the bills get paid. You might do that with your phone, but I'm 50 years old and still use a computer for that stuff.

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