Presentation Prototype “Flood Alert System”

Hallo, my name is Vincent.. My name is Bastian.. My name is Rafi My name is Max and this is an alarm detector an alarm system for flooding if you are at a mountain hut then this device is at the creek (small river) and it beeps and depending on how loud it beeps, the higher the water is and if it is beeping really really loud, the situation is critical (the water is very high) and if it is critical.. the device writes it down and there is a red light the device writes it down and there is a red light “CAUTION, FLOODING!” and then the farmer knows: there is a flooding and it is getting critical I would say we test it! here we see the display. when more water comes … …it’s changing. it writes “Caution, Flooding” and then, if it really would be flooded then the device would start beeping and the light would be really bright and you could see it really good. and we agreed on red because there are no red stars!

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