9 thoughts on “President Trump jokes about Harvey funding at Dallas rally

  1. The rally was chopped full of , policy plans for domestic and foreign policy, future of energy for the nation, education positives, tons on infastructure for the nation, great health care system planning etc. Glad to know what everyone will actually be voting for! Lots of planning for nation and future moving forward.
    ???????????? Glad people are paying attention if not then the con man just may have conned them all. Oh wait.
    What is proper leadership for 350+ million people? Hummm

  2. I doubt the families that lost loved ones in the hurricane are laughing at his joke. No amount of money brings back the dead.

  3. Well he wasn't lying there was a lot of money passed out but Harvey victims didn't see much of it ….wonder where it went? Millions went to setting up the complex forms and government workers…. the rest? 😞

  4. What I heard was a fat moron babbling aimlessly and throwing insults at Texas and hurricane victims. Good thing he's not a decent, honest or a legitimate president or his skull would be blown apart and he would be dead right now. Have you ever seen Dallas from a DC9 at night? It looks a lot better than "El Puerco de Basura Blanca."

  5. What a clown he is and the fact that Texas is so pro-Trump and Zionist baby sacrificing Old Testament uniform minded, makes it even more appalling. How do PAY-tri-IDIOTS (patriots) feel now when they see the REAL truth ? By the way, you can search right here on these Houston news channels where at least one entire Texas county made it a LEGAL REQUIREMENT to sign a literal LOYALTY OATH to ISRAEL (Isis-Ra and El) before they could receive any of their relief funding. That is 100% REAL and VERIFIED, but how it can "legally" happen is just unfathomable.

  6. Yup the whole speech was him just bashing Texas, 🤦‍♂️most people don't give a shit about his jokes, is the country doing better than it was before? Yes. Let's keep it going. Trump2020!

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