Pressure Washing Blazer Found in River with Snow Foam Cannon

– For today’s episode we had to call in the Crime Lab. Actually, just kiddin’. What we got going on
today, we actually have a power pressure washing episode because A lot of you have been
saying, “Jared, we want to see some of these cars cleaned up. Will you take it to the
car-wash and clean it up?” Well, it’s not the car wash,
but it’s the next best thing So, stay tuned as we show you what this car looks like when we’re done. (music) Today we are at the
Elite Towing yard because I have been getting, from
the viewers, you guys. I can’t say guys though. That’s so politically
incorrect in today’s society. Ya all, Ya all have been asking me about a pressure washing video. Some of these cars that we’ve been pulling out of the river. Now, unfortunately we don’t have the Ford Expedition anymore which
has been the most requested. Take that one to the car wash. But, let me tell you
what we do have today. We got Grandma’s Lincoln,
we got two Hondas, over there we got the
Buick and the Blazer. And I don’t know which one
we should actually do, Sam. So lets do this. Lets actually jump on, Should we do Facebook live today Sam? Or should we do YouTube Live? – [Sam] Probably Facebook. – Facebook live? – [Sam] [Inaudible] . – How do we do Facebook live Sam? – [Sam] I’m not sure. – Oh, how about this little. That’s not it. It can’t be that hard Sam. – [Sam] Hey Siri, how do
you go live on Facebook? – This is ridiculous Sam. I can’t go live on here. – [Sam] Well, YouTube is the way then. – All right, so, we’re
going YouTube today. We’re gonna have to figure that one out. Oh! It says we’re live. I need to know, which car do you actually want to see us pressure wash? That one weights like six-thousand pounds. I’ve got a Blazer over here as well. All right, we got some votes for Blazer, It’s between these two right now Sam. That’s what we got going on. So that’s the Buick. That’s Blazer. – [Sam] Gotcha. – All right, here we go. [Jared]Up and down. [Jared]It didn’t even land the right way. [Jared] Come on. [Jared] That is the Blazer. [Jared] All right. This Blazer is getting
pressure washed right now. Antone is a good friend of mine over there in Redmond Oregon, his
business is Drive Unlimited. And I guess the, I don’t know the best
way to classify it but, anyway they deal with lighting, they do up police lights, Oh, radios, customization. In fact there is a snow cat. Sam, check this out. I just got word today, I got permission from the forest service,
there’s a snow cat up in Colorado, and we’re going to go pull it out this summer, and take possession of it. They’ve actually given us
the salvage rights to it. Like this thing is going to become ours. And, Antone, is going
to be helping me with the restoration on that. I’m like “Hey, Antone. I need a pressure washer, do you have one? – [Sam] Are you sure you
don’t want a hand with that? – He’s, no, he’s like, “Yeah,
I got a pressure washer.” I’ll swing by and just put
it in the back of the car. No, you need a whole
trailer for this puppy. Oh, I didn’t even show everybody else the Jaguar that we had. We coulda put that in the mix today too. – [Sam] Yeah. – It’s already a lot of work Sam. (laughs) Do you want any drone
shots in your stuff today? – [Sam] Sure, yeah. – Cut to drone shot. Right now. (music) I went to the part-store today as well. To ask them what is going to be the best pressure washing solution
for any pressure washer. And they said, “Really,
go get yourself some DAWN dish-detergent,
and that’s gonna be the best thing for ya. Save you money on everything else.” (engine revving) (tire spinning) Did it move? – [Sam] Nope (Tires spinning) – I swear you have the break on Sam. (engine revving) Oh, there it goes. (tires spinning) All right, we’ll just clean it here. – [Sam] All right. – Now for those of you who have not seen the footage on this
one, you guys missed the tractor episode. In fact somebody said, “Oh, in the tractor episode
all I saw was a Blazer.” I said, “If all you saw was the Blazer, that’s because you didn’t
finish watching the video. Go watch the rest of the
video and you’re gonna see the tractor that came
out with the Blazer.” – Whoa! (crashing) – We’re actually up in Portland today. Which is about two-and-a half,
three hours from my house. And I didn’t even test the
pressure washer before I came. Probably a bad idea. (motor running) (motor running Should probably put a bunny-suit on. When we started that was right here. There was only this much space. And now it’s back like three
inches, two-and-a half inches. – [Sam] Wow. – That’s right, there’s
things my wife will never see. (motor running) (music) Oh yeah, that’s gonna work out good Sam. – [Sam] I think so. (music) I think it’s cleaning up pretty nice Sam. (music) That one’s gonna make a mess right there. I told you it’s gonna make a mess. (music) (music) (music) (music) (music) (music) (music) (music) (music) (music) (music) (music) (music) (music) Now there’s different tips for this Sam. – [Sam] Yeah? – No, not, “Hey, here’s a
tip on how to wash your car.” No, that’s not what I’m
talkin’ about, I’m talk about the tips for the actually nozzle here. And I’m gonna test that
on-board soap dispenser as apposed to that new
snow-can that we got. Here’s the other problem though, this one right here, is designed for three-thousand psi, I
think is the max on it. – [Sam] Yeah? – That’s four-thousand psi. – [Sam] Oh. – So it might end up
blowing this one apart. – [Sam] Well, that would be exciting. (laughs) (motor running) – Look at all the suds, wow. All right let’s switch it. Now, I’m expecting great
things from this other one. It’s suppose to just be
like (mimics angel voices) do you wanna build a snowman? They said if you want it really sudsy, fill it to the second line. – [Sam] Well, lets go second line. – No, lets go third line. One, two, three and then
you’re suppose to fill the rest of the bottle with water. Oh, sorry about that. [Jared] That’s kinda what
you look like right now. Close the lens and everything else. – Should I be wiping off
the lens, or my face? – And for those of you
who don’t know who Sam is. Sam is, you know when
you have a secret weapon? The secret weapon is the
person behind the scenes that makes you look good and
makes other people look good. Sam here is an incredible editor. And I’m not gonna say
which videos he’s edited, but lets just say, he’s
editing this video. He’s editing future videos of mine. As well as other YouTubers? – Content creators. – And with that, not just any but, video that have gotten millions of views. I’m gonna say 95% of
the videos you’ve edited for YouTube have reached the million, multi-million view status. – Except for mine. – Except for his own. (laughs) That’s because not every
editor is a good producer. – And not every editor is a great filmer, so, please have mercy in the comments. (laughs) – And so, I wanna give him
an incredible shout-out but also, I wanna help
him get additional work. Because, although he’s
editing for me and he’s got some other clients as well. He still has room on his plate. So, get ahold of him. What’s the best way to get ahold of you? Let me link to you. – Email for sure, yeah, I would say. – So, I’m gonna leave his email
down below get ahold of him. (motor running) – Oohh! (motor running) – All right now we’ll go with
almost all the way closed. (music) (music) (music) $13.00, Amazon. (music) (music) (music) (music) (music) (music) (music) (music) (music) (music) (music) (music) (music) (music) (music) (music) (music) Sam, while that is
sudsing up, lets go ahead and talk about today’s episode sponsor, Is Evo Gimbals who has been with us since practically the beginning,
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the description below. Evo gimbals, thank you for
supporting us as we’re out here. (laughs) Literally cleaning up the environment. [Jared] Should we do the 25,
or wait we were using the white [Jared] which is the 40. – [Sam] Lets go 25. – [Jared] 25? All right. (motor running) (music) (music) (music) (music) (music) (music) (music) (music) (music) It’s almost an hour later,
that soap is still on there. (music) (music) (music) (music) (music) (music) (music) (music) (music) (music) (music) (music) (music) (music) (music) (music) (music) (music) (music) [Jared] There’s quite
a difference already. (music) (music) (music) (music) (music) (music) (music) (music) (music) (music) I think we got it all Sam. Except for the speedometer dial. [Inaudible] This thing’s spotless. (machine noise) We want to show off that interior. That backseat. It went from a complete caked on mud. Come, check it out Sam. You know, most of the magic
happens in the backseat. So, don’t even worry about what the front seat may still look
like with that sheep-skin. Authentic by the way,
an authentic sheep-skin will clean right up. Like I said the backseat is
where all the magic happens. Well Sam, that wraps another episode of of Adventures with Purpose. You never know what we’re gonna go. What we’re gonna find, or adventures we’re gonna get ourselves into. But what I do know is
you better subscribe. That way you can see Sam clean the Buick on an up-coming episode. That’s it for now. Later later, Bye-bye. (music)

100 thoughts on “Pressure Washing Blazer Found in River with Snow Foam Cannon

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