Prices in Roblox 1867 Luxembourg

welcome today I’m going to earn myself
some money and then spend it to earn money in the game I’m gonna pick up dog
pure in my starter pack there is a wooden bucket and around the street
there are lumps of dog pure all you have to do is walk up to the pure and get
yourself in exactly the right position there it is! it’s in the bucket and pick
up dog poo piece-by-piece there I’ve now got one piece in my bucket
if you stand just too far away (like there) or just too close you won’t
pick the dog poo up so you’ve got to be in exactly the right position – no, I
missed it! let’s try again got it!
see, it’s harder than you may think and around the street look at that! the
streets are covered with dog poo now in Victorian times if you were poor and
down on your luck you could pick up dog poo and then take it to a tannery and
sell it to a tanner who would rub it into leather and use it to make the
leather go soft now in this game you can get 20 pieces of dog poo within one
bucket really you could get a lot more but if we were to do it completely authentically
you’ll be here for two days picking up dog poo to get twenty centimes and
that just wouldn’t be fun now the question I’m gong to ask is: are
these figures reliable? would you really get twenty centimes? after all, have you
been in 1867? do you know how much dog poo is worth? well that’s actually a
really hard question to answer I’m not
a Luxembourgish person – as you may guess from my accent I’m British and all my
local history is about British local history but I do know how much things
cost in Victorian times in Great Britain in 1864 there was a great flood in
Sheffield a dam burst and the water flooded a large amount of the city and
so people submitted insurance claims and these insurance claims are recorded on the
Internet and so by looking at the Sheffield flood claims for 1864 I could
find out how much things such as clothes hats shoes would cost how much bread eggs
butter would cost and also in 1851 a man called Henry Mayhew went around the
streets of London and interviewed people he was compiling information to build up a
catalogue of how people lived in 1851 and he published this in a book called ‘London
Labor and London Poor’ and in that book one of the interviews he had was with a
pure collector and the pure collector explained that in the past (several years
ago) the price of pure was two or three shillings a bucket now a shilling is
twelve old pence so that would be 24 or maybe 36 old pence but she complained the
prices have dropped now in 1851 the price has fallen to one shilling and tuppence a
bucket now one shilling is twelve pence so one shilling and tuppence would be
fourteen pence now comparing all the prices that I know
about: hats shoes clothing eggs with the prices that I found from the Sheffield
flood claims I could compare those with prices of food in 1867 in Luxembourg and
I found that roughly (now this is very roughly) prices were about six fifths
higher in Luxembourg so all I had to do was to take the prices that I found out
from Great Britain and multiply them by six fifths so if you take a bucket of
pure at fourteen old pence and multiply it by six fifths you get a very rough
estimate of 20 centimes well actually it comes to 17 centimes but as the pure collector explained
the prices fluctuate and they may have gone
slightly up or slightly down since 1851 so I thought keep the prices fairly rounded
and let’s round the 17 centimes to 20 centimes so the price that you get for
a bucket of dog pure is 20 centimes if the bucket is completely full and all you
got to do is run up to the tannery owner and he will take the items out of your
bucket and he will pay you the relevant price so the price of 20 centimes for a
bucket of dog poo is fairly realistic it’s gonna be somewhere about 18, 19, 20,
21 or 22 centimes for a bucket of dog pure so the prices, we feel, are realistic
and if you are going to rent a room now the prices that I found out from Henry
Mayhew’s work in ‘London Labour and London Poor’ were:
a room would cost four shillings and sixpence for the whole week
that makes (changing it into pence only) fifty four pence for a whole week
changing that to Luxembourg prices that makes it 65 *CENTIMES* to rent a room for a
whole week in Luxembourg if you’re assuming that the prices are six fifths of
British prices so by using that calculation we determined that ten centimes to rent a room for one day would be roughly fair – after all, 65 centimes
divided by 7 would give you about nine centimes (give or take a bit) so a room
rental for one day only – let’s click on the sign – click! oh it’s gone down from 33
to 23 centimes – 23 centimes in my balance so ten centimes for a room to rent would
be about right – just walk into door and you’re in the room and there I can now
sleep for the night in my very own room with the money I have earnt from the dog pure
back on the street again so when you go around collecting dog pure in the 1867 game or
you rent a room for the night or later on when you start buying things
like hats and coats and capes and skirts for your avatar you can be rest assured that
the prices that you are paying are not exactly correct
to the nearest centime but they are fairly close to what you would pay if you were to go back into 1867 oh! it’s getting dark – quickly – I better go put the lamp on – light it up and say bye
and don’t forget if you want to watch more videos from 1867 subscribe good night

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